osmasker @ 12/12/2017 07:38 commented on space fox

wtf did I just watch 

osmasker @ 5/18/2017 06:47 commented on Blasto

When you upload something, you can check a box just over the submission button.

osmasker @ 4/25/2017 09:12 commented on Big Bird

Okay, seems logical. But I voted for these "old" pieces. If some more people did that, wouldn't they enter your "limited" queue for approval or rejection?

osmasker @ 4/25/2017 09:11 commented on 1-Bit

This picture at least is great, if that might cheer you up?? ._.

osmasker @ 4/24/2017 15:08 commented on Big Bird

How come there are pending pixels in the public queue that date from 2016? I find it strange that apparently only a few people seem to be interested in this kind of "duty" we have as lvl2≤'s... not talking about waving everything through, but giving yes's and no's and/or comments, and keeping that section alive and not too clogged. No...? 

osmasker @ 4/24/2017 14:53 commented on Dinosaur 02

I think there are many little issues that you could easily fix, and then it would be a nice little animation.

- Why does his face move more down than the rest of the head? And his neck moves up?

- Then you have that awkward blinking pixels on his horn thingy.

- His foot behind is fater than the front one, which is utterly illogical.

- The bending knee could use a frame or two more. A little movement in the arms then would be cool too.

- The tail animation is smooth, but you could extend it further towards the back.

These are the things I noticed... I've been scrolling past this fellow several times, and it always bothered me to see it rotting in the public queue. I think if you rework it, it will easily pass, because the design of the dino is cute, and all the mistakes are minor: but summed up they make a slightly horrible showcase of "do-not's".

osmasker @ 4/24/2017 14:41 commented on Little train going through bridge at dusk

You might want to scale it down to its original size. It's an issue here on PJ, and besides there is a button to scale it up, so no worries about the details: people WILL see them, if they want to. 

osmasker @ 4/24/2017 14:37 commented on 1-Bit

Why did you cry? O_O

osmasker @ 4/24/2017 08:27 commented on Pooh

Yay! Colour noob friendly challenge, thanks a lot! 

osmasker @ 4/22/2017 06:21 commented on April Fools 2017


osmasker @ 4/20/2017 09:33 commented on Crow

The game footage looks amazing! Looking forward to see the finished product. 

osmasker @ 4/19/2017 00:42 commented on Buckets

Great job and great game! <3

osmasker @ 4/19/2017 00:40 commented on Trooper

He, what a funny idea. I guess no one can copy my style. Because I have none (yet) 

osmasker @ 4/16/2017 08:22 commented on full idle animation of Momoo

Your first link doesn't work.

osmasker @ 4/15/2017 02:49 commented on U NO MATCH 4 ME

The pun is horrible, and I love it! 

osmasker @ 4/13/2017 03:15 commented on Avatar

This is a fine pug, but has nothing to do with the weekly challenge :/

osmasker @ 4/13/2017 03:08 commented on Forgive me father

Really looking forward to that game now. Thanks for sharing!

osmasker @ 4/11/2017 15:37 commented on Homunculus (nudity warning)

Sick, dude! 

osmasker @ 4/11/2017 03:39 commented on maya battlefield

Does it have to be an object or can it be a living thing too?

osmasker @ 3/23/2017 05:54 commented on Dinosaur 01

Although cute and all, it has nothing to do with the weekly challenge.

osmasker @ 3/17/2017 17:54 commented on Sweetheart

Merci Julie :)

osmasker @ 3/17/2017 17:33 commented on ROBIN

Cute birdy and sweet colours. Good job!

osmasker @ 3/17/2017 17:30 commented on WHAT ON EARTH

Very nice and funny :D

osmasker @ 3/15/2017 06:26 commented on Shovel Knight


osmasker @ 3/14/2017 06:55 commented on Shovel Knight

You got a typo in your title.