osmasker @ 1/19/2017 10:35 commented on Demon Cat

Make it the original size and reupload it, there is a +/- button to make it bigger and smaller. It's... a thing here. ^^' Otherwise cute and nice.

osmasker @ 1/18/2017 09:03 commented on Bot and Bird Bros

Crank the speed of the frames, no?

osmasker @ 1/18/2017 07:30 commented on Waluigi - Waaah!

Even if you "ran out" of colours, you can use the ones you already used. Gotta try it out man!

And eishiya is right, the picture represents not quite what the challenge is about. You can use this, it's great I think, but you need to put it in a context. Good luck! 

osmasker @ 1/18/2017 07:28 commented on 3color iso experiment

Wow beautiful stuff! It's like the noire version of "Advence Wars" but with the perspective of "Final Fantasy Tactics".

osmasker @ 1/16/2017 12:44 commented on lemon head boy yellow lips face etc.

Help O_O

osmasker @ 1/15/2017 13:43 commented on Nerd Power

Amazing image!!!

osmasker @ 1/15/2017 01:49 commented on Summer Night


Thanks, I'll try my best!

osmasker @ 1/14/2017 17:13 commented on Summer Night

I guess you guys are right. I suck at everything. I haven't done much pixel art, even less animations, I can't see all colours properly because of my partially daltonian shit eyes. That's why I prefer high contrast colours, and I suck at shading, even though I didn't deem it necessary to shade a night scene...?

The waves are clumsy but at least they move somehow. The moon: yeah around the moon is the spray can thingy, however is that the exact effect I wanted to achieve.

I see the weekly challenges as a way to practice, if that is not allowed or tolerated, then I'll just have to leave. :/

Forgot to mention that I used the Dawnbringer 16 colour palette, sorry.

osmasker @ 1/14/2017 04:00 commented on one more !

*sigh* One thing I don't really get on PJ. I like the idea of the public queue, but it is kinda useless when the weekly challenge posts get stuck there. Ticking the box only means that after approval it also lands in the challenge. Wouldn't it be more usefull if it were visible at first sight for everyone, so that the challenge posts have some sort of priority for being voted?

It has been again 2 days that my submission has been ignored, no comment or rejection or anything. It is kinda frustrating and so far there is only 1 submission. I don't want to conplain all the time, but it seems you have to scream out loud to be noticed if you want to enter the challenge. :/

osmasker @ 1/12/2017 15:46 commented on Me!

So smooth! <3

osmasker @ 1/9/2017 10:17 commented on one for flag, flag for all

Your pixel has to be approved by one or more people. It probably got missed which is a pity... I had a similar issue, I submitted mine one Tuesday I think, and it only entered the challenge yesterday. Next time make some noise, and let yourself be heard, or maybe post it a little earlier, just to be safe. Maybe the PJ admins will include nonetheless?

osmasker @ 1/8/2017 03:46 commented on Eminem Totem

Can someone with lvl 2 or above pleeeaaase approve my submission? It has been rotting in the public queue this whole week 

osmasker @ 1/7/2017 03:53 commented on Big Bird

Why are there so many weekly challenge submissions (including my own) stuck in the public queue?

osmasker @ 1/6/2017 17:09 commented on hunter

I really like the edgy and somehow chaotic look.

osmasker @ 1/3/2017 05:50 commented on Lara's pointy things

Dat Nippelblitzer though 

osmasker @ 12/28/2016 04:17 commented on Elk's Deathwing

Teach me mistress!!!! :O

osmasker @ 12/27/2016 09:23 commented on pico 8 template

Didn't know about that program...

osmasker @ 12/27/2016 07:44 commented on NYEH HEH HEH (Papyrus, shaded and animated)

Rather creepy for Papyrus :O

osmasker @ 12/27/2016 07:27 commented on The Last Guardian

Great job, again! :D

osmasker @ 12/26/2016 09:15 commented on Imperialer Adler

You're welcome! :) Have nice holidays too!

osmasker @ 12/26/2016 07:29 commented on scarecrow

Delicious animation! I just noticed that the right leg isn't moving at all below the syringe, which is a pity. Maybe a light movement would be cool, and the whole guy would be moving. But still, you did very well.

osmasker @ 12/26/2016 06:58 commented on Imperialer Adler

Here, I tried to translate your text.

Imperial Eagle 

The elite knights and bodyguards of his imperial Majesty are second- or third born sons of an old royal lineage who share strong bonds with the imperial family. Because of their strong beliefs it is their life’s duty to protect the worldly ruler chosen by God and to stand by his side during courtly events which certainly emphasises the general pomposity.

Starting at a young age these boys receive a strictly religious upbringing and are instructed in courtly manners, common knowledge, math, music and horsemanship.

At the age of twelve the lads are brought to the imperial court as pages to complete their education. Following the knightly tradition they learn how to tend to their armour and mounts and are briefed in the art of warfare. At the age of fourteen they are subordinated to an Eagle as knave and receive further education in competitive horse riding and the use of fire arms. At the approximate age of twenty-one their education is complete and they receive their proper armour and are dubbed knights.

Their armour represents the imperial banner - the eagle - and has been masterfully forged in the style of the great Maximilan.

The knightly longsword is a symbol for their strong belief as it is blessed and bestowed by the archbishop himself.

Should the emperor be in danger, the warriors would resort to their modern 3-shot percussion gun and use their sword merely for self-defence.

osmasker @ 12/25/2016 07:02 commented on Winter Stage

Very nice! Love the subtle lighting on the snow <3

osmasker @ 12/25/2016 06:07 commented on (??)

Really nice! Can't wait for the HD sized (???) ;)

osmasker @ 12/25/2016 06:04 commented on Secret Santa 2016 - 16 Bit Witch

Those gradient colours....! Teach me master!