osmasker @ 1/29/2017 13:07 commented on tiny accordion

Really nice!

osmasker @ 1/29/2017 13:01 commented on otamatone

Haha you really did it :P

osmasker @ 1/27/2017 00:22 commented on Pixel Joint Mascot

Guys, there are at least 6 instuments rotting in the public queue. Get those votes out please.

osmasker @ 1/26/2017 03:12 commented on Headless Knight

The idea for the game is great. Keep us updated ;)

osmasker @ 1/26/2017 03:09 commented on [RWBY] Neo

I prefered the old version :3 The link you posted does not lead to your commissions site, it's broken.

osmasker @ 1/25/2017 15:01 commented on Big Catch

This is amazing! As are your other images. You really have an eye for girls, really nice stuff!

osmasker @ 1/25/2017 14:46 commented on Tiny Instruments

Reminds me so much of "Zelda: Link's Awaskening". There you had to collect all sorts of instruments.

osmasker @ 1/25/2017 14:44 commented on Penguin Pizza

I think this is very well done for such a tiny image. Maybe a background, or simply a ground or a shadow would be nice, but that's just a wild guess. Maybe other veteran people here can tell you more, I'm sort of a beginner myself. But I like it and it get's a YES from me. :)

osmasker @ 1/25/2017 14:39 commented on tinyguitar2

I guess this is your entry for the weekly challenge. However it doesn't show on that page. Did you forget to check the little box above the submission button?

osmasker @ 1/25/2017 06:50 commented on Penguin Viking Boat

Sweet :3

osmasker @ 1/23/2017 11:15 commented on Pixel Joint Mascot

I guess so? I don't think electrical instruments are excluded. Theremin or keyboards are totally instruments. Maybe laptops are not admissible, but I think Skrillex is not on PJ. :P

osmasker @ 1/23/2017 11:10 commented on Hippie

Trippyyyyyy *_*

osmasker @ 1/23/2017 11:05 commented on WAAA

This is really cool! A shame that it came in too late :/

osmasker @ 1/23/2017 07:54 commented on Pixel Joint Mascot

Thanks Daruda. I like it too that the challenge has a smaller scale this time. :)

osmasker @ 1/23/2017 07:34 commented on Pixel Joint Mascot

I have probably the most stupid question, but "Transparency: Required"; does this mean that we are not allowed to make a background, and therefore make everything around the instrument trasparent? Thanks in advance <3

osmasker @ 1/22/2017 18:34 commented on Roc's Feather

Oh wow! What a shame you missed the challenge... it happens I drew Roc's feather too, but only the feather and rather shaby compared to this...

osmasker @ 1/22/2017 18:22 commented on oded and beast savez pixmas

Whyyyyyy is this masterpiece still waiting approval?!?! 

I'm throwing my Yes's and hearts at the screen but nothing happens...

osmasker @ 1/22/2017 18:20 commented on [RWBY] Neo Commission

What an utterly stupid and offensive comment pectaquad... -_-

I like the style! Pixelated body and a more detailed face, it's genuis!

osmasker @ 1/22/2017 13:26 commented on Harpy

Dat sassy harpy!

osmasker @ 1/22/2017 11:21 commented on Pixel Art Animation (oct. 2016)

Lovely!!! *_*

osmasker @ 1/22/2017 11:12 commented on Big Bird

I was a good boy and rated stuff in the public queue! <3 Could you guys please approve my weekly challenge post please? Took ages to make... Thanks a lot!

osmasker @ 1/20/2017 17:06 commented on Medley with Din's Pearl

Really cute! :3

osmasker @ 1/20/2017 17:03 commented on Jelly

Is it possible that you forgot to make it loop?

osmasker @ 1/20/2017 14:22 commented on sunset through subway doors

Looks like a design for a skateboard deck. :D

osmasker @ 1/20/2017 14:21 commented on Demon Cat

Yeah good job! :)