Fleja2003 @ 8/22/2017 18:46 commented on Zombie DeathByChris (animated)

Since the creator of this contest hasnt specified the exact color codes here they are:

Red          222          132          48         0
Green      203           106          88          1
Blue         134           71           31         31

Fleja2003 @ 8/22/2017 08:16 commented on Zombie DeathByChris (animated)

wait Im only confused as to if we have to use the color palette above - and if so may you tell us the colors exactly - by color code I mean

Fleja2003 @ 8/22/2017 07:01 commented on Jogging

This looks soo incredible

Fleja2003 @ 8/21/2017 19:19 commented on Village revision

Awsama - and the textures are really nice :)

Fleja2003 @ 8/21/2017 00:47 commented on Theroc - The Amber Blaster

Amaxing! very nice to look at - love the construction color palette

Fleja2003 @ 8/20/2017 21:25 commented on Fatal Flash

This is some incredible animating dude - I have such vasts amounts of respect for people who put together games because so much really goes into it - its a lot of work, even if you are a team

Fleja2003 @ 8/20/2017 12:34 commented on Ember Storm

Thank you a lot!

Fleja2003 @ 8/19/2017 18:08 commented on Won't Survive

Wow wow! this looks awsama!

Fleja2003 @ 8/19/2017 16:31 commented on Gaia [New OC]

Oh  stop youre making me *thanxious*

Fleja2003 @ 8/17/2017 22:13 commented on Sunflowers

Amaxing drawing - the scenery is so lovely!

Fleja2003 @ 8/17/2017 09:22 commented on Town

Whoa - incredible work as always dude!

Fleja2003 @ 8/13/2017 16:06 commented on Naisyt

lol yeah dont push yourself too hard. I just give my piece as a whole. Just work on things one bit at a time though - all in all, youre doing well so far - just keep trying new and challenging things

Fleja2003 @ 8/13/2017 15:50 commented on Naisyt

Nice work - I feel like this drawing helped you explore Anti aliasing a lil more, try working with fewer colors, and placing less random pixel - IE in the hair, as well as work on using smoother lines

Fleja2003 @ 8/12/2017 12:00 commented on Gaia [New OC]

Thank you a ton for that - really appreciate the wonderful comment!

Fleja2003 @ 8/12/2017 11:54 commented on Take a Chance

Great job on your first Pixel art piece - btw, if you make the drawing 64 x 64 pixels or less - then you can set it as your profile pixure

Fleja2003 @ 8/12/2017 11:52 commented on Dakota

Awesome job matee - I know this is redundant because Ive already seen your drawing on Pixilart though XD. Just supporting a m80

Fleja2003 @ 8/11/2017 23:13 commented on ETD?

Whoa this is so awsama!

Fleja2003 @ 8/11/2017 15:46 commented on Rob Jeeeeez

Top of the month! I call it - this loks amaxing - the colors are incredibly chosen so well!

Fleja2003 @ 8/10/2017 20:40 commented on Happy (late) Birthday!

I feel so late! I never knew you posted it here - thank you so much Xren!

Fleja2003 @ 8/10/2017 20:38 commented on Matees! Welcome to Pixilart

Thank you- youre such a great pixel artist

Fleja2003 @ 8/10/2017 16:38 commented on Gaia [New OC]

Ahh Thank you a lot - the more you know ^^
Really glad you like it - the heavy projects have been doing a number on me and I started to lose the want to draw. So I thought I'd cool off with a small drawing 


Fleja2003 @ 8/10/2017 10:51 commented on Seeker - PC 98 tribute

Great drawing concept
but I feel you dither so much that the texture itself loses its meaning. As someone once told me- Dither is good when used in small amounts and efficiently, but when you dither an almost entire piece, it just just even look or feel like a great pixel art piece. http://prntscr.com/g6wk8i

Fleja2003 @ 8/6/2017 10:58 commented on Matees! Welcome to Pixilart


Fleja2003 @ 8/4/2017 21:33 commented on Matees! Welcome to Pixilart

Thank you!

Fleja2003 @ 8/4/2017 10:27 commented on Matees! Welcome to Pixilart

Oh wow! thank you for letting me know!~