Fleja2003 @ 11/26/2019 10:38 commented on Eldest Souls

This looks insane! I love this piece so much - You use your colours so excellently: this is a perfect piece C:

Fleja2003 @ 10/19/2019 20:51 commented on I love skulls

Amazzling work as always Hero 

Fleja2003 @ 8/28/2019 22:22 commented on Featherfall

Thank you!

Fleja2003 @ 7/2/2019 21:49 commented on Space Clouds 2

This is absolutely amazzling - I love it - youve come a long way since your part 1 - the colours also are just super well picked - I love your cloud style as well - the drawing looks like it's upset at itself - it's very intense c:

Fleja2003 @ 5/12/2019 16:26 commented on Big Bird

Whoa - that's amazing! Congrats matee

Fleja2003 @ 4/20/2019 15:16 commented on Big Bird

Happy Late Birthday Matee!

Fleja2003 @ 4/20/2019 15:15 commented on Dancing car III

Congratulations to all of you! And to all who posted this month - You perpetually remind me why I love pixelart and why I wish to continue making it c:

Fleja2003 @ 4/11/2019 20:22 commented on Amoura Nocturra

Delicious Thank you!

Fleja2003 @ 4/9/2019 09:21 commented on Its not our Earth anymore

You're too good - this is gorgeous! The colours and attention to detail is great - it just goes together really nicely c:

PS: I'm thinking of making this my phone background

Fleja2003 @ 4/8/2019 13:48 commented on Amoura Nocturra

Thanks very much Mandrill - I'm grateful for your kind words c:

Fleja2003 @ 4/6/2019 08:33 commented on Amoura Nocturra

andylittle - Thanks so much - means a lot coming from you

Fleja2003 @ 4/6/2019 08:32 commented on Amoura Nocturra

polyducks - Thank  you - glad you like my style c:

Fleja2003 @ 4/5/2019 19:36 commented on Amoura Nocturra

shm31 hahaha - thank you c:

Fleja2003 @ 4/5/2019 15:03 commented on Amoura Nocturra

Thank you so much Nauris - and thank you for noting the details c:

Fleja2003 @ 4/3/2019 20:48 commented on Glade

This drawing is just so pretty and majestic

Fleja2003 @ 4/3/2019 12:04 commented on Amoura Nocturra

Pibyte - Thanxious - glad you like it c:

Fleja2003 @ 4/3/2019 12:02 commented on Amoura Nocturra

Lucas - Thank you matee!

Fleja2003 @ 3/27/2019 14:48 commented on U.F.O Space Scene

Congrats everyone! too much good art c:

Fleja2003 @ 2/18/2019 11:59 commented on Dragons Keep


Fleja2003 @ 2/12/2019 19:46 commented on Dragons Keep

I've been watching this drawing closely for the last few days - looking for the first prick who decides to criticize this drawing so that I may behead them

The fact that your piece has sent the pessimistic critics into hiding is a testiment to how magnificient it is c:

Fleja2003 @ 2/9/2019 10:32 commented on ProXima3 - Shootemup - Amiga

The colour and style in this is super unique and fantastic  - I like the most how you have straight lines in the drawing mixed with the detailed shading c:

Fleja2003 @ 2/9/2019 10:30 commented on Dragons Keep

Your best drawing to me! And one of the best pixelart drawings I've ever seen - this is amazzling and beyond c:

Fleja2003 @ 1/21/2019 19:11 commented on SS Swamp

Gloomy! - I like the colour scheme and your style. The way the trees just sway around with the form of the sky - is just amazzling c:

Fleja2003 @ 1/8/2019 22:08 commented on When nature calls

Fool - your work always dazzles me 

Fleja2003 @ 1/1/2019 12:24 commented on Blue

AMazzling! this drawing just screams style - I like this a lot c: