Fleja2003 @ 8/1/2018 05:59 commented on kingdom

When I saw this drawing, I wondered "which pixelartist made this?"

You keep getting better and better dude - really cool concept drawing c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/31/2018 08:02 commented on Big Bird

Oh Shoot
Just saw that your B-Day was on July 15th:

Happy Belated Birthday Cyangmou!

Fleja2003 @ 7/31/2018 07:41 commented on Icon Pack : Physical Weapons

First Comment: I thought by now Id be the third or foruth comment 

Those look super awesome! I've seen a ton of these asset compilation drawings, but I really like your set-up/organization of them
Really cool weapon designs as well
You're one of those pixelartist that has a style I can always recognize - nice work c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/30/2018 14:21 commented on Wizard

oh sorry, well when I was writing this idea, I meant for it to be about "you".

and its exactly what it sounds like "in some way that is meaningful to you" meaning draw something that has meaning to yourself in your change.
For example, maybe you draw a turtle coming out of its shell as an allegory to yourself.
Or maybe you draw a shattered face to show a progressing uncertainty of that's what you're feeling. I wanted this idea to be specific enough to have a meaningful theme, but vague enough to give people creative space

It can be anything that shows your progression as a person is how I meant it. Hope that explains it. But if that's too abstract that's fine

[Also thanks Mandrill for posting my contest theme entry] 

Fleja2003 @ 7/27/2018 09:15 commented on Jaina Proudmoore

This is pretty cool! I's cool how you animated each strand of hair - andthe blink animation doesn't feel cheap or out of place it - goes with it somehow, just making the image feel that much more alive c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/27/2018 09:13 commented on Where wolf

Amazing - the effect of action looks present inthis drawing with the streaks of the red [whatever that is haha] - really cool drawing - very mencaing and coolly drawn c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/26/2018 08:29 commented on Dark Soul

I was about to comment "this is very dark soulsy" until I read the title lol

great drawing c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/24/2018 20:45 commented on Big Bird

Fleja2003 @ 7/24/2018 07:14 commented on Big Bird

Happy late birthday dude!

Fleja2003 @ 7/21/2018 07:25 commented on ...

Amazing level of detail. I dont even know if I can find words to describe how great this pixelart drawing is - it's just really really incredible

Fleja2003 @ 7/20/2018 06:47 commented on a shrine of reflection

Wow  - this is really pretty

Fleja2003 @ 7/19/2018 14:11 commented on nuggets

Congratulation to all the winners and to all who posted that month! 
great art out there c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/19/2018 14:10 commented on Space and Time

Love the colours - Dazzling scene c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/17/2018 07:58 commented on Dust

Wow - there's so much detail in this piece it's eye candy. No pixel feels out of place really. I dont really understand the transition from the night sky into the dust field really, but it looks cool. 
Also the colour palette is super nice - and aids the intense piece super well. Gave the drawing the highest rating I can at my level.

Amazzling work c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/17/2018 07:53 commented on worldcup2018

That's look great!- I wonder how long it to took to do each one - or total

Fleja2003 @ 7/16/2018 09:38 commented on Renaine

 kendallflower - Thank you!

Fleja2003 @ 7/14/2018 18:58 commented on Renaine

 Mechanic4Games - Thanks! I didnt realize it but the colour scheme I used its actually really similiar to your profile pixure O_O

Fleja2003 @ 7/12/2018 22:28 commented on Cemetery of the Forgotten

Youre too good at pixelart - this is great - love the colours and the theme

Fleja2003 @ 7/10/2018 10:10 commented on dmc4 for pd

That looks insane!

Fleja2003 @ 7/9/2018 12:31 commented on Renaine

Thanks as always FoxTurtle - where there's a will there's a way c:

Fleja2003 @ 7/9/2018 12:30 commented on Renaine

bnegri - Thanks! 

Fleja2003 @ 7/8/2018 10:20 commented on Renaine

OareasO Thanks for agreeing lol

Fleja2003 @ 7/8/2018 10:19 commented on Renaine

Thanks Zephyrrite

Fleja2003 @ 7/8/2018 10:16 commented on Renaine

 Lucas Thanks you 2003x! great to hear t-t

Fleja2003 @ 7/8/2018 10:10 commented on Renaine

Thanks shm31! means a lot :)