Fleja2003 @ 12/2/2018 14:08 commented on forest temple

Amazzling - the drawing is so warm and well made: the colour palette bring out the best qualities of the drawing even more so c:

Fleja2003 @ 11/25/2018 14:03 commented on Desert Background

A lot of great drawing released by you - really great pixelart
I love this one the most! Keep up the amazzling work c:

Fleja2003 @ 11/22/2018 11:23 commented on Candle-lit Study

Looks amazzling vector

Fleja2003 @ 11/10/2018 15:07 commented on Fantasy Winter

Amazzling as expected Nauris - I like this biome quite a lot - I especially like how consistent your style is with your asset pack[s] : the style always stays the same and i never question whether it looks like it would belongin the same game, or whether it was made by you

it just always fits the theme you have set for yourself c:

Fleja2003 @ 11/8/2018 09:15 commented on Adventures in trick-or-treating

You are too good at this - this is a amazzling pixelart piece 

Fleja2003 @ 11/8/2018 09:14 commented on Rijsnajtal

I l;ove it

A metroidvania for ants
Very cool designs anc olour choice, I especially like the sky a, dn how the scene fades into that: extremely interesting piece c:

Fleja2003 @ 11/6/2018 22:43 commented on Bard - League of Legends

 First Comment: There's so much detail in this piece - youve done a wonderful job c:

Fleja2003 @ 11/4/2018 21:49 commented on Trattoria Dei Calamari

I love it - and I love your style too

Fleja2003 @ 10/23/2018 19:31 commented on Knights Of Toast

So much great pixelart that month - Congrats to everyone! 

Fleja2003 @ 9/26/2018 09:58 commented on Tentacle Girl

This looks super interesting - is design, pixelarting, and colour choice 

really nice work c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/25/2018 20:26 commented on Thinking

looks really well pixeled - really clean
I wonder what youre thinking about though

Fleja2003 @ 9/25/2018 11:03 commented on 50 more faces

this is really creepy haha - well done c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/24/2018 18:30 commented on mushroom cave something something

Wow - this looks really neat: I like your clusters - very different piece c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/23/2018 22:26 commented on C500-Experiment

Congrats! - August was a rough month for me
but it was a great month to take a break from life's stresses and enjoy the art posted here. Congrats to all who placed and to all who uploaded. There was a ton of good art work!

Fleja2003 @ 9/23/2018 18:55 commented on Rickety Rail

I love this piece so much dude - one of the best I've seen from you

gave highest rating possible c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/20/2018 13:40 commented on Dissonant

As always, thanks Theoden!

Fleja2003 @ 9/18/2018 10:28 commented on Dissonant

 8 bit adventurer Long time no see: Yeah I post my work here and on twitter, though Im also looking for even more avenues to share my art on. Thank you c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/17/2018 19:22 commented on Background

This is amazing pixelart - the fog animation and the blue and orange mixture and overall gloomy tone is just realllly - I dont know how to explain it: but I love the sight of it 

Fleja2003 @ 9/17/2018 11:05 commented on Dissonant

Thanks a bunch LiteraryPixels!

Fleja2003 @ 9/16/2018 11:20 commented on Dissonant

BananaExtract Can say the same about you - Thank you!

Fleja2003 @ 9/15/2018 16:18 commented on Dissonant

 Mr. Stamp Thanks Veztar/AoiUchida/Picklita as always c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/15/2018 16:17 commented on Dissonant

 Dastal Thanks a lot Noscium c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/14/2018 12:08 commented on Dissonant

 Diogalesu Thanks so much dude! -  Glad you enjoy each detail haha. I dont now if this will make it to hall of fame, but it'd be an honour, and it's an honour you think so - Thanks again c:

Fleja2003 @ 9/12/2018 22:35 commented on Dissonant

 Luisden Pixel Thanks! I take that to heart - Yeah aseprite is quite the step-up haha

Fleja2003 @ 9/12/2018 09:05 commented on Dungeon Keeper

Really nice preiview - super impressed how you got a preview of that length to be under 25 kb

the drawing has a lot to look at - each character is super nicely detailed - 10/10 colour choices too.
Reminds me of Dark Souls [I said it for the memes lol]

My favorite one is the sketeton
least favorite is whatever the heck is going on with the demon witch girl and the cultist guy. We could theorize though haha

Overall - Amaxing piece c: