Fleja2003 @ 10/17/2017 17:19 commented on Forest Golem

This looks impressive I love it!

Fleja2003 @ 10/15/2017 15:59 commented on mountain cave mockup

Really awsama work matee

Fleja2003 @ 10/10/2017 11:58 commented on crossyroad-like


Fleja2003 @ 10/6/2017 10:29 commented on throne room

Very neat 3dness and rendering!

Fleja2003 @ 10/5/2017 06:30 commented on Church Detail Big

Wow! this is so huge - so much work - Amaxing!

Fleja2003 @ 10/2/2017 12:46 commented on Do-Re-Mi

The style was instantly recognizable - Amaxing work
you're a minimalist - but a very good one 

Fleja2003 @ 10/2/2017 10:00 commented on pudding

Very cute haha

Fleja2003 @ 10/1/2017 19:09 commented on Terry and his motor.

this is amaxing!

Fleja2003 @ 10/1/2017 15:28 commented on Devourer

Nice work - this looks awsama!

Fleja2003 @ 10/1/2017 09:10 commented on Don't Lose the Beard

This looks incredibly awesome

and Im sorry but.... penis nose....

Fleja2003 @ 9/29/2017 22:00 commented on Undermine

Wow - this is Amaxing!

Fleja2003 @ 9/29/2017 06:05 commented on Summoner

Really Awsama work: I have a few comments regarding the nature of this drawing but I wont go there

On one particular one I thought you had drawn my OC, Fleja haha 
Overall the designs for all these characters look pretty cool, and I can only imagine how much effort they must have taken

Great work!

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 19:55 commented on Matees! Welcome to Pixilart

Thank you! Im proud of the palette

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 13:19 commented on Summoned Animals

Whoa - this looks amaxing, really great coloring!

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 13:16 commented on Internal Conflict

Oh shit sorry: I see what you said now - you mean like you use older color palettes to make newer or modern art [kill me if I still cant translate what youre trying to say]

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 09:57 commented on Metal cow

Cool shading and colors!

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 06:49 commented on Old Church

Really great job! the pixel work is topnothc - love your style
the way you did the bircks and tile work on the roof really brings out that medieval feeling

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 06:47 commented on Green Mage

This is such an awsama sprite - great work!

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 06:41 commented on [Animation] Gasmask Girl and a Gun

This is so cool
Such a fluid animation
and it also makes me laugh haha

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 06:39 commented on Empress of Tomorrow

Really awsama job! great color choice and placement matee 

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 06:38 commented on Out of the Abyss

Thanks so much for really taking the time to give feedback!
this is a pretty old drawing haha - but I still appreciate the critque because it still adds to my knowledge of does and donts.
Thanks again!

Fleja2003 @ 9/28/2017 06:37 commented on Internal Conflict

Oh so you sortve like redraw images but in pixelart form?

Fleja2003 @ 9/27/2017 06:20 commented on Gifts and Promises [OST- Old Pixel Artwork]

That really means a lot! I get nostalgic when I hera the song, because it reminds me of like what I was soing back then and how I had a drive to want to get better and such. Glad the song was able to encapsulate the same feeling for you as well!

Fleja2003 @ 9/27/2017 06:18 commented on Ember Storm

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

Fleja2003 @ 9/26/2017 16:10 commented on Internal Conflict

I create my artwork on a website on called pixilart: and so back then or a little while back the max canvas size was 256 by 144 i believe. So a lot of my pieces were restricted to that size

recently custom size canvases have come as a update so my drawings have been larger and smaller now

and if your asking how I utilize the canvas - well I start by doing sketchs [each of my newer drawings should come with a before and after sketch if they are large projects] for example - here is the piece Im currently working on : I start by sketching link 

and here you can see how I have my sketches saved when I plan my drawings out carefully [unless I wing it, then I dont skecth at all or do linework - I just go with the flow] here

And idk - I just have a habit of always trying to finish things 100% before showing it off or completely publicizing it. yeah Ill show my progress along the way but I dont offical publish it per say until its done