MoonPanzer @ 12/31/2007 19:26 commented on SAD
What? O__O    

MoonPanzer @ 12/30/2007 18:23 commented on my sweet angel

I hope you like that I like it! (ima guy though >_>) (also, i dont know you) (also Im straight) (also...that's it)

MoonPanzer @ 12/30/2007 18:08 commented on Lisa

Awsome! You get an E-Cookie! (totally didnt steal that idea from you just now)

PS. I like the big eyes.  

MoonPanzer @ 12/29/2007 18:49 commented on MYCOLA HAHA
Cool idea, but this would work way awsomer as a vector. Check it out! (although i dont doubt a vector is what originally inspired you to do this)

MoonPanzer @ 12/23/2007 15:45 commented on My First Pixel Art
I think the face needs more contrast, i had to put my face like 4inches infront of the screen to see it.  Pretty random idea eh? O_o

MoonPanzer @ 12/23/2007 13:22 commented on Santa Claudia

MoonPanzer @ 12/22/2007 15:28 commented on Strudel Panzer
lol, I just had to comment on this because it has my name in its name! Also, it looks pretty cool!

MoonPanzer @ 12/22/2007 15:26 commented on Rinosaur
ZOMG ultra uber awsome! I love the rhino part! (meaning the whole design of the face/armour etc.)

MoonPanzer @ 12/22/2007 14:24 commented on Twelve Drums A' Drumming

I've just gotta say this is a big improvement compared to previous works of yours. Good work, keep it up!

PS (the idea of the x4 in on the side is awsome)

MoonPanzer @ 12/22/2007 14:04 commented on monsen
That's hot. *fav0red3d*

MoonPanzer @ 12/21/2007 16:16 commented on ALTtP Menu Remake
That's hot. *Fave*

MoonPanzer @ 12/20/2007 16:12 commented on DragonPlane

As you may have noticed, I just favourited ALL of the peices youve done in this style.


MoonPanzer @ 12/20/2007 16:09 commented on Santa Claudia, thanks, you get a gallery visit from the Moon for that XD

And, I just noticed something O__O, is she choking herself? I swear, I didnt notice that hte first time I saw it. Sooo, why?

MoonPanzer @ 12/19/2007 16:13 commented on Santa Claudia


(the above is all I would write, but it want's a 15 word limit....or I wrote this)

MoonPanzer @ 12/12/2007 17:03 commented on Booby Heaven
I'm a guy. Yet, I havn't had this fantasy. ZOMG, you lie!!! 

MoonPanzer @ 12/10/2007 17:59 commented on Skaven Battle Line

Coolcoolcool!!!!  I was browsing the top rated stuff, and i saw this i i thought "coolcoolcool!!!!!" This is just so awsome, i love it. You've totaly destroyed my top pixel art list, and youve even made it into my top any medium art list. And trust me, that is hard to get into. So congrats. ^_^

No really, this is amazing!!! So you get my *UberPwnageSealOfAwsome* ....eventually ima pixel an actual seal of awsome.

MoonPanzer @ 12/10/2007 16:17 commented on Face01
Ultra awsome looking. I like the style he does, even though I have no idea what the name of that style is, or if what Im thinking of is a style, but whatever. I like it.

MoonPanzer @ 12/10/2007 08:55 commented on Cow Bug Boy
I didn't get ANYTHING in your second paragraph, so ill come look at it again in 5-10 years. For the third one, that's good to know, and for the fourth one that makes so much sense!

MoonPanzer @ 12/9/2007 18:22 commented on GTA 3

Oh okay, I get it. Actually now that I think about it that way, this seems even cooler, and the other one seems less cool.  I dont like when my thinking changes suddenly, but thanks.

PS. I still think my pixelated, not even real, or realistic wife dying was sad! (Im shutting up about that, starting *NOW*) 

MoonPanzer @ 12/9/2007 18:09 commented on Confused little bird (1bit)

I dont see a bird. But it us VERY confusing, and 1 bit. 66.666% of the title achieved! Seriously though, is there actually a bird there, or are you just messing with me? Ive spent like 3 minutes of my life staring at this, and all I see is  what looks like ground with grass on it, and a girls body wearing a skirt with a big ant on her head. Oh, and there's a question mark above the ant, as if that makes it any more confusing. Or less. Or whatever. I've actually just watched The Irate Gamer show for an hour, and Im feeling very irate at the moment for some reason. (that show's awsome, everyone check it out at YouTube) Ahhh, and Ive spent more of my life commenting on this!!! Im going to more Irate Gamer

Anyways, good luck with future pixels, try coloring this one...or something.

EDIT: This gets a favourite from me for bringing up my emotion, which is what art should do!!! I think.... O_o

MoonPanzer @ 12/9/2007 16:08 commented on Chained Time

This is super cool! I love the animation, the detail and the gold colors.


MoonPanzer @ 12/9/2007 16:05 commented on GTA 3

Adarias, you thought this was "simply amazing", but you didnt think that at all of the other one i just replied to you about (or did you?)??? O_o

Anyways, I liked it. I actually sat, staring at my computer for like 30 seconds after completing it thinking to myself "Did I actually just spend two minutes of my life doing that???", then I realized it was cool even though it was completely pointless.

And yes it took me two minutes.

MoonPanzer @ 12/9/2007 16:01 commented on Cow Bug Boy

Hey! It was sad!   Oh and I just read your first post, and all the hype for this piece is (probebly) actually mostly because it was posted for the news on Pixel Joint. I don't know why, but that may be motavatign some people to think differently about it...makes no sense I know, but think about it....also the music might have had something to do with it (thats obvious, I know, but it may have had a bigger impact than usual?) I still think it was sad, but Ill contact you when im bitchy and in college and tell you if I cry. 

Peace  (<<there is no peace sign smiley) 

MoonPanzer @ 12/8/2007 13:08 commented on Shmuppets
I like this peice, but Im really commenting to say that your previews are the coolest thing ever!!!

MoonPanzer @ 12/7/2007 08:45 commented on Att Bortom Se
Waohs!! This has instantly made it into my top 5 list of pixel art pieces. Ohyash, and that usually takes alot of time to think about (for me). I realy like it. I dont know the exact reason why but, I do. MORE! (pl0x)