vdeetz @ 5/14/2018 16:00 commented on Rosy Maple Moth

My god they look so incredibly fluffy! May i ask permission to lay on them and take a snooze....

Easily one of the best moth choices! and your use of colours makes them look like they are a glowing! They are so Bueatiful 

vdeetz @ 5/12/2018 02:56 commented on Original 151 Pokemon 8x8

You know how you have Cakes, and then cupcakes, and then miniature Cupcakes? This would be a metaphor for your tiny Pocket monsters. So like, these would be mini coin-pockets within ur actual jean pockets kinda deal.

These are just so incredible!

vdeetz @ 5/12/2018 02:44 commented on Orb Princess for Chris

OH MY GOSH THIRD PLACE?  This is incredible thank you so much!!

vdeetz @ 4/30/2018 13:49 commented on Fluffy Feline Face

What a beautiful white mane this magestic queen has!

vdeetz @ 4/30/2018 05:01 commented on Cats are liquid

It's true! Thats bonified scientific fact right there

vdeetz @ 4/30/2018 05:00 commented on Cats are liquid


vdeetz @ 4/29/2018 18:02 commented on Cats are liquid

Glad to hear this fact from another cat scientist (owner)! 

ALSO THANK YOU I am extremely flattered to hear compliments from an AMAZING animator like you!!!  

vdeetz @ 4/22/2018 23:07 commented on Groovy Goo

AH thank you aaa 

vdeetz @ 4/17/2018 16:13 commented on Groovy Goo

Ah thank you! and also OHNO You caught me out!. I did originally intent it to be more 'liquidy', but I was short on time and also lazy hoho.

vdeetz @ 4/17/2018 13:22 commented on Groovy Goo

 Dig it daddy-O 

vdeetz @ 4/17/2018 13:21 commented on Groovy Goo

AAaaaa thank you so much I feel so validated!  I think i've been pixelling and animating for a couple years now actually! Still so much to learn!