Yuumeichan @ 9/11/2007 04:59 commented on Luthen Judas
Thank uou, now I understand completely ^^
The trick you suggested, using a videocamera or a mirror is very useful, and I'll probabily use it in the future to understand better what to do.
To tell the truth I though I had done a fairly good job with proportions (well.. better than usual, let's say XD), but well, that's why we need critiques, right? Anyway you're right about the other thing, the change of lenght of the weapon and the expression that looks strange in the foolowing frames. It's probability because I concentrated more on the "action" than the details, but I understand that everything is important in this sort of things. So I'll assure you that I'll put more effort in every detail. Maybe I'll post the rouhly skecth in the WIP section first, next time, so I can correct the mistakes before it becomes more difficoult :)
Thank you again for taking time to explain me, It really helped ^^ and sorr if I sounded dumb XD

Yuumeichan @ 9/10/2007 04:47 commented on Luthen Judas
Umh, ok, I know it's not perfect at all, and Iì've never hid the fact that I'm still learning and that's why I've posted this here, because I want to learn.
But I think your critique is.. harsh with no reason to be o_O Anime trash expression? What does that mean? Look, I accept critiques. I had lots of useful critiques to this piece, And I'll surely remember every single one of them for the next piece. But yours doesn't add anything. Confused perspective? You are maybe right, but could you tell me *extactly* where? SO i can understand. *Massive* shifts in size and weight? Sorry but I disagree, because I paid much attention to make everything even, and i think I managed to do at least that. Maybe not at 100%, that's right, but i said it's far away from perfection. And I'll pay even much more attention next time.
Sorry If i sound a crybaby or rude, but i wanted to be clear, don't take it as a flame, but as a discussion.

Yuumeichan @ 9/8/2007 03:33 commented on Spy Hunter car
Wow I read it all and I must say it's really enlightening ^^ I've been doing dolls for some years now, but just in the last month I started to do *serious* pixel art (I mean, 100% mine, with my own base), but I must say that the dolling experience helped me in learning how to use colors and the basis of pixel art (how to do lines the right way, and such!). But it's true that frequently dollers don't accept critiques :| But I think it also depends on communities, the italian community (that would be the one i frequented) is very serious about pixel art, and the moderators and users don't ever take back on critiques, probabily because the admin (Angy-chan, you may be have heard of her) is a pro in this field, so I think not all the doll comminity is how you describe :) But mostly yes
*runs away*

Yuumeichan @ 9/3/2007 16:37 commented on Luthen Judas
Thank you everyone for your critiques, now this was a gift so I won't retouch it anymore, but i'll *surely* remember your useful advices for the future, thank you ^^ This was my first serious animations, so I still have a lot to learn :D