RaikaRakka @ 7/13/2022 13:17 commented on The World



RaikaRakka @ 7/11/2022 08:37 commented on ArtFighht: Brutus

Yeeeeah can't view the linked page without an account(not blaming you). great dragon though.

RaikaRakka @ 4/27/2022 05:39 commented on Darkflame Eater

great piece. trying to figure out what about the skull makes it look so solid and powerful to no avail.

RaikaRakka @ 4/14/2022 23:45 commented on C64 Boar

Announcing nsfw but putting the "nsfw" bit(censored breast) in the preview doesn't make sense.. 

RaikaRakka @ 2/15/2022 12:18 commented on Steps by the Seashore

I'd go as far as to say it's a mastery of the small space, each pixel is placed perfectly to create the nice small scene. I would never think that the "chess knight move pattern" in pixels can look like a footprint, but it does. good job.

RaikaRakka @ 2/15/2022 01:14 commented on Ki

Can I get a clarification on whether wind falls under "background objects"?

RaikaRakka @ 2/4/2022 04:35 commented on Somewhere at 3 A.M.

I like the shift between preview and the actual piece, like stepping out of the dark to reveal itself.

RaikaRakka @ 2/1/2022 04:08 commented on Atomizer + Water ammo

I like how the water is rippling inside the gun. The gun doesn't look like it has that much water inside it. Maybe "atomizer" explains that.

RaikaRakka @ 1/30/2022 04:22 commented on red planet

Amazing. the clouds and ground textures are my favorites. the shine on the rocket..

RaikaRakka @ 1/21/2022 03:37 commented on Voltorb

Thanks, I fixed it and couldn't reply earlier because I just registered.