OwnedbyCow @ 5/9/2022 07:25 commented on Burning Sword

Great choice of colors and composition.

My eyes trick my brain into seeing a lot more colors than you actually used.

Good job.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/8/2022 16:34 commented on Pikadew

I really like the 1-bit. It kinda gives me undertale vibes.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/8/2022 16:13 commented on Docks

This is a beautiful definition of pixel art.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/3/2022 11:51 commented on Pixelween 2005 Entry

Idk if this helps anybody now but if you crop the letters off to where its just the color, save as png and open in aseprite, it will have your palette indexed already.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/3/2022 11:48 commented on Who's that hiding in the trashcan?

Thank you.  Those were my favorite parts as well. I actually surprised myself on how well I done the slime animation, I had more ideas for the slime, but the time constraints didn't allow for it. 

OwnedbyCow @ 5/2/2022 11:44 commented on Pixelween 2005 Entry

Can we do a sarcastic "feast for the gods?"

OwnedbyCow @ 5/2/2022 11:38 commented on The terror of Caelid

This is great. Very creepy. 3 frames of animation really did a lot for this piece.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/2/2022 11:34 commented on Transcend

This was my favorite out of all the submissions for that week. I think you did an excellent job.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/1/2022 11:57 commented on Cultist sprite

Awesome work.  Those horns fit the character really well.

OwnedbyCow @ 5/1/2022 09:45 commented on drip

When doing any type of animation, you have to keep in mind secondary action.  The water should run down the top of the leaf. When it falls, the leaf should have a bit of bounce. The leaf was a lot heavier when it had the water on it.

While it is falling, the reflections and shape that it has will change some the whole way down. 

What is the droplet falling into?  Water or a solid object? If it is falling into water, the water will dip down then splash upwards as well as the waves it makes.  If it hits a solid like ground, it will hit then burst up and out.

See if you can find slow motion video of water dropping and impacting water or ground, it should help you have a visual reference to what I mean.

Secondary action is key to keep an animation from looking stiff. 

OwnedbyCow @ 4/30/2022 07:11 commented on Cultist sprite

Awesome, I can't wait to see how he turns out. I think you can just update the file on this post. I will try to check back soon to see what you come up with.

OwnedbyCow @ 4/29/2022 15:16 commented on Cultist sprite

The readability feels kind of off.  I kept thinking it was Birdo from Super Mario Bros 2.  The horns and opening to the cloak look like eyes and a mouth.

If I cover up the horns, I can tell what it is and it looks really good.  I like the flowy feel of the cloak.

You did a good job, I would just look at another way to handle the horns.

OwnedbyCow @ 4/27/2022 15:55 commented on Storage Device Icon Set

Understandable. I try to split up my time doing art that I am not comfortable with, different little monsters, and the classes I have on udemy. I wish I was more comfortable with the basics of art in general. I struggle with putting ideas onto paper. At least with pixel art, i just do it, then worry about fixing stuff later.

OwnedbyCow @ 4/27/2022 15:52 commented on Muckman

Yeah adjusting the colors wouldnt be bad but that is a lot of excess pixels to remove. I just had to remove 10 for last weeks challenge and that was hard enough. 

Either way, you should compete with us.


OwnedbyCow @ 4/27/2022 13:18 commented on Storage Device Icon Set

Since they seem like loading and saving icons, why not give them an extra frame or two for a bit of animation?

OwnedbyCow @ 4/27/2022 13:15 commented on Zelden Ring Margit

Looks really good. It may be worth trying to make this into a real game.

OwnedbyCow @ 4/27/2022 13:14 commented on Muckman

You should definitely submit this for the weekly. I guess you would have to delete it then resubmit it.

Great work either way.  

OwnedbyCow @ 4/24/2022 13:00 commented on Pikadoom

This is pretty neat.  I would love to see some more characters done in this style.

OwnedbyCow @ 4/18/2022 10:33 commented on Takeout Burger

Is there a way to remove this from the vote page. This one is showing up and since it doesn't qualify, it shouldn't be there.

OwnedbyCow @ 4/17/2022 09:19 commented on Takeout Burger

Hey vrine, I submitted a new one that matches the color requirements.  Thanks for letting me know.  I didn't notice the color requirements when I read through it.  I know to keep that in mind from now on.