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pfft, legibility is overrated anyway

thumbs up for this one

sondre @ 4/25/2008 08:29 commented on FlipCow
nice work. I like the dithering and the colour scheme.

sondre @ 12/28/2007 11:04 commented on monsen
my beloved brilliance, naturally :)

sondre @ 12/12/2007 08:24 commented on the tough guys (unfinished)
It's a good point. I added variations in the dithering to avoid banding, but they kind of obscure the shape of the objects, adding to an already poor interpretation of the light and the shapes (which is a bit of a weakness I have).
I'm still kind of happy with it as a quick drawing :) (Oh and it won't be approved because it's unfinished).

sondre @ 12/9/2007 18:25 commented on the tough guys (unfinished)
Oh, and doing this by hand is not really a big deal, there's just one 16 colour range for skin tone to keep track of. Some of my other pictures were a lot harder to do. I would be more impressed if there were any tools that could produce this look.

sondre @ 12/9/2007 18:07 commented on the tough guys (unfinished)
Well, although I use brilliance this is all hand pixeled. I pick a colour from the palette and place it with a 1 pixel size brush, even though I often use the keyboard to pick the colour (+/- along the palette). It is true that brilliance has various other draw modes (smooth, tint, brighten, darken etc). I sometimes use those for sketching or trying out colours schemes. But the result from using those tools always looks like crap, it would never look like something hand pixeled. In all my finished pictures, every pixel is placed by hand in colour mode. I wouldn't be surprised those tools have been used by scene graphicians, but lots of scene gfx is obviously hand pixeled.

sondre @ 12/9/2007 04:38 commented on the tough guys (unfinished)
What exactly do you mean by index painting?

sondre @ 11/22/2007 08:43 commented on néant

I did.

Not exactly from top left corner to bottom right, the image evolved through many stages, and I redrew parts of it many times. But at some point every pixel has been placed by a 1 pixel size brush put down by a click of the mouse.

sondre @ 11/21/2007 10:32 commented on néant

Thanks a lot for you comment man, it warms an old pixel heart.

I think I will just leave the pictures here, even if they aren't accepted. This approval thing isn't really that much of a big deal I think. To me it's more important that I can actually show them to people, and hopefully that they like what they see.

I used paintbrush and dpaint a bit as a kid, but I only used brilliance since 95, my fav prog ever. I've been trying some promotion, but I'm not really into it yet, looks nice (brilliance in uae is a bit of a hassle). But these days I haven't really got the time for serious pixeling anyway.

sondre @ 10/30/2007 05:59 commented on néant

outside the bib bru

well, it feels more like the end than the beginning of my pixel art career though. but hopefully I will make some more stuff when I find the time and motivation for it. (more offtopic)

sondre @ 10/23/2007 08:29 commented on néant

cool. are you from sa? did you have anything to do with the pixeled recycle bin?

sondre @ 10/20/2007 07:30 commented on néant
well, yes, kind of.

sondre @ 10/16/2007 02:38 commented on néant

Hehe, well, actually I think slayer's picture is pixeled. You can even see how he forgot to aa a couple of places. My point is that it's just not that special, I think the use of colours is a bit flat. But it's not really difficult to pixel something like that.

Again, I'm infinitely grateful when people like my pictures and give good comments. Being a student now, I don't have that much time to do pixelstuff (and living in africa I prefer travelling when I have some time off). The pictures I posted so far, except my little avatar, were all done a while ago. I made them primarily for demoscene compos or to be used in ephidrena demos. So I'm not particularly trying to satisfy the pixeljoint audience. I basically thought it could be a good opportunity to share my work with like-minded people (and mind you I don't meet that many people into pixel gfx anymore). So bear with me if my style is a bit off the pixeljoint mainstream, but that's just what I like (and I have posted some low-colour stuff aswell).

Oh, and if you want you could always ask cyclone if he thinks my stuff is pixeled :)

sondre @ 10/12/2007 12:39 commented on the tough guys (unfinished)
hmm yes. the picture was indecently unfinished for a compo. you're a friend of nerve's as far as I remember?

sondre @ 10/10/2007 06:56 commented on Bronze Bust *updated*
brilliant colouring

sondre @ 10/9/2007 19:44 commented on the tough guys (unfinished)
hehe, not to mention my 12colour logo ;)

sondre @ 10/9/2007 13:51 commented on Roadkill market
ai ai, great detail, dithering and colour scheme.

sondre @ 10/9/2007 13:46 commented on Adventure Background: Graveyard

wow, that's some impressive dithering

not too certain about the greenish tint of the light/flames on the other hand (may be the monitor though)

sondre @ 10/9/2007 08:53 commented on monsen
well, thanks :) it always makes me happy when people like my stuff. sorry for seeming a bit snappish. maybe I've been reading too many negative comments on other people's stuff lately.

sondre @ 10/7/2007 11:34 commented on SOTC gender bender challenge!

hehe. I was looking at this cool pic and I thought, well, here's someone who knows how to pixel, and it reminded me of the good old #pixel 30min compos. and THEN I saw the handle :)

sondre @ 10/7/2007 11:33 commented on Natalie's Challenge
ahh you still know how to swing those pixels

sondre @ 10/7/2007 10:45 commented on monsen

it is. atleast according to the definition I was given here on pixeljoint. ("a discipline by which images are created with pixel-level intent or precision.")

I still don't understand why people are so sceptical. I mean, anyone who has some experience in pixel graphics will recognize which technique is used. I would be very astonished if someone could produce this type of dithering without hand-pixeling it.

sondre @ 10/6/2007 09:14 commented on néant
haha, I was reading the comments on that one. In my eyes it's a midrange pixel piece in demoscene terms, but these guys go absolutely crazy about it. I wonder what they would think about some of the good old scene graphicians, such as ra, cyclone, made or something. Or lazur, that guy was completely nuts (even though his proportions were always distorted).

sondre @ 10/5/2007 05:24 commented on you lose either way
his arm is really short, just like the rest of him. and he never really gets it. like us I guess.