Deathberry @ 8/10/2017 12:57 commented on The Country

Your pixels is so good and minimalistic! 
I realy like this style. Nothing annoying eyes with unnecessary details, only clear contours and objects
Damn, it's cool 

Deathberry @ 8/9/2017 19:06 commented on Alien

Thanks! :D

Deathberry @ 7/26/2017 02:24 commented on Space Marine Boltgun

Simple and very beautiful art 

Nice guns :D

Deathberry @ 7/14/2017 22:46 commented on helmet

I like this unusual combination

Very good idea and execution :D

Deathberry @ 7/14/2017 22:39 commented on Shoot em up

Looks cute and cozy 

Deathberry @ 6/25/2017 14:31 commented on Base sprite

Thank you! :D
Yeah, I know it. Firstly this sprites was planned  with hypertrophied proportions, but  then I abandoned this idea and they turned out average between realistic and exaggerated proportions
Here you can find my sketch:

Deathberry @ 6/11/2017 13:16 commented on Girl

Thank you for your help :)

I changed the color scheme after I finished this art. Maybe when I did this, I did not choose all layers and when i saved art I did not pay attention to the number of colors.
You're right, after i saved girl these colors were the same.
I will reload art in the near future

Deathberry @ 6/11/2017 06:06 commented on Sailor fuku girl

Her eyes is awesome *_*

Deathberry @ 6/9/2017 12:51 commented on Ice Cream!

Wow, unexpectedly :D

Yes, I heard this song. This one is not my favorite, but I liked it :)
Cute character, continue in the same spirit! 


Deathberry @ 6/9/2017 11:14 commented on Just a slime


Deathberry @ 6/9/2017 10:30 commented on Just a slime

Thank you!

Yes, I tried to make it more bouncy, but slime began to looks like cone on the top :)
Maybe that's because of my low-skill in pixel art, so you are right 

Deathberry @ 6/9/2017 07:23 commented on Ice Cream!

I don't know who this character is, but he looks like guy from gorillaz :D
Nice art, like it  

Deathberry @ 6/9/2017 07:09 commented on Serj Tankian

Great art for a great singer :D

Deathberry @ 6/9/2017 06:59 commented on Funny Summer Dreams! ~

Very cute :D
I like circuits in your art

Deathberry @ 6/5/2017 13:58 commented on Rocket launcher and quake guy for pixel dailies

Thank you very much :D
For a long time I didn't like this art. I tried to make quake-style art