DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 18:59 commented on Mizzle

Personally I like it.  There is a lower quality about your recent pieces.  I don't know of any other reference, mostly because of my inexperience with these things, than to put it in video game terms.  Your gold series is like a Sega Genesis and these recent submissions are more NES.  I have appreciation for both though, so it's alright in my book. . Plus you literally used the term "doodley do", so for what it is, i think it's pretty great. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 18:43 commented on Engineer

Can we fix it?

Yes we can!

Great job!  Great detail on the harness and safety vest. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 17:41 commented on Sophia

Puedo ver que pones mucho pensamiento y esfuerzo.  Hay mucho pensamiento puesto en las paletas. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 14:23 commented on [MONSTER] Chaser Demon

Could be a breathing animation.   I get what you're getting at though.  It's a little too simple of a fix.  

Still, IF it is a breathing animation, you might make it so the head doesn't squish.  The eyes look fine squinting, but maybe just the head could be fixed. That tail animation is really nice though!  Either way, good job and keep the cool animations coming! 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 14:06 commented on Sophia

Me gusta el estilo de tus pequeños personajes! Bien hecho y gracias para estes. No puedo esparar para ver mas.

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 13:55 commented on Chompy Skull

Nice cartoony style.  He's a funny guy.   Good job! 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 13:52 commented on Chicken thigh evolution

I've heard that grayscale is great way to start a piece.  You gave a great simple step by step on how to utilize this technique to your advantage.  I always felt like using greyscale was an extra step in the process I usually use, but seeing how you did it makes me want to try it.  Maybe I won't use it all the time, but I think it's good experience to have under your belt.  Thanks for this. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 13:43 commented on Infinity Wood

That's some good wood. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 13:40 commented on Sheriff Wizard

Nice work!  I hope you'll make some more characters from this fabled magic west city. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 13:37 commented on Dr. Donation

Weird AND wonderful!  Great job and nice palette. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 10:32 commented on An Unprecedented Find

Hey thanks. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 10:29 commented on Practicing Lineart

I'm a big fan of lineart.  It's much easier for me to begin with lineart before getting down to the nitty gritty of pixel details.  You did a good job here and it's a great concept!  It gives off a Barbarella type sci-fi aura. 

DexRunner @ 6/25/2017 08:07 commented on adventure lands

This is the type of "practice" that a doctor does! . Really great work.  You really used the dithering to your advantage. Even the small detail like the temple ruins on the mountain horizon make this piece come to life. Keep it up! 

DexRunner @ 6/24/2017 18:19 commented on Colorado, Route 12

I got me a notion that ain't no g'itar in that there harpoon case.   Whether it is or not though, I have a feeling that old boys gonna be a Legend

Awesome job!  Just looking through your submissions and I'm glad you're around too!  I can't wait to see more from you. 

DexRunner @ 6/24/2017 11:17 commented on Greyscale Shading Practice

Really good!  I like the details you included like his freckles.  It's those little things that really bring a piece to life.

DexRunner @ 6/23/2017 16:36 commented on Pickle

I dunno.  I think it quite fits the sharp cluster style that she's painted with.  As a plus, the fact that the spider web-ish stuff is transparent gives your submission the ability to conform to pretty much any theme or background that it's placed over.  

Admittedly, a great artist, whatever their medium, will never be finished with a piece, but, communally speaking, sometimes you just have to say good enough. 

Great work, Mr.  Keep it up! 

DexRunner @ 6/23/2017 16:06 commented on bread!

I've had bread breathe like that before.   It wasn't quite this pleasant though. Good work and nice smooth animation!  

DexRunner @ 6/23/2017 14:44 commented on skeleton attack

Pretty cool!  Are you looking to expand this into a game or something?  It's very minimalist, which is not at all a bad thing especially if you're leaning toward doing it up into a platformer.  Maybe it would have a little more context if animated? 

Just wondering what goals you might have for your pixels?  

DexRunner @ 6/23/2017 13:31 commented on green hills and rain

I saw what eishiya was saying, but wondered if there wasn't a simpler fix.  And one that might be more in keeping with your style and theme of the comic.  Basically it's what I would've done and maybe what the monks would've done... A SHORTCUT!   (...thank God. )

DexRunner @ 6/23/2017 11:38 commented on Food for an Orange County event

These are amazing.  Maybe it's just because I'm hungry at the mo.  I want that nori crab taco though. 

DexRunner @ 6/23/2017 06:50 commented on green hills and rain

It might be easier to take the black outline off the rocks toward the back. Like the top picture fades the further away you get.  Just that one little adjustment could save a big rework under those thunder clouds. 

DexRunner @ 6/22/2017 09:19 commented on Red Eagle Apollo

This is smashing!  The biggest thing I can think of is that there are quite a bit of colors in the palette for what there appears to be.  That's not really a problem when there are no criteria for a piece, but I can't help but wonder if some of the colors could've been utilized better.  I really like your hue shifting in the whites of the outfit, but maybe some hue shifting in the reds could've given a fuller appearance to the compositon.

Just a few things to think about, but this is really good! 

DexRunner @ 6/20/2017 12:32 commented on Blue Knight

What makes you decide on color palettes?  They always make your pieces so smooth.  Really good job.  

DexRunner @ 6/20/2017 12:27 commented on King of the Monsters

Thanks!  I remember hearing horror stories about the things the little Asian guy in the suit would go through like heat exhaustion.  It's also disconcerting to realize that, in reality, Godzilla isn't much taller than I am. 

But thank you!  There were so many refinements and things that I had to forego.  I never seem to follow my own advice preparing COMPLETELY before starting project... It's also difficult when you are rushing to finish and you keep seeing these little details that you want (or need) to polish up, but know there's only so much you can do about it atm.

As far as the dithering goes it was something I saw someone do and loved.  Now I'm just trying to get it right and make it my own.  I also have to admit that, in this case, it serves as a nice distraction from those nasty little glaring detail problems.  It's just something to keep working on. 

DexRunner @ 6/19/2017 20:42 commented on Ivan the Terrible (from ERB)

He doesn't look too terrible to me.  Good work, Penny.  I can't wait to see what else you've got going.