DexRunner @ 5/24/2017 12:38 commented on BarrettFloyd

And don't forget lyricist!  Some amazing things came out Of his mind.  

DexRunner @ 5/23/2017 23:32 commented on Hesperide

Well, she appears, if you're looking closely, to cross her legs during the turn just as she faces you. When they cross, take what appears to be her left leg (the darker colored leg) and lift it about a pixel  or so while leaving the lighter colored one flat to the ground.  It might make the leg crossover look a little better.  I'm not sure if it would look more natural, but it's where I'd start if it were me.  I hope that was an easier explaination and didn't make you more confused.  

DexRunner @ 5/23/2017 23:20 commented on Mario + Cat

Very cool take on Mario!  Nice cat too!  Maybe Yoshi is out of town?    I'd like to see your version of the rest of the mushroom kingdom gang.  Great job! 

DexRunner @ 5/23/2017 21:44 commented on Cars

Im disappointed in one thing: that the preview got me excited to see an animation.  I want this to be a playable game!    All your pieces have such great detail.  The way you do text is really an inspiration to make good pixel art.  Keep it up and you won't be "depressed"for much longer.  How long have you been into pixel art?

DexRunner @ 5/23/2017 21:35 commented on terran units

Compared to the other three units, the shadow for the Viking (the flying ship, I assume) looks a little off.  The shadows for the other units all lead to the light source being to the upper right, but the ships have a light source directly above.  That being said, I think what you're doing with your submissions is awesome!  Keep it up!  

DexRunner @ 5/21/2017 17:38 commented on Nice Teeth

 P-pretty good teeth... 

DexRunner @ 5/21/2017 08:47 commented on Donphan

Nice work!  It's this based on a real creature?  Great job keeping the colors down while keeping much detail. 

DexRunner @ 5/19/2017 19:33 commented on Tip of My Tongue

Good first job!  The amount of colors for a small piece is always something to keep an eye on.  Keeping the count down can help you to strategically place your pixels when it comes time to polish the piece up.  Also the (water droplet?) is a little messy.  It's always a great idea to look at reference pictures!  They only make us better!   Remember: It's only cheating if you trace.   If you keep in mind the fundamentals of art like how light effects how color is viewed and that form should be a large concern, you'll never go wrong.  Keep up the great work!  I can't wait to see more. 

DexRunner @ 5/18/2017 11:30 commented on mechs

Friggin awesome!  I can't wait to see more!

DexRunner @ 5/17/2017 20:44 commented on mechs

Nice work!  Not much detail and the outlines on the Mechs don't make them stand out as if they are game characters too much, which is forgivable, but the black outline on the gunfire takes away from the asthetic.  That could just be a style thing though and might just be my preference. The detail you did put in is very good!  I could see the circular shadows being something in a game that could fit in any environment.  I really like that and the detail on the cars as well.  It would be awesome to see this animated, but I always love animation!  

Overall I think you really are on to something with this concept!  Great job... or maybe I should say, 'Crash and Burn'. 👍

DexRunner @ 5/17/2017 14:32 commented on map

Nice style.  It makes me want to break out the old nes micro-machines.  Keep up this nice work! 

DexRunner @ 5/17/2017 14:29 commented on dark space

I gotta know if it's Star Wars or just a random space themed piece.  I honestly thought he was Darth Vader at first, but the more I looked, I thought it could be an original(ish) concept.  Either way, i like it.  It has a good mood for all the greys.  

DexRunner @ 5/17/2017 14:23 commented on Lara Croft

Suuure...   I lived through the 90s... Laura was always a little scandalous.  And she's pointing more than just those guns.   Great work, klimach!  I can't wait to see more (shy or not) .

DexRunner @ 5/17/2017 14:15 commented on Elf girl run

Run, little girl!  😂 Great job!  I can't wait to see more animations from you. 

DexRunner @ 5/17/2017 09:59 commented on FFT Style Portraits - Legend of Dragoon

I love your style (with or without noses ).  I'd like to see more characters like this. 

DexRunner @ 5/16/2017 21:20 commented on Lara Croft

I'm not so sure shy girls wear those kinds of shorts when traveling the Amazon... 

DexRunner @ 5/15/2017 13:08 commented on Edward Scissorhands

No worries!  There's always next time.  

DexRunner @ 5/15/2017 09:41 commented on Edward Scissorhands

   But, but, but...

Awww, I can't stay mad at you, Mandrill!  It's all good.  I'm just relieved you weren't tryin' to shanghai me.  

I can see why you wouldn't assume it was a preview for a smiling alien.  I thought I was being clever with that little preview, but I guess I need to be a little more clear in the future.  At least in regards the contests.  Thanks for all you're doing with these contests! 

DexRunner @ 5/15/2017 08:10 commented on Edward Scissorhands

Did my piece not meet the criteria in some area? 

DexRunner @ 5/14/2017 13:44 commented on Schnozberry from the Planet Schnozberry

Thanks!  I hadn't played that before and had to look it up.  I can definitely see the resemblance.  I was going for something fairly simple in form so I could focus on the other areas I mentioned.  It sorta ended up like a psychedelic Langolier.  After I was finished, i went back and worried that it wasn't smiling enough for people's taste considering the contest but, with an alien, who can really tell what counts for smiling? 

DexRunner @ 5/13/2017 09:42 commented on metal slug

He's a regular Ronnie James Deroceras! 

DexRunner @ 5/12/2017 09:58 commented on Tranquilizer Ad

That's great!  What gave you the idea for the effect?

DexRunner @ 5/12/2017 06:18 commented on Pico-8 dump

No, no!  Don't shake your fist at it! *shakes fist at fist shaking*    You did good!  Other than the context of the panels, I think you did this palette some true justice.  

DexRunner @ 5/10/2017 14:54 commented on That`s my boy!

From the looks of 'em... THANK GOODNESS! 

DexRunner @ 5/10/2017 13:10 commented on Junkfood in 4 colors

They do look nice and tasty!  The problem with junk food is that it usually doesn't last very long for the little substance and sustenance it provides.  

That being said, this piece might get pushed through faster if you left the montage as the preview and made a separate piece that displays all the food items at once.  Just a suggestion.  Keep up the great work!