DexRunner @ 10/15/2017 18:20 commented on Avatar!

No worries.  I've been on less lately too so I understand.  The video on this site gives a better explanation of how it works than I can.  The gums is part of a shark bite for sure, but not the part I was focusing on. 

It's a pretty cool video for reference of the eyes, but it's pretty educational regarding sharks too!  

DexRunner @ 10/13/2017 19:30 commented on glitch

Sci-fi Don Quixote?  Great job!  

DexRunner @ 10/10/2017 18:51 commented on For the Sullust!

Uptuthede muhada mudehada mukey ah, ha?

Ya haha. 

DexRunner @ 10/9/2017 21:04 commented on Bub

I love him!  What made you decide on this palette?  

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:30 commented on Monster World RPG - Monster Chu

Looks like a Slitheen and a Pikachu "made friends". . Great job!  I love all your monsters.

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:26 commented on Wood Elf girl

Very nice! She has sort of a Bob's Burgers character feel to her.  I like it!  The only thing I can think to improve her is to give more contrast to her skin shadows.  Zoomed out you can hardly tell a difference in value. Other than that, great work!  I can't wait to see how you continue to improve.  

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:23 commented on Giant Color Palette

Okay, now make the art it belongs to. 

Did it take you quite awhile?  Any theme besides the multiples of 8?

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:21 commented on Church Detail Big

These are crazy!  How long did it take to make all these church details? 

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:19 commented on A horse for mom.

I bet she's proud cause that's a really nice horse. 

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:14 commented on Dirty Harry animation

These are great!  I always think of Dirty Harry as being taller though. . Did you ever play Dirty Harry for the NES?  I loved that game.  This is a really neat rendition of the character.  Zoomed in it almost looks like it could be a James Woods or a 90s Bradley Whitford version.  I'd love to see a  few mock-ups of this.  Keep up the great work! 

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 20:07 commented on Background 001

Very cool!  The ominous feel and the space-age looking tower make the piece very asthetic.  The moon is spectacular!  Very detailed and beautiful.  It works well as the focal point of the picture.  My only beef with it, which you probably expected, is the banding on the outline of the moon.  In the style, it is probably alright as an older computer game screen if that's what you were going for.  That outline could still use some polishing though.  I guess it's all in the context.  I'd love to know more about the background of this piece.  Is it for a game or a stand alone piece?

But great work!  Keep up your creative ideas and great pixels. 

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 19:58 commented on Jubokko Forest

That's cool.  At least that way you won't let a neat concept go to waste.  Is this game in the same "universe" as the original or is it a new concept entirely?

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 11:40 commented on Golden Crown

Nice job!  All your portraits have been really good, but I love that you're branching out with how you're using the colors.  Keep it up!  

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 11:37 commented on Sword set 1

Really cool!  I'd love too see the characters that carry these melee weapons. 

Great job with the detail and imaginative variety!  It shows you have a great creativity.  I hope you keep making cool pieces like this. 

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 11:26 commented on Wedding stuff

Hey, that's alright.   Well, keep doing such great works that have meaning to you and others.  I look forward to your future pieces. 

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 11:16 commented on Lady Freedom Victoria

Well,i think it's great.  I hope you do more like her.  

DexRunner @ 10/4/2017 10:55 commented on Jubokko Forest

Thank you too!  I love your Xam character.  Is he in this game?  I hope you make more enemies from the game he's in.  Maybe even a mockup.  

DexRunner @ 9/27/2017 10:33 commented on Going on a date

Good job!  I really like the palette you used.  There seem to be some random pixels here and there which could've been placed a little more precisely.  It looks slightly rushed, but I know how contests are!  Quick's the word and sharp's the motion when a contest begins and all bets are off.   

With that in mind you did great!  

DexRunner @ 9/27/2017 10:13 commented on Profile Picture

Heyyyy, cool guy!  👉

Very nice job.  I like the cleanness of the whole thing.  The blue on the teeth is a real nice touch.  I hope you make more characters in this style. 

DexRunner @ 9/27/2017 08:54 commented on Lady Freedom Victoria

You have so many great details in this piece!  The hands and helmet are favorite parts.  I love to sketch so I really like that you kept the outline.  Is the skirt trim supposed to be metallic?  If so, it could use some reflection work, but it doesn't detract from the overall piece.  Also, did you plan to put something on the flag?  I think it would add too the character of there was a logo or something on it, but you may have a significant backstory for her that is indicated by the color you used there.  

All in all, I love it!  Keep up these great works! 

DexRunner @ 9/26/2017 22:22 commented on Avatar!

It's all good!  I bet it would make a neat animation of her eyes switching back and forth between white and black. Maybe rolling back white like a shark biting down.  As far as the fabric goes, just start simple.  If you're having trouble you could try to make a thread in the forums and get some advice.  Either way, I hope you finish it sometime.  When you do, pm me so I can check it out. 

DexRunner @ 9/26/2017 22:15 commented on Norman Breedlove (Dr. Smith)

Thank you.  I chose the funky colors trying to make it trippy and tie-dye-ish.  That's just the aura that he gives off mixed with a little Alice Cooper-edness. . I really didn't think too much about it, but now I'm thinking I should try it out with something new.... hmm, I wonder... Oh well. 

DexRunner @ 9/26/2017 22:09 commented on Cutie 9

Nice job!  I'm most impressed with your decisions to split the dark outlines in specific spots.  And even where you kept the dark outline you kept it looking smooth.  The details like the braid really sell her.  The colors and lighting are very nice though subtle.  I hope you keep making more characters like her. 

DexRunner @ 9/26/2017 22:02 commented on Duck shoes

Holy duck!  I used to have duck slippers just like those!  Wow.  Bringing back the nostalgia with this one.  Great job!  He's very detailed.  That slight dithering is really nice with the colors you chose.  Speaking of, you did use quite a bit to make that background.  107 is what the PJ image specs page brought up.  I wonder if dithering could've brought that number down.  But I get why you did it that way and I personally don't think it detracts much.  

Great job altogether!  I can't wait to see more ducking pixels from you.  

DexRunner @ 9/26/2017 21:48 commented on Wedding stuff

They look nice.  . I'm sure they'll like it.  Are you going to do it in this style?