Arko @ 3/16/2018 06:51 commented on Ready To Fight

Thanks everyone, I'll make some changes if I have some time this week end.


EDIT: Changes done. Thanks for the feedback :)

Arko @ 3/15/2018 14:44 commented on Ready To Fight

@yrizoud thanks for the feedback. Lighting might not be clear enough, but @DexRunner is right, it's supposed to come from her front top right.

@DexRunner this is just an exercise for fun. I do make art for a game, but it's totally different. I do those little challenges for fun :) I'm glad I've found this great website. 

Arko @ 3/6/2018 14:09 commented on Dark Knight #3

I love the color and the rendering of the armor. Great job !

Arko @ 3/2/2018 02:10 commented on God

Ha ha ! :)

Arko @ 3/1/2018 08:54 commented on God

Well I knew it would raise some questions. I decided to represent the "not representable God", so I drew a plant, one of the miracle of life. But I guess I could have drawn pretty much anything at that point... I just feel that a plant is a very beautiful and pure representation of God on earth (whatever that is).

But I understand the borderline choice, and will accept the consequences :)

Arko @ 2/26/2018 11:45 commented on Gameboy Sunset

Wow ! That much ? I wouldn't have thought ! :D

Arko @ 2/26/2018 05:43 commented on Gameboy Sunset

I never thought of that kind of limitation (that's funny because just before seeing your comment, I was looking at this That would be an interesting constraint to work with.

Arko @ 2/26/2018 01:57 commented on Gameboy Sunset

Thanks ! I wanted to make something with the Gameboy limitations. I actually had an extra color I could use, but I never used it. :)