Kirra @ 8/9/2006 19:22 commented on Sgrum
In the miniature version of it I guess it was jesus. I was wrong though. haha. Good work. I think it looks awesome.

Kirra @ 7/16/2006 10:52 commented on Tasteless Nudity
I think the nipples look ace. Im not a fan of the hand thats groping the BOOBIE! though. I like screaming BOOOBIE! its a good word. Skin color is amazingly good. especially the shine.

lol @ juzz

Kirra @ 7/3/2006 20:41 commented on Knight Guy
I sent a postcard. Am I going to hell now?

Okay thats uncalled for and probably offensive but I had to say it.

Kirra @ 6/6/2006 18:27 commented on queenofhearts
kind've looks like a bong my friend owns. haha

anyways, great work. nice use of color

Kirra @ 3/5/2006 17:26 commented on Pixel - PooPooLaChoo
hahahahaha XD poo

That's REALLY random. I love it though! I didn't know poo could be so cute. It really makes me want to actually sew a stuffed shit.

Kirra @ 11/20/2005 15:17 commented on Jokers Wild
Thats amazing. I love how it says BOO in his hair on the left side though. Hah

Kirra @ 9/30/2005 14:22 commented on Big Bird
puke green either that or blinding green. or some other shade of green.

to sum it up. green :d

Kirra @ 9/15/2005 14:08 commented on Dusty
 i like powder and carribean blue. i might make a theme.

Kirra @ 9/13/2005 17:55 commented on Columbo
 that is really neat. Ive never seen anything like that.

Kirra @ 9/12/2005 17:50 commented on Big Bird
 chatterbox? heh

i like the new layout

Kirra @ 8/31/2005 19:26 commented on Green Face
 oh wow that was fast. :o that comment was already deleted.

Kirra @ 8/31/2005 19:25 commented on Green Face
real nice ron. reeal nice. im pretty sure you cant really rip-off a lego. His peice doesnt look like a lego anyways more like a cube type thing and im pretty sure you cant copyright that. Legos have those little spoke things. He also didn't say it took him a whole summer he just said he made it during the summer.

I think the peice looks nice. I like the colors and the dithering is well-done

Kirra @ 8/28/2005 17:57 commented on Jack of the lantern
 that looks awesome. Everything about it looks great. too cool

Kirra @ 8/15/2005 10:04 commented on Afraid Of Light
 It does look a little bit like it isnt completely hand pixelled but in some places it looks true. Just alot of colors. Like that demoscene stuff. But to anybody who says that helm and ptoing are jealous is just hilarious because their artwork is amazing and they have been on the pixel scene for a looooong time. Still a great peice of work though

Kirra @ 8/15/2005 09:46 commented on --Mario Bros--
 thats pretty sweet. You did a great job with the ambient lighting or whatever its called. great job

Kirra @ 8/5/2005 15:36 commented on Penguinwaiter
 Your dog water? lmao. It looks more like ketchup. Very cool though. I like its expression.

Kirra @ 8/1/2005 14:06 commented on The Evil Man
 The expression on this is really great. The dithering is nice. Pretty funny too. I would hate to have a teacher like that.

Kirra @ 7/23/2005 10:08 commented on totem
 Holy wow. Yeah that definitely is the best totem so far. :o Great job. Details.

Kirra @ 7/21/2005 17:35 commented on New Idea For P.J.
 Its ok but too plain in my opinion. And woah... o_0

Kirra @ 7/20/2005 19:06 commented on Shoman
 The shading looks great.

Havent you ever seen 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert', sedge?That movie was awesome. Thanks for reminding me the name of that. It had slipped my mind for the longest time.

Kirra @ 7/19/2005 20:14 commented on Iso-Penumbra Totem entry
 HOLY TEXTURES! wow thats great. The detail is amazing.

Kirra @ 7/13/2005 20:02 commented on Jack avatar
 thats not 5 minutes! how could you do that in 5 minutes? ah well, its very nice still.

Kirra @ 7/12/2005 20:01 commented on `
 I love all of the details and damn that is pretty funny. I guess that is how they would do it.. ?

Kirra @ 7/12/2005 10:30 commented on Alien for Pixelmoon
That is awesome. You did a great job on everything. The lightsource is consitant. Your textures are fricken amazing.

Kirra @ 7/12/2005 10:28 commented on Castle
 Wow i really liike that. I think you did a great job on the rocks and the texture on everything is really great.