Gin Rummy @ 7/9/2005 19:17 commented on Bruno
 AAAH! It's Bruny! He looks awesome in that, great job Ali dearest. :)

Gin Rummy @ 6/19/2005 07:04 commented on Atlantis
 That's awesome! I love how the hanging moss/vines move with the water level! That was such a creative detail to put in and it makes the whole scene mroe real.

Gin Rummy @ 6/19/2005 07:02 commented on TI-83 Plus
 Man, I wish mine looked that good. It's all scratched from me dropping it last semester. :P

NICE! it looks exactly like mine (cause they are the same model!)

Gin Rummy @ 6/18/2005 14:59 commented on Mimi Tachikawa
 Oops. LMAO. I did have a ref pic open in IE, thanks for saying that fr0st! I forgot to put it up. Ref pic is on this page: (near the bottom, sorry no hotlinking, it's a tripod site and that's just rather rude...) LMAO... I have too much respect for Mimi to make her into a Got Milk ad though.
I also have that episode on VHS - which is where I origionally got the idea from. :)

Gin Rummy @ 6/17/2005 14:43 commented on Rupert Grint the First
 Thank you Faktablad, fr0st, and chloe! :)

chloe: Yeah, he does, doesn't he? I'll have to fix that later. :P

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 21:55 commented on Wicked Witch
 *sporks that website repeatedly*

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 21:46 commented on My Place pixel
 Looking nice. LONVING the trees! Next time, though, I would try to put as much texture into everything as you did into the trees. The driveway should be gravely, or at leas asphalt-y. (I'm assuming you didn't mean for it to take on a sort of jellied look??) Follow that rule (textures are GOOD) for the roof, the satilite, and the grass too, and you'll be doing just great!

You get a B!

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 21:42 commented on Cherry Axe
 Because the ladies appreciate shredding in a way no man ever could. :P

I love this, and it's greatly improved over the last one that I saw + commented on. His balance issues are explained in the way his back is hunched, implying that he is in mid-movement. Plus, the minimalist color scheme works well, and you are not outlining the whole pixel piece in black and then white. You're letting each item define it's own outline. And the smoke just rocks.

Overall, you get an A+. Nice job Sedge!

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 05:50 commented on playboy apartment room
Oh yeah, have to move into that apartment now, if Playboy's gonna be there. Gotta get a little smoking jacket action! :P

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 04:45 commented on Spice Girls Balcony

Oh god... no, they never do, do they? I suppose they also wobble but they don't fall down? :P

*dislikes the Spice Girls* But the British Flag is spot on! Great job there!

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 04:43 commented on Mother Earth

WOW! That's got to be one of the best things I've seen yet  today (it's early, but I've been outside for a walk, so I've seen a lot)! I love the colors, and the overal texture and feel of the art. It almost looks like it's made of sandpaper! :) Very nice job!

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 04:40 commented on PR-91
I love pixeldam! And I like the building idea and colors that you used, v. nice job! I'll be looking for it to be updated at some point. :)

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 04:38 commented on Megami's Digivice

I used to have all of them. Obcessed, I was, yes. *nods sagely*

*whispers - I still am* :P

Gin Rummy @ 6/16/2005 04:37 commented on Megami's D3
You too? I have a whole fan universe based around Digimon from back in 2001. God, those were the good days. *sigh*

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:55 commented on Kaylee
 fr0st: I was playing around with a new background technique I've seen some people on forums do. The darkest hair shade is the background color. I dunno, most of my stuff is just experiments.

Meg2101: Thanks! And, yay, another fan! Did you know Serenity's coming out in 2006? I can't wait!

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:51 commented on Rupert Grint the Second
 Thanks much! :) Rupert's HAIR is my homedog. :P

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:48 commented on Random Hufflepuff
 Yeah. n_n; It was a hair and dark skin experiment. Everything else was kinda just an add on to pass the time one day when I was grounded to my room. :P

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:45 commented on Blank Chinese Food Box
 LMAO Maybe I'll make another with one. :)

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:27 commented on Gimme gimme gimme
 Sure, I'll help him out. And then I'll help him regain his balance. :P

Nice job! I like the colors you picked, and the shape of the clothing and head. I'd mention the leg, but everyone else has, so I'll let that lie. His hair is... interesting. It seems unbalanced as well, as one side is pressed up close to the head and the other extends several pixels outward. I dunno how you could fix that though.

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:23 commented on Sweet Love
 LMAO No, it doesn't! I'd never noticed that before...

Well, for my first attempt (look, the skin is all running into other skin and it looks crappy) I think it did rather well. I've since learned how to make hair obey gravity I hope. :P

Gin Rummy @ 6/15/2005 08:21 commented on Meilan Firaga
 I know that, but thanks. :) I just worked for so long on the skin and jewelry that shading the clothes felt like another monumental task that would KILL me.  So I left it off... I'll prolly go back and retouch it and fix the clothes sometime this summer...

Gin Rummy @ 6/14/2005 09:47 commented on Suburbia Updated
 I love your little town scene here - I suck at isometric pixel art, so I greatly appriciate those who can do it well. The shopping carts and swings are a very homey detail, it almost reminds me of the gas station near my house....

Gin Rummy @ 6/13/2005 13:28 commented on Cherry
 Wow, that's really great Blue! I'm glad to see you on here, and submitting stuff! Great job and I hope the reference tasted as good as this looks.

Gin Rummy @ 6/13/2005 01:55 commented on Girly House
 Hey, hey, hey.... what's this? Ali's using PINK in her pixel art now? *gasps*

LMAO - Looking REALLY good, sweetheart! Wow, you really got good during my hiatus from all things pixel-arted didn't you?