Morintari @ 11/6/2019 09:36 commented on Samus Helmet Spin

This also has a future as a stereo graphic all you need is the same frame on the right side which is one frame ahead of the left! For more info PM me.

Morintari @ 10/22/2019 10:39 commented on Dragon Jungle Transition

The top panel is just breathtaking. Especially the water!

Morintari @ 9/26/2019 15:35 commented on VR95

Dude you Rock Thanks so Much! YOU ROCK MANUPIX!!!

Your friend,


Morintari @ 9/26/2019 08:48 commented on VR95

Thank you Manupix for getting back with me. How do you get rid of the preview? After you have submitted it to the gallery?