Shadow-gamer @ 6/28/2010 06:22 commented on USA Space Marine

Shouldn't the flag be South Korea? No?

Shadow-gamer @ 6/28/2010 06:21 commented on NEVEC

Sorry to, uh, burst your bubble. But that isn't a NEVEC; it's an ex-NEVEC. Sorry, been playing lost planet 2 too.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/17/2010 06:14 commented on 3D Dot game Heroes Snake In A Box

The dimensions, required in 3D Dot Game Heroes, are 16x16x16. I can't really make it that much larger.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/16/2010 15:53 commented on 3D Dot Game Heroes Dragon Knight updated with Iso

The link to the 3D voxel model is ther for a reason, if you find the sprite hard to understand then please atleast look at the model. I added the Iso just for fun so I won't be updating it any more. Also, I don't see how the need to zoom in is 'phail' the sprite is only 16x16x8 pixels; need to zoom is pretty much required.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/16/2010 13:27 commented on 3D Dot Game Heroes Dragon Knight updated with Iso

I hope this update helps. I don't know what else I can do.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/15/2010 13:06 commented on 3D Dot Game Heroes Dragon Knight

HA-HA, I knew someone would mention that site. I did, infact, use it to see how my sprite would look in 3D. =)

Shadow-gamer @ 2/2/2010 08:05 commented on Lechku & Nechku

Some of the best bosses ever.

Shadow-gamer @ 1/8/2010 11:07 commented on Ima meteor

Looks like a flaming metroid.

Shadow-gamer @ 11/5/2009 08:08 commented on Meta Knight Version 2! Now in full wallpaper form

I agree. While I like to try AA, I know I suck at it.

Shadow-gamer @ 8/8/2009 06:50 commented on Khezu

Lol at your link. You know, I should do ol' los next because I keep getting scales from his tale... I kinda wish they gave you a choice of what to carve off.

Shadow-gamer @ 8/6/2009 09:17 commented on Khezu

Well just think of a leech with a body and wings and there you go...

I didn't post a pic because I didn't use a reference.

Thanks though.

Shadow-gamer @ 7/8/2009 12:52 commented on Big Bird

Question: I just submited a peice and I notice it looks all JPEG'd. When I click on it it is fine, so I don't know. Is this a common problem? I'm using FF 3 if that helps at all. (Update: nvm I just transperencied wrong...)


Shadow-gamer @ 5/1/2009 17:32 commented on ffta2 characters (second group)

I just looked at the ingame sprites... What were they looking at when they did the battle sprites? Those colors arn't even similiar to any other... rendering, drawing, whatever of Penelo (also, it seems, your sprite is based on it). Also the portrait reminded me more of Ashe than Penelo, but I see how it can be her. But seriosly... why are there like 5 styles for Penelo? Sorry just ranting, I'll go now.

Shadow-gamer @ 5/1/2009 07:27 commented on ffta2 characters (second group)

Does Penelo actually look like that in the game? Wow, that is different then.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/21/2009 14:51 commented on UPDATED: A Wild BOULDERGEIST Appears!

Hardest Mario boss ever...

Shadow-gamer @ 4/18/2009 20:41 commented on Hurdy

Montblanc please.

JK, maybe...

Shadow-gamer @ 4/16/2009 18:09 commented on Zombie Kebab

It's spelled Kebab.

Anyway, scary idea. I wouldn't eat it.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/16/2009 18:07 commented on Metals

Aren't those meDals? Or a better term: trophies?

Shadow-gamer @ 4/15/2009 05:11 commented on NES demake: Half Life

999 ammo??? How many unneeded crates did Gordon smash this time?

Shadow-gamer @ 4/14/2009 07:52 commented on board

I think one of GLaDOS' orbs lists off the ingredients. Blue one I think.



Shadow-gamer @ 4/13/2009 07:23 commented on board

Portal anyone?

Fish shaped solid waste, fish shaped soil, fish, maybe something edible.


Shadow-gamer @ 4/11/2009 18:40 commented on link

Read your comment again

It says *spasms about Link not being right handed* It should be spasming at it being wrong and wrong would be right handed, not not right handed.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/9/2009 13:19 commented on Big Bird

I vote Iji to be a good Gamemaker game. (I'm pretty sure it was made with that)

Shadow-gamer @ 4/9/2009 06:18 commented on link
You got left and right confused. Also to comment on the piece, I think the lighting on the shield makes no sense and there are some areas that seems they need more light.

Shadow-gamer @ 4/9/2009 06:13 commented on Password...?
Um... is it "password?" That seems too easy though...