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We Might be witnessing the rise of a new Legend.

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Like PyroMetal said your preview Icon needs to be 64x64 or smaller
I think that's the reason you cant use those two Pieces (You only have 2 pieces bigger than 64x64 ) since they are bigger than the Max size allowed

PixelDust @ 6/17/2018 04:27 commented on Werewolf Boss

A simple way to have your preview look both enticing and have a sense of mystery. is to simply turn the piece into a silhouette with a single point of interest

this is just a simplified approach you can do much more and end up with a super neat result, I use this method all the time for my previews although just in a more abstract form.

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it seems like the whole idea of having the winner choose the next challenge, has been completely abandoned.
since the same thing happend to me a while back

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do Arachnids like Spiders, tics, and mites count since they're technically not insects

interesting challenge, either way.
I just hope I can get an interesting concept going

PixelDust @ 4/30/2018 11:40 commented on Crystal Lineart - Detail

does the character need to be a full robotic being
or does something more cyborg-ish, or bionic implants count
as well?

PixelDust @ 4/21/2018 10:38 commented on Hello. My Name Is...

having the text longer on screen is a major improvement,
since the still image provided in the description does not quite have the same amount of flare as the animated piece.

great uses of lost edges on the character in the background,
it makes the background feel like its apart of the image and not just a filler to add contrast.

PixelDust @ 4/16/2018 07:27 commented on Greens Performance

I'd have to agree with Eishiya I gives an unnecessary disadvantage especially to those whose PJ handle is one long word, which they cant realistically break up into two or three lines

PixelDust @ 4/15/2018 09:17 commented on Art of Ying and Yang 2

Thanks, I've updated the preview.
I ended up with that crappy preview as a result of a last-minute attempt to create a preview and getting lazy about doing so.
which is stupid since it took me less than 10 minutes to clean it up

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when I think of 1x I think of the original size the image should be, Instead of the size of the document/aspect ratio.and I think most people would take the rule into context for there submissions just like Hapiel said

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I didn't think about that
makes perfect sense thanks for the bit of computer magic

PixelDust @ 3/19/2018 10:05 commented on Don't Let Go: Queen Elsa vs. The Fire King

this is my favorite piece that I've seen come from you by far
definitely a contender for the top spot this week
you have one of the most unique styles both in design and colors I feel like your art style is very experimental in nature
which gives every piece a different look and yet I can tell they where done by the same person

when I first started doing pixel art I used to use a lot of 3d models as reference mostly to get the materials down
it is always better to have a reff image catered to what you want than having something that resembles your idea
I always would just hop into the old' blender and create something close to what I wanted I think that helped me improve a lot faster then if I were to just fumble about on a canvas
but I don't do this anymore lately since I understand things quite well from a material standpoint

Keep up the great work this is great

PixelDust @ 3/17/2018 19:09 commented on Big Bird

once you update the preview it will show up on the front page
although it might take a while before it will show up so don't worry if it doesn't show up immediately

but when you upload the updated preview be sure to change the name as well (preview to preview_update for example) otherwise it will not actually update your file

you can use the PJ image-spec tool to check if the correct file was uploaded you can do this by right-clicking the preview image and choosing Copy image location then past it into the image-spec text field
then it should show you the size of the image

PixelDust @ 3/17/2018 18:20 commented on Big Bird

If it is about your piece Dungeon Party
it is showing up in the "newest Pixel art"
and for the reason it is not showing on the front page is because the preview image is over 10KB (currently 11KB)
it will not show up until you reduce the size of the preview to something smaller than 10 KB

PixelDust @ 3/16/2018 06:34 commented on Samus

Pool Party Samus fantastic work like always

although the left hand(the one on the right) looks to be bending in a very uncomfortable way Looks like it is bending close to 180 degrees from where the hand should be facing (judging from what I think the rotation/direction of the lower arm is)

but other than that this is perfect

PixelDust @ 3/12/2018 13:26 commented on Blanka - street fighter

Unrestricted Canvas size
and 32 colors Max
Oooh am I gonna go wild with this one

PixelDust @ 3/9/2018 01:36 commented on La Brea Woman Awakening - The AAP-64 Final Version

absolutely brilliant I did not even notice it was made using 2-wide pixel until I read the description
although the concept is relatively simple, the rendering brings the piece to a whole new level

as a person whole loves playing with all thing color
I'd loved to be able to play around with your "AAP-64"
is it commercially available to use?

PixelDust @ 3/4/2018 13:23 commented on Big Bird

it has to be aproved before it will show up for the weakly challenge

but as long as it was subbmited before the challenge is clossed it will be entered regardless

PixelDust @ 2/23/2018 02:55 commented on Big Bird

you need 4000 points

the stats they show you on the leveling up page is bugged

to me I have enough points to get to lvl 7 and yet I only have 4000 points

PixelDust @ 2/18/2018 12:59 commented on Lighting study

In terms of how metal behaves, i would say that the bottom left one is the most correct in term on lighting
metal usually has sharp reflections so dithering should be avoided at all costs think of the lines you'd find on barcodes
you should also do the same on the right side using the darker color instead
when you are working on a sphere object you will get a lot more round sharp reflections instead of lines but for most other shapes like a cube, cylinder, pyramid etc you will get mostly these lines running across the length of the object

although I am not entirely sure on what the thing in the image is so the shape is a bit of the mystery
which makes it hard to make changes without breaking the intended design

you can fix this just by simply making the shading more defined, add lighting to it as if it is a sphere or a cube shape depending on what the shape is, then you should focus on adding the metallic rendering

here is a quick example 

also, you should post these type of stuff in the WIP thread you will get a lot more help there

PixelDust @ 2/18/2018 12:21 commented on Big Bird

I've been wondering the same thing
if not we definitely need one

PixelDust @ 2/17/2018 13:56 commented on Fire

Great work especially on the sky
but the color of the trees is too dark (especially since it is quite far away the farther away something the closer its colors will be to the background) which creates a strong glaring contrast but that can help guide the eyes to the focal point but once the eyes are there it becomes a bit too overwhelming
I get the look you are trying to convey instead you should try to swap the colors of the trees for a light yet relatively dark red or pink color to give the idea that light is still passing through the trees instead of just being a sort of void

but I am not trying to bash on this-this is a truly wonderful piece

PixelDust @ 2/15/2018 15:47 commented on Bully!

the preview image is over 10kb currently 37.16kb something must have gone wrong during the saving process so this won't show up on the front page
am I right to assume this is for the weakly
the challenge call for a sprite (which is typically a whole character) but this is just a head, sry to burst your bubble

but this is pretty solid from a pixel art standpoint
you are definitely on your way to mastering the pixel