PixelDust @ 2/23/2018 02:55 commented on Big Bird

you need 4000 points

the stats they show you on the leveling up page is bugged

to me I have enough points to get to lvl 7 and yet I only have 4000 points

PixelDust @ 2/18/2018 12:59 commented on Lighting study

In terms of how metal behaves, i would say that the bottom left one is the most correct in term on lighting
metal usually has sharp reflections so dithering should be avoided at all costs think of the lines you'd find on barcodes
you should also do the same on the right side using the darker color instead
when you are working on a sphere object you will get a lot more round sharp reflections instead of lines but for most other shapes like a cube, cylinder, pyramid etc you will get mostly these lines running across the length of the object

although I am not entirely sure on what the thing in the image is so the shape is a bit of the mystery
which makes it hard to make changes without breaking the intended design

you can fix this just by simply making the shading more defined, add lighting to it as if it is a sphere or a cube shape depending on what the shape is, then you should focus on adding the metallic rendering

here is a quick example 

also, you should post these type of stuff in the WIP thread you will get a lot more help there

PixelDust @ 2/18/2018 12:21 commented on Big Bird

I've been wondering the same thing
if not we definitely need one

PixelDust @ 2/17/2018 13:56 commented on Fire

Great work especially on the sky
but the color of the trees is too dark (especially since it is quite far away the farther away something the closer its colors will be to the background) which creates a strong glaring contrast but that can help guide the eyes to the focal point but once the eyes are there it becomes a bit too overwhelming
I get the look you are trying to convey instead you should try to swap the colors of the trees for a light yet relatively dark red or pink color to give the idea that light is still passing through the trees instead of just being a sort of void

but I am not trying to bash on this-this is a truly wonderful piece

PixelDust @ 2/15/2018 15:47 commented on Bully!

the preview image is over 10kb currently 37.16kb something must have gone wrong during the saving process so this won't show up on the front page
am I right to assume this is for the weakly
the challenge call for a sprite (which is typically a whole character) but this is just a head, sry to burst your bubble

but this is pretty solid from a pixel art standpoint
you are definitely on your way to mastering the pixel

PixelDust @ 2/14/2018 18:46 commented on The Last Dinosaur

it looks much better without the stars but the background does feel a bit empty (maybe some indications of a rocky terrain to help give it that cave-y feel some single color cluster might work just fine)
when I make pixel art I always tend to make the 1X size look
great but end up making the zoomed up version look well no so great so I totally get that part of the design although I think finding a good balance is the key
but to each his own

PixelDust @ 2/14/2018 17:18 commented on The Last Dinosaur

Determination versus motivation
it's a quality that we all have and yet also lack to a degree
for almost any artistic skill motivation is probably the thing that drives one to follow down that path usually striving for a much bigger picture but that quickly falls apart without a good sense of determination you can keep telling your self that you want to paint just like Picasso but doing that alone won't get you to that level, not even close

Discipline and perseverance is what makes most great artist in the way of progress
at least without that you'd just be stuck creating the same thing over and over
you can spend all your time drawing circles making it look as good as a circle can but in the end that is all that it is
instead, break that circle make it an oval add in some triangles maybe some extra broken circles and Bam you end up with an airplane even if it is bad I'd still be good in the name of progress
well enough nonsensical rambling

I wanted to make a comment about the stars (about how it looks good when viewed at 1x but becomes overwhelming when zoomed in ) but they got removed from the piece whilst writing this comment

and if anything it is good to see you being active again

PixelDust @ 2/13/2018 10:49 commented on blue lava

You have some pretty damn impressive texture and rendering skills
creating lava/fire with blue is a very hard thing to do since it is naturally a red-ish color, but you made it look just like lava with form alone

Great work

PixelDust @ 2/13/2018 10:38 commented on Pink Moon hero

I love the Subtle sub-Pixel animation
Gotta respect the Pink bro

PixelDust @ 2/13/2018 07:04 commented on Dressed in Dead

So sexy
he seems like a nice Chap very alive I must say

PixelDust @ 2/13/2018 06:59 commented on Wee Mee

Ahhh I see well that kinda sucks
well I guess it will do me some good to NOT do something that
always has wings and carries A giant sword

PixelDust @ 2/12/2018 13:09 commented on Hideout

wow this is amazing truly well done
although the color count is a bit excessive

PixelDust @ 2/12/2018 12:14 commented on Wee Mee

what about fantasy animals do they count?

PixelDust @ 2/11/2018 12:17 commented on Weld One

I think the Blue theme would be the most difficult to pull of when you think about it in a conventional way
but you chose something that does work quite well
I personally would never have thought about using Welding although it does make the most sense

Great work like always

PixelDust @ 2/11/2018 09:55 commented on Caap Land

thanks for your comment and Yep the colors do seem to work well although it would look much better with more blue-ish colors

PixelDust @ 2/11/2018 09:47 commented on Caap Land

thanks, Fleja appreciate it

PixelDust @ 2/11/2018 04:41 commented on Moonlight Forest

Wow this is really pretty
but your preview image is over 10KB so it will not appear on the homepage until it is fixed

PixelDust @ 2/10/2018 15:47 commented on My First Grass Tile

overall this is pretty good
but the color of the dirt feels a bit Odd it has the color you'd expect from sand but the way the tile is made makes it feel like it is supposed to be dirt
well you can just call it sand and resolve the problem without doing much Hehe
judging from the tile layout I assume this is for RPG maker?

PixelDust @ 2/10/2018 04:34 commented on Duck Bird

I want to ask but since I'm not permitted to, I won't

but nice chicken though

PixelDust @ 2/9/2018 10:01 commented on Big Bird

both Firefox and Chrome work fine on android
well for me at least

PixelDust @ 2/5/2018 09:20 commented on Bitter bombing

Mhhh interesting challenge and 300x300 max size two

I will definitely take advantage of that

although the Yellow theme will probably be the easiest one to do since you can createwood, grass, leaves that actually looks like colors a "normal forest" will have
but I guess every challenge needs an easy mode

PixelDust @ 2/4/2018 01:32 commented on Catgirl

wow this is Georgius

welcome to Pixel Joint this is an amazing first submission
I'd really love to see more of these

PixelDust @ 1/31/2018 17:24 commented on Big Bird

Super Mega Turrican!!!

PixelDust @ 1/31/2018 15:05 commented on Cutie 20

That is a gnarly a*s scythe
she can gladly reap my soul 

PixelDust @ 1/31/2018 13:42 commented on Horse Head Harry 2 The Revenge

A drastic improvement good work

to give some pointers

the shading on the bracelets/armguards feels a bit to pillow shaded adding some rim lighting to one of the sides will help give it a more defined shape similar to what you did on the right kneecap (the one on the left)

also, the white highlights on the skin feels a bit too harsh swapping it out for one of the colors on the skull will help a bunch

and lastly a quick tip

adding a darker color to the insides of the anatomical details (almost like an outline) to help define the shapes a bit more and bring some extra contrast (like what you did briefly to the left side of the chest)

here is a example to help visualize it better