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PixelDust @ 1/3/2019 15:03 commented on Brotherhood

Ah, the Brotherhood.
a Sword that is almost as recognizable as Cloud's Buster Sword.
FF10 probably has the most icon weapons of any FF.

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We should totally have another Pantone color challenge, I really enjoyed that challenge.

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Thanks, that means a lot coming from someone like you.

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Hey, I never claimed not to be a wizard, hehe.

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I'm glad to see you back on PJ again.

it's been a while Huh?

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Holly Heck Dude

PixelDust @ 10/12/2018 21:02 commented on handsome

Soo Sexy

PixelDust @ 10/12/2018 16:42 commented on Castle in the Island

Like Theoden mentioned you'll need to reduce the number of colors present  in your piece, It' currently 124, 21 of which is used for just a couple of pixels
One of the fundamental principals of pixel art is good "color control".
"Dirty tools" is one of the most common causes of high color counts (gradient tool, blur tool, transparent effects, Soft blurry brushes, etc)
having a low color count isn't necessarily required for a piece to make into the public queue. Along as the color count is justified and serves a purpouse, In this case, it fails to reflect that
we've got a lot of "Elites" so it can feel quite strict to newer members but, don't get discouraged by that.
If you want a more noob friendly Pixel art site PixilArt might be a place for you.

PixelDust @ 10/7/2018 08:56 commented on Sunset Peer

Thanks, BananaExtract I appreciate your comment.
Although I'm quite a way away before I can be considered Brilliant at rendering or Pixel art in general. There is still a lot I don't know how to do.

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We Might be witnessing the rise of a new Legend.

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Like PyroMetal said your preview Icon needs to be 64x64 or smaller
I think that's the reason you cant use those two Pieces (You only have 2 pieces bigger than 64x64 ) since they are bigger than the Max size allowed

PixelDust @ 6/17/2018 04:27 commented on Werewolf Boss

A simple way to have your preview look both enticing and have a sense of mystery. is to simply turn the piece into a silhouette with a single point of interest

this is just a simplified approach you can do much more and end up with a super neat result, I use this method all the time for my previews although just in a more abstract form.

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it seems like the whole idea of having the winner choose the next challenge, has been completely abandoned.
since the same thing happend to me a while back

PixelDust @ 5/7/2018 14:46 commented on Jack Doe- Your twenty year old shmo.

do Arachnids like Spiders, tics, and mites count since they're technically not insects

interesting challenge, either way.
I just hope I can get an interesting concept going

PixelDust @ 4/30/2018 11:40 commented on Crystal Lineart - Detail

does the character need to be a full robotic being
or does something more cyborg-ish, or bionic implants count
as well?

PixelDust @ 4/21/2018 10:38 commented on Hello. My Name Is...

having the text longer on screen is a major improvement,
since the still image provided in the description does not quite have the same amount of flare as the animated piece.

great uses of lost edges on the character in the background,
it makes the background feel like its apart of the image and not just a filler to add contrast.

PixelDust @ 4/16/2018 07:27 commented on Greens Performance

I'd have to agree with Eishiya I gives an unnecessary disadvantage especially to those whose PJ handle is one long word, which they cant realistically break up into two or three lines

PixelDust @ 4/15/2018 09:17 commented on Art of Ying and Yang 2

Thanks, I've updated the preview.
I ended up with that crappy preview as a result of a last-minute attempt to create a preview and getting lazy about doing so.
which is stupid since it took me less than 10 minutes to clean it up

PixelDust @ 3/23/2018 21:23 commented on Big Bird

when I think of 1x I think of the original size the image should be, Instead of the size of the document/aspect ratio.and I think most people would take the rule into context for there submissions just like Hapiel said

PixelDust @ 3/19/2018 10:10 commented on Big Bird

I didn't think about that
makes perfect sense thanks for the bit of computer magic

PixelDust @ 3/19/2018 10:05 commented on Don't Let Go: Queen Elsa vs. The Fire King

this is my favorite piece that I've seen come from you by far
definitely a contender for the top spot this week
you have one of the most unique styles both in design and colors I feel like your art style is very experimental in nature
which gives every piece a different look and yet I can tell they where done by the same person

when I first started doing pixel art I used to use a lot of 3d models as reference mostly to get the materials down
it is always better to have a reff image catered to what you want than having something that resembles your idea
I always would just hop into the old' blender and create something close to what I wanted I think that helped me improve a lot faster then if I were to just fumble about on a canvas
but I don't do this anymore lately since I understand things quite well from a material standpoint

Keep up the great work this is great