Naufr4g0 @ 1/31/2009 12:28 commented on Pixel Heroes
I love them! Characters are very recognizable despite their small size.

Naufr4g0 @ 1/30/2009 14:43 commented on Mockup v2
I like the graphics very much and the main character too. It's not so small for me. =)

Naufr4g0 @ 11/13/2008 12:25 commented on metroid 64
TOO MUCH OFFICIAL! It looks like a real metroid conversion.
Very well done!

Naufr4g0 @ 10/29/2008 18:13 commented on Toxic Sonic: Walking and Attacking
Sorry, I didn't know the band... I think they were all males!
Anyway I wasn't criticizing the hair cut, but the thing that in the animation the wispes seems to be petrified.
They only go up and down, but they don't move relatively one to each other.
Anyway I like your work and I hope you can write a game with this characters soon. =)

Naufr4g0 @ 10/29/2008 11:16 commented on Toxic Sonic: Walking and Attacking
Very well animated. I like them. I like also the result you achieved with so few colors.
Anyway I think that the hair of the third guy are a bit too much still. I think the wispes have to be more on the go.

Naufr4g0 @ 10/28/2008 18:06 commented on MSPaint Default Pallete Still Life
which operating system? windows XP MSPaint palette is different from Vista's one.
Anyway awesome picture :)

Naufr4g0 @ 10/28/2008 14:43 commented on Knightingale - C64
Perfect c64 style! Could someone write this game in assembler? ihihi

Naufr4g0 @ 10/25/2008 08:37 commented on FIAT 500 car running
The car is intended to be inserted into gameplay, with characters jumping from a car to another (trucks, bus and cars).
But you are not always upon vehicles, there is a more classic platform part.

Anyway gimme your email, so I can send you the .jar with the game, but it's not the same character.

Naufr4g0 @ 10/23/2008 07:47 commented on SMLL TM FRTRSS 2
Nice Demake! :) I love the style.

Naufr4g0 @ 10/22/2008 08:41 commented on FIAT 500 car running
I worked on a mobile game written in java J2ME language, but I have no time to complete it.
I have a jar file with a sort of demo on it, but it's only a sprite walking on a tiled screen with a background. You can see it if you want.
Programming is not compatible with college studies. :/
Anyway I'm preparing a lot of graphics to be used in my future games.

Naufr4g0 @ 6/7/2008 14:39 commented on My first RPG Tileset
Are you sure they are tiles? I can't recognize them in the picture.
Maybe are big tiles.
Anyway a good work. I suggest like the others to substitute black outlines with colored ones.

Naufr4g0 @ 6/5/2008 07:57 commented on Robutt Owns: The Avatar
It reminds me about a classic C64 game: DRELBS! :)

Naufr4g0 @ 5/24/2008 08:38 commented on The George Lopez Game
It looks great! It reminds me of old Amiga's games I played in the past as: Overdrive, All Terrain Racer, etc.

Naufr4g0 @ 4/30/2008 07:24 commented on Hero - CF Screens
I'm waiting for this game for 2 years!
I like very much your retro-styled graphics and I hope you can complete soon  this game and the other "in progress" projects.
I'm studying programming languages (as Java and C++) only to write retro-styled games. :)
I love them very much. Maybe 'cause I'm a nostalgic 30 years old guy?

Naufr4g0 @ 4/7/2008 02:48 commented on iso skateboard
In Italy we say "interessante",so I don't need translator. :)
Anyway it means "interesting" in english.

Naufr4g0 @ 4/7/2008 02:44 commented on iso skateboard
removed double post

Naufr4g0 @ 4/3/2008 14:56 commented on PioPio running
It's supposed to be a lttle chick unable to run well...
I think it was good. Maybe I can move legs a bit forward and backward.

Naufr4g0 @ 4/2/2008 17:46 commented on protecteur
The animation is perfect! Smooth and very detailed.
Have you a ready background? This monocromatic one doesn't do justice to the animation.

Naufr4g0 @ 4/2/2008 13:09 commented on The Adventures of Flik (mockup)
I'm going to do only small modifications. Don't worry! ;)

Naufr4g0 @ 4/1/2008 10:15 commented on The Adventures of Flik (mockup)
I hope not too much! :D
I can actually clearly distinguish the main character from the background on my Nokia N70.
Anyway I'm working on a bigger version of the sprites to use in 240x320 resolution phones.

Naufr4g0 @ 2/27/2008 05:12 commented on Bit-Blob Mockup
The minimum resolution I see for cellphones, capable to play java games, is 96x64.
Anyway the pixel art is ok for this resolution. I hope in a bigger version.

Naufr4g0 @ 2/19/2008 12:44 commented on Map Screenshot
I'm writing the game in Java J2me (for mobile phones), but I'm considering to write the game for windows,too.
I would like to use C++ and some libraries specific for games, like Allegro or SDL.

Naufr4g0 @ 2/19/2008 12:17 commented on Map Screenshot
It's a lot Knytt for me, too! And I like very much this game.
I got inspiration from knytt also in my game Flik.
But how can your character climb walls without hands?

Naufr4g0 @ 2/18/2008 09:39 commented on The Kingdom
Looks nice! What's the goal of the game?

Naufr4g0 @ 2/18/2008 09:35 commented on platformer objects
You have to add more tiles. :)
I like the square tree, but I have preferred a themed tileset (like all squared tiles).