Leaf cutter @ 1/30/2008 10:27 commented on In a middle of nowhere
This water is even better than the real thing. My refuse to blink.

Leaf cutter @ 1/23/2008 00:27 commented on Big Bird
I totally loved the prototype batmobile. That would be one hell of a ride.

Leaf cutter @ 1/22/2008 03:51 commented on Big Bird
Its been about 3 months for me. And apparently its the longest time I been a member of anything!

Leaf cutter @ 1/21/2008 22:02 commented on Big Bird
Hey no one says anything about MARIO.
This started my craze for gaming. It took 3 months to finish mario 1 at the age of 7 on a system with no name on it(I guess it was a NES or atari). I Remember it was a true challenge, you got save states, no turning off to take rest. It was 6 hours of total nerve racking madness.

Then I got a SEGA-MEGA drive and "The Lion King" game made me cry when Simba lost his father. It still does.

Leaf cutter @ 1/21/2008 01:26 commented on Big Bird
scam it is, indeed.

It just like those:"Restore your computer, Scan PC now" ads on the side of PJ.

By the way if you ever wanted a power(telekinesis, flight, mind read/write, etc), what would it be?
I think I would go with Electrokinesis or maybe be a Technopath

Leaf cutter @ 1/20/2008 23:02 commented on Big Bird
The only thing I despise more than Tea is MILK, and I will soon start a campaign against FISH.

Yo-yo's smoothen ones wrist movement(I can the sleeper for nearly a minute). I still havent forgotten the rubix cube. Took  me 4 years to solve it on my own. Now my personal record is 56 seconds.

...Ha,, I just found a red rubber ball with a smiley face on it. I guess I'll bounce it on the roof for some time(cough,,sniff).

Leaf cutter @ 1/20/2008 22:36 commented on Big Bird
Thanks.(My bro stole my dictionary as revenge for defeating him in a yo-yo match in front of his friends,[He is 7 years younger]).

Dreadfully saying, I am at present suffering from the most irritating disease of them all:-"Common  Cold".

I have two choices:

Please vote on this obnoxious poll.

Leaf cutter @ 1/20/2008 22:03 commented on Big Bird
I am having some literary doubts and I cant believe I am asking them in PJ.

a)How do I pronounce: machete
b)Which is correct: sabre  or  saber

Kungfu-sious say : "It may be what you want, but it is not what you require"

Leaf cutter @ 1/20/2008 03:05 commented on Big Bird
That happened a way  long time ago.

Since then I have a watched a lot Shaolin chinese movies with french subtitles. I have learnt the path of honor and have corrected my cerebral programing. Confucious says: "He who runs away, lives to find another day".

Leaf cutter @ 1/19/2008 10:44 commented on Big Bird
hey. I rant a long post coz its the time when I screech my biomech heart  out right before I fall asleep(Its  nearly midnight here). Should blast the sun with a real hot bomb. If poisonkills poison, then heat kills heat.  Or maybe I should stick the sun in a particular position for ever,,,

Only problem is I got no adamantium scotch tape or  kryptonite super glue.

Leaf cutter @ 1/19/2008 10:34 commented on Big Bird
Mock up you say .,,,Heres something to think about.

I truly admit my programming skill is far superior than my pixeling skill. Last year I nearly remade "Age of Empires 2".

Aint joking, It was meant to be my school project(worth 10 marks). But sadly was sacked due it becoming way large for my Comp Teacher to understand anymore(Even I lost track of what I was doin). Lots of glitches and seriously bad programming(It was my first attempt at making an RTS  anyway,, But my only pride was there was absolutely no memory leakage,,and,, it had a better user interface and control system).

Check Screen shot as unprecedented proof.

Anyway since that mishap, I learnt a freakin lot from it and made a "Battle City" remake in two weeks with a rock music tune.
Check here for its screen.


Leaf cutter @ 1/19/2008 05:11 commented on Big Bird
Happy B'day.

I hope you havin a much better B'day than I am yet to have. Mine falls on the middle of my final, the finals that determine my life job. The tension has gone so above the limit, that I have forgotten the essence of time(Even if it is saturday , it doesnt feel like it) . Damn these exams.

Why cant cant they judge our skills by allowing us to play WARCRAFT III multiplayer or maybe CounterStrike( I would love to give a headshot to some people,,,[ie. examiners]).

Maybe after I am done with law study, I WILL SUE THEM ALL!!!,, mwah,,ha, ha,(cough..cough)...

Leaf cutter @ 1/18/2008 23:39 commented on Big Bird
Accursed 9 hour time difference. Your noon, my midnight. No wonder the Chatterbox is active at the time I hibernate.
I was never much fond of gore. But if you really wanted to see blood in the most artistic form, watch "Trinity Blood"(awesome manga). And maybe "Slam Dunk"(blood looks too flat and is over done). Some times "Full metal Alchemist"(A serial killer blows their brains).

But nothin beats DOOM3, nice blood work. There was also a game "Prey", way overdone, even the gun is bleeding and breathing and moving, its scope mode is tentacle attached to your eye(But the game was rather funny than scary).

And by the way is this true-"An old woman once put her cat in the microwave inorder to dry it. It burnt to death (obviously). A young lawyer fresh out of law school takes the case to the court and wins a sum worth buying the entire suburbs. His statement- No warning about cats in  microwave printed in large letters on the  warning plate."

I wish it was true, I could earn a lot of money this way(I study law)...hmmm...

Leaf cutter @ 1/18/2008 06:16 commented on Big Bird
Haircut... maybe once in 6 months. I never liked it , it makes my head feel ,lets say not so heavy anymore. Last time I cut hair cause the damned school principal complained to my parents.

Leaf cutter @ 1/18/2008 04:48 commented on Tapestry
Awesome work man. The way she wears the sari is perfect.

The actual story goes like this- There were 5 brothers married to a woman "Draupadi". They once once played a game(ludo) with rival 100 brothers of some other kingdom.  They lost everything including land, throne,cash,etc. Atlast they bet "Draupadi" and lost. The rival alpha brother tried to undress her but couldnt as "Krishna"(some random incarnation of Vishnu) elongated her sari infinitely.

Leaf cutter @ 1/18/2008 04:36 commented on Big Bird
I never care for the hair. I always fall for the eyes.. those beautiful eyes.

Anyways.. I somehow managed to see(while channel surfing) an episode of "POWER RANGERS: Mystic Force"... I deem it  the most  overacting hyper-exaggerated comic show ever. I fell of the couch laughing and hit my head on a table(oww). No matter what you hit them with there is always 10000 volt spark accompanied by super firework blast 5 miles behind them, even if the weapon was a simple iron sword there is always an explosion!.

Leaf cutter @ 1/17/2008 04:09 commented on Big Bird
Its -8 degree Celcius here(Kuwait). Frozen...
Heater broke down. Gloves torn. Can,t type....without shivering.....Cant draw

Leaf cutter @ 10/26/2007 06:46 commented on psi burst, Jack
I am on WIP,
Yeah your right, the hands look crappy along with that uptight posture, ill work on that

Leaf cutter @ 10/25/2007 05:40 commented on Jack, the psi-mage-walking
Sorry abt posting in wrong site,, Dint know where to ask,,
Awsome suggestions, maan