TheBilly @ 4/11/2008 14:35 commented on This site needs moar mudkips.
I quite liek this.

TheBilly @ 12/17/2007 22:13 commented on Just... one turtledove
Ooooh, I get it now. Too bad I didn't bother to resolve my confusion before I voted :P

TheBilly @ 12/9/2007 23:32 commented on Big Bird


Needs moar pretty pictures

TheBilly @ 12/5/2007 00:14 commented on does my face turn you on?
LOOK! IT'S.....


TheBilly @ 12/4/2007 22:23 commented on Big Bird
This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and.......

TheBilly @ 12/4/2007 06:31 commented on Big Bird
There's a link to his account about 9 posts down and it looks like the action is in the comments on his submissions

Doesn't look like anything special; bunch of garbage mixed with a bunch of rips.

TheBilly @ 12/3/2007 23:42 commented on Evolve Toasty!
Reminds me of Chinpokomon

"I got shoe!"

TheBilly @ 12/3/2007 18:47 commented on Knight of Vengeance - Sententia, Saida
Hay thar sexi mama, can you move your hand just a few pixels that direction ;)

TheBilly @ 12/3/2007 05:58 commented on Zangief
I hated that freaking move!

TheBilly @ 12/3/2007 05:57 commented on Pixelated Hiro
I lol'd at the animation.

I was like "wtf happe- OH I GET IT"

TheBilly @ 12/3/2007 05:55 commented on tasty burger
I'm vegetarian and even I wanna eat it. Pixels are vegan, right?

TheBilly @ 12/2/2007 22:23 commented on Big Bird
Hey I thought we agreed KEEP THE /B/ ON /B/

(norly I don't care. Pools closed, etc)

TheBilly @ 12/2/2007 05:24 commented on Big Bird
If you guys are gonna get full of yourselves like this is the virtual Louvre and only approve "good" work, you need to delete about half this site; and I say this as someone who recently rated a few gazillion pieces after a few years absense!

Block work that is "WIP"? absolutely. Where the submitter says "it's not done I don't care", again, yes. But "IT NEEDS AA AND DITHERING I AM A PIXEL MASTER YOU ARE ALL INFERIOR" is inconsistent with hundreds and hundreds of low quality pieces that have been approved. Some people just aren't very good. A lot of people, actually. Let them through and rate them 1/5

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 22:41 commented on Trogdor
Aw, no critique? Criticism of a Trogdor is always full of lulz and irony

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 18:41 commented on Freddy Hates Jason
Is Freddy gonna challenge Jason to a pokemon battle?

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:55 commented on Something crazy
We hate style around here. Rough dithering is bad dithering; BAD, BAD!

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:47 commented on Autumn UFOs
The pose is very awkward; it looks like she's sitting having a smoke with a rock up her butt.

....Which is good, don't get me wrong, buuuttt....

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:41 commented on The greatest pixel art in the world
I totally lol'd

I imagine the flaming horse as Rapidash and it makes me think of something like "FUCK YEAH SEAKING!"

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:39 commented on Something crazy
OMG this is toooootally nuts!

I mean....totally seeds

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:37 commented on Supermundane
I would totally subscribe to this comic's RSS feed

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:34 commented on pirate
Well a lot of the foreground elements show pixel-level detail, and even the sky is fine since it's straight lines, but the clouds definitely don't pass as pixel art in my book. They're great for a sketch to plan out what you're going to do, but they're incomplete, and not yet made into pixel art

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:24 commented on Walkcycle for Hail
He has a lot of bounce in his step. I think he's running in a dream :)

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:21 commented on England Prevails
Lots of empty space and what is there is simple, but it makes for a decent style

Remember, Remember, the 3 out of 5 of November

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:19 commented on Soldier Death 02
What a way to die indeed!; he rises up from the floor and blood explodes out of him for some reason! ;)

TheBilly @ 12/1/2007 17:15 commented on Mona Lisa
haha, I wanna see a 32x32 last supper. Everyone at the table gets 2 whole pixels to themselves, if they're lucky :)