FridayFrancis @ 1/17/2008 14:05 commented on The Corpulent Corpse and His Brethren
This is the most amusing thing EVER. =D And wonderful shading/dithering too. *_*

FridayFrancis @ 1/17/2008 13:56 commented on Native American Nudistar [nudity]
Well done, especially for such a limited pallet, but creepy. XD  Very, very creepy.

FridayFrancis @ 1/17/2008 13:53 commented on Lord Morpheus
Looks good. =D I like the sketchy, but detailed, style of it.
The anti-aisling is a *tad* thick in some places, but it's not immediately noticeible. (Why can't I spell words properly?)

FridayFrancis @ 1/17/2008 13:48 commented on Flexi-beak Rolly Bird
Thanks for the comments, all. =D (for the CC too, though I like it choppy. I did it for the extra quirkiness. I'll remember to use more frames for future projects.)

I just don't see how it's funny though. I laughed too at first, but I've been staring at it so long that it's not even amusing anymore. Haha, oh well.

FridayFrancis @ 1/7/2008 23:21 commented on Intropicture
I think the lightning looks a little gaudy, and I saw no light source change. Other than that, this is a very wonderful piece.

FridayFrancis @ 1/7/2008 14:41 commented on pj nod
All of the emotes you submitted are freaking awesome, but this one is my favorite. I think it's the teeth. =] Haha.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 23:32 commented on Desert Royalty
Not perfect, but who can argue with learning? Especially since you did such a good job anyway. I like the drawing itself as much as the pixeling. =]

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 23:29 commented on Pixel faerie
Your naked fairy is 10X better than my naked fairy.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 23:17 commented on Turban
10 colors = amazing.

This is beautiful. I'm very glad you got it in on time. =]

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 22:52 commented on Big Bird
Personally, I like the smileys. I like how the face is high up on the emote. It would be neat if the user could make their own set of smileys, but I don't know how that would work.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 22:44 commented on Shark
I especially love the shading on the teeth, and the orangey glow on the right side.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 22:36 commented on Dress in the wind
Wind doesn't have to be pixeled at all, actually.
Quick edits I would make:
  • remove wind
  • move (her) right foot further from (her) left.
That's it. I just thought I'd mention that, because it would make this so much cuter. She already looks elegant in her sparkly dress. =]

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 22:29 commented on I Do!
She's beautiful. The pose, especially and flow of the dress and veil. It's also a fairly unique dress. Simply beautiful.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 19:49 commented on Kitty iz cute
Aww, very VERY cute, yes. *pokes it* =3

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 19:45 commented on Nekked Fairy on a Mushroom
Oh. Looks like I messed up with the terminology then. XD Oh, wow.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 19:26 commented on Nekked Fairy on a Mushroom
Are you saying I did an even worse job than I thought, or that you don't know what I mean by "color reduction"? I was just attempting to use less colors than usual is all. Or, are you saying that I should have rambled about that (like I am now) instead of rambling about naked things. (which, as you say, rule.)

Since I already went off on a tangent, I may as well continue. I only used two pink colors, because I shared a lot on the skin tone. But, honestly, I'm starting to wonder why I'm reducing use of muliple colors in the first place, because I really don't see the point.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:35 commented on A day after the battle
It doesn't suck, the folds just look a little... pointy? Kind of like a curtain. A pointy curtain.

Anyway, I love the dramatic lighting and shading. And, again, the folds aren't as bad as you seem to think.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:33 commented on Nyanko Burger
A bun should be shaded like a half-sphere. Similar to how you shaded the cat's ears.

This is very cute though. I, as a vegan, should find this disgusting but I love it. Haha.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:16 commented on marine
The face isn't "all wrong", it looks like you quite a bit.

I clicked because it reminded me of a similar picture of my father. He was in the Marine Corps.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:14 commented on Portrait
Very cute. There isn't much contrast though, and the outline's rather pale. But it's still very cute, and I love the occasional animation and the facial expression.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:07 commented on a room :P
It's cute, but inconsistent; the line art should be darker on some things. I hope that makes sense.
I agree with jalonso; you shouldn't just call it screwed up, you should fix it up again and update it. It's very worth it, this is freaking ADORABLE. Stuffed animals. =3

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:03 commented on Agape
This is completely wonderful in every way. I love the way her hair lays, and the shape of her head. Very unique, and beautiful.

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 18:01 commented on Saberpig thing
Interesting style and creature. And name; saberpig. It makes me smile. =]

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 17:59 commented on Pink stripes
I love the cute shading style. Simple, but effective.
I wish I lived there. XD

FridayFrancis @ 1/6/2008 17:56 commented on Slug Animation
Everyone else says it's fast but since animations are faster in Firefox, I see a blur. But the slug is awesome. And the mustache.