Karam @ 10/5/2018 12:25 commented on Dead games on a dead phone :'(

Thanks!! It can be done better if you make art in a bigger resolution. (Here the Nokia pixel takes 3 real pixels).

Karam @ 6/20/2017 20:50 commented on Mr M. Discovers The Evolution Of Video Games

Thanks  Hope you enjoyed it

Karam @ 6/4/2017 11:09 commented on Mr M. Discovers The Evolution Of Video Games

Thanks :D I'm glad you had fun watching it 
I like your pixel art skeleton 

Karam @ 6/2/2017 15:01 commented on Mother Earth

I love this !!!!!

Karam @ 6/2/2017 08:33 commented on Nvisionary Shambler

It always impresses me when a sprite this big is so well done!!
Great Job!!!

Karam @ 6/1/2017 23:54 commented on Self Portrait

You look like a rockstar 
Nice pixel 

Karam @ 6/1/2017 12:33 commented on Mr M. Discovers The Evolution Of Video Games

I'm still learning, hopefully I will make an improved version soon (See the final red part, it is supposed to be another part in Virtual Boy, which needs me to learn 3d steroscopic effect )
I will inform you when the improved part is done 

Karam @ 5/31/2017 19:04 commented on Characters

You can turn all you want, I'm gonna sit here and enjoy my drink 
Great designs!! 

Karam @ 5/31/2017 18:59 commented on Tommy-Gun

Every .. Piece .. Fits !!! Perfectly 
How did you do that ?! 

Karam @ 5/31/2017 16:27 commented on IY Redo

That sunshine!!! Those clouds!!!


Karam @ 5/31/2017 16:23 commented on Internal Conflict

Beautiful, simply beautiful!
On a side note, the right scene reminds me of moments from "Poet Anderson", desperation and feelings of non-belonging, and long sleepless nights...
The lighting in the left one kinda gives me memories of the finale of death note , but really, it has some deep feelings, like if it's a beautiful day, but you can no longer enjoy it, you're dying inside ...

or maybe it's just me being too pretentiously analytical  lol.

Karam @ 5/31/2017 16:16 commented on Old Farmer and His Two Children

Feels like a scene from a Miyazaki movie! 

Karam @ 5/31/2017 15:41 commented on Return of the Broccoli Monster

The pixel is a poem in itself . 

Karam @ 5/31/2017 13:03 commented on Portrait Practice

You have good control of small details, the hair detail shows that clearly. 
I always admire a well made greyscale art, when all color glamour is off, only quality content will prevail. 

Karam @ 5/31/2017 06:37 commented on Eat Your Celery Advertisement

But I digress, really well done, I believe you chose the best style to represent that ad, and the chromatic aberrations make it spectacular!

Karam @ 5/31/2017 05:42 commented on Undertale for Game Boy (It should have been something like this...)

Great job!
The Game Boy screenshots are amazing, however the cover itself impresses me even more.

Karam @ 5/31/2017 05:01 commented on Mr M. Discovers The Evolution Of Video Games

Glad you did 
Nostalgia was the main aim of this animation, something about how games like these, they don't make them any more..

Karam @ 5/30/2017 16:15 commented on A History of Violence

You are a god! 
How did you paint the kid? did you have references of a picture or something?

My mortal mind cannot even imagine the process behind it. 

Karam @ 5/30/2017 15:50 commented on Star Bling

Live Long and Pixel!
(ugh, I know, lame pun )

I think we should categorize pixel art even further, this one and similar ones should have their own subcategory for those who dig them (like me). Pixel art as an oil painting .

Karam @ 5/30/2017 15:43 commented on Sir Isaac and the Coconut Incident

Few seconds later, he discovers a new law of tropical gravity .
Wonderful palette, soothing, reminds me of an old video game i played as a kid, forgot what it was.
The palm tree is really beautiful, you're good at this, maybe you can make art for the retro 80's synthwave poster, you know, the Miami Nights covers with palm trees on beach, and cga palette (magenta, chrome grey and cyan), I just felt that would look good with the way you draw them .


Karam @ 5/30/2017 15:34 commented on THE MOON MAN

Nice! The cartoony bending of the legs coupled with the light effect makes it look like a claymation on pixelart.
Very well Done.

Karam @ 5/30/2017 15:31 commented on her sweet child's favourite food [secret santa 2010]

Amazing Control of such small details.
I Love the background, and the reflection on the water .

Karam @ 5/30/2017 15:03 commented on 2001: Space Oddyssey

Hi Again Arvester,
Glad you posted this, I really love it.
In the new preview image, it was a good move to make the side of the object cover the outline of the image box, it's like telling them: "Yeah, 3d baby!"

Good Job, if I may say 

Karam @ 5/30/2017 01:52 commented on Giraffe

This looks Wonderful 

Keep up the good work!
btw you may want to show the giraffe head in the preview thumbnail to make it more attractive to viewers 

Karam @ 5/30/2017 00:57 commented on Mr M. Discovers The Evolution Of Video Games

I'm glad you like it. I might make a part 2 with enemy creatures and other graphic styles.