LuckyF @ 7/17/2017 04:56 commented on Lt.Col. Kilgore

It's a pretty cool shot )

LuckyF @ 7/17/2017 01:56 commented on Lt.Col. Kilgore

Could have used more colors I gues, but I think it still works like this. Also I found out about the challenge a bit late, so was kinda rushing it. Went with whatever comes to mind without thinking too much about it. Brown here, brown there, brown everuwhere )

LuckyF @ 1/28/2015 12:26 commented on ISO-OLOGY tiles

Yeah. Good times.

This collab found me at a great place, full of creative power and motivation to make stuff.

It's mostly gone now, sadly.

LuckyF @ 12/8/2014 03:59 commented on Fighting Master

I knew I need some animations )))

LuckyF @ 9/27/2013 12:20 commented on Pixel Portrait

It's easy with blocky stuff. But when doing something more organic ... curves in 3 dimensions can get tricky.

LuckyF @ 9/27/2013 09:10 commented on Pixel Portrait

3 demensions is always better that 2 )

LuckyF @ 9/27/2013 00:48 commented on sub-sub-sub-sub-zero

I think my favorite in terms of gameplay was mk3u just cause it had a better flow I think, with the combos and stuff. But in term of visual design mk2 is the best part.

LuckyF @ 5/16/2013 01:00 commented on Trick

Should it be original ship?

LuckyF @ 4/25/2013 04:30 commented on Iso-ology tiles

I have 8.

LuckyF @ 9/8/2012 06:58 commented on Raging Angel

I wish I was in London.

 ... and good at pixeling =\

LuckyF @ 6/20/2012 04:45 commented on bunch of fighters

 I didn't put too much thought into stances, maybe something to think about for future fighters )

Oh and they are this big cause I don't think I'm going to animate any of them. Just some static fighter sprites, kinda fun to do )))

LuckyF @ 6/19/2012 16:18 commented on bunch of fighters

Hey ... Ther's all kinds of feet )) But yeah you're right.

LuckyF @ 6/18/2012 14:30 commented on Violator

Спс. Давненько тебя невидно было )

LuckyF @ 6/13/2012 11:09 commented on Ben from Full Throttle

 Wait. I'm confused. If he's not a vilain ... should he be in the challenge ? Or he considered a vilain ?

LuckyF @ 6/12/2012 16:33 commented on Violator

 Spawn comics or rathr the movie. Based on the movie Violator mostly.

LuckyF @ 6/11/2012 22:31 commented on Jumper

8 actualy

LuckyF @ 4/17/2012 15:37 commented on Mrpharmer

 It's not that. 30 frames and100x is fine. It's that when I read the challenge I got this idea, but it needs like 100 frames ))) Then I saw 30 restriction and exitment went away )))

LuckyF @ 4/16/2012 06:01 commented on Mrpharmer

At first I was exited< but then I noticed 30 frame limit. =\

LuckyF @ 7/26/2011 09:03 commented on Avatars

Less stylised I would say. And also I was thinner back then. )))

LuckyF @ 7/26/2011 01:06 commented on Avatars

That's how I look like )

LuckyF @ 7/25/2011 14:31 commented on Avatars

Just a blocky version of me.

LuckyF @ 7/2/2011 02:33 commented on ISO-OLOGY tiles

Huh? Which one is that.

LuckyF @ 6/28/2011 10:46 commented on ISO-OLOGY tiles

It might be a fan in you talking.  But I agree it stands out from the rest of my tiles, kinda )

LuckyF @ 6/28/2011 08:45 commented on ISO-OLOGY tiles

Really? I always thought of it as one of the simpler ones. My favorites are the turtle and the dinosaur, which is funny cause they're not in the collab )

LuckyF @ 6/26/2011 16:08 commented on fighter


Thanks man. The small one was besicly a quck resize to a KoF sprite size with quick cleenup, just to see how it works at that size ) Probably going to put more effort later on.