Solitaire @ 1/2/2012 11:53 commented on Color_Portrait

 very "triangle"

Solitaire @ 6/13/2011 20:27 commented on 天天天天天天天天天

he took them from gouken after he "killed" him

thanks every buddy (-:

Solitaire @ 5/16/2011 04:33 commented on Elk's Deathwing

 oh come ON elk are you SERIOUS

Solitaire @ 5/16/2011 04:31 commented on iCurly

 the number of favorites, shawn. the number. of favorites. its good but god damn

Solitaire @ 11/7/2010 16:48 commented on Some Bixxvvtch

 got rid of it because it was gay as hell

Solitaire @ 9/10/2010 12:34 commented on Minimalistic Sonic

 this is the best i love it

Solitaire @ 8/16/2010 03:23 commented on フィラー!

 you're not even japanese! ; O ;

ps this owns

Solitaire @ 8/15/2010 23:31 commented on TERRELL OWENS ULTIMATE FOOTBALL GAME

 if i ever actually finish it, ill let you know, friend. : - )

Solitaire @ 6/28/2010 13:40 commented on face

 you stole this from my friend chad!! this is practically the exact same thing he drew.. you just frickin edited!! what the hell, man? :\

Solitaire @ 4/25/2010 02:56 commented on Krazy Krokodile

 holy shit you finished it

brilliant piece

Solitaire @ 4/5/2010 02:50 commented on Solitaire Does Jal(and keeps being sexy while at it)

 i dont understand a word of this but it's beautiful

Solitaire @ 4/2/2010 10:57 commented on Comic av

 called it.

Solitaire @ 2/28/2010 11:46 commented on Poh-kh!

 neat idea

Solitaire @ 2/22/2010 17:22 commented on ///////////

 nope. cancer means .. well cancer in the USA. as in their are "cancer cells" in you and they slowly kill you unless you get them treated and some of them cant be removed. yea.

Solitaire @ 2/22/2010 14:39 commented on ///////////

though you're probably right, i wanted to keep it simple (thus the lack of AA), and i didnt aim for this to be perfect pixeling. so. thanks!

Solitaire @ 2/13/2010 13:54 commented on Turtle In the Meadow

 it doesnt work again you're a faggot

Solitaire @ 2/12/2010 00:22 commented on Zorua & Zoroark

 awful, the color scheme is terrible and the idea is just retarded. why did you even try to make this? you suck.

Solitaire @ 2/8/2010 08:45 commented on Footy Juggler United

 this is so brilliant oh god

Solitaire @ 2/5/2010 16:22 commented on Lil Wayne Gone Mental

 @ Mathias - Jay-Z, somehow, has thicker lips. also he's fat. also no tattoos. ;)

@ Everybody Else - thanks <3

Solitaire @ 2/3/2010 05:12 commented on a BAB Christmas Special!

 still love this to bits

Solitaire @ 1/29/2010 00:57 commented on Tree of Swing

 pretty cute style, love the little swing

Solitaire @ 1/18/2010 16:26 commented on Plumbing

 love this. probably tedious as hell to make, eh? i tried something similar to this and it took an hour of my life away. :( still beautiful piece!

Solitaire @ 1/11/2010 22:16 commented on ?

 i love you

Solitaire @ 1/7/2010 06:09 commented on Big Bird

Solitaire @ 12/30/2009 03:46 commented on The Baddest Muthafucka

 youre never on msn 8butty

lov this btw