Chesheyre @ 11/12/2008 10:30 commented on Nintendo Totem
Thank you very much for the in-depth comment, but I wasn't really, honesty wasn't concerned about the light. 

Chesheyre @ 11/12/2008 10:28 commented on Ferret of Doom
Lol, thanks.  What the hell is this fifteen character long shit?  Haha.

Chesheyre @ 6/29/2007 18:56 commented on Nintendo Totem
Nah, Mario's overdone.  :P

Chesheyre @ 9/19/2006 05:38 commented on Universe Man
I saw that and immediately thought of the song.  <3 

Chesheyre @ 8/20/2005 16:43 commented on Nintendo Totem
 Thanks guys!  :D 

Yeah, I wanted to add many more Nintendo characters, but in the end opted for my favourites.  :D 

Chesheyre @ 8/14/2005 18:12 commented on Ferret of Doom
You're just jealous that it has a bigger knife than you. 


Chesheyre @ 8/10/2005 15:04 commented on Nintendo Totem
 What a fucktard.

Thanks guys :) 

Chesheyre @ 8/8/2005 17:01 commented on Nintendo Totem

HAH I forgot about Link.  Oh well, guess it's more Mario Bros. now. 

I guess I didn't include him 'cause I think of Mario when I think of Nintendo.. meeh.  Thanks though! :D 

Chesheyre @ 8/7/2005 20:55 commented on Nintendo Totem
Thank you guys so much!  :D 

Thanks for all the comments and +favs :D 


Chesheyre @ 7/1/2005 17:16 commented on Dizzy Nightclub
 Well the grey thing was the default thing at pixeldam, so I couldn't really mess with it.  I think they've since changed it. 

Chesheyre @ 6/30/2005 14:36 commented on Ferret of Doom
 *g* Thank you guys!  I like the nose too.  Hehe! 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 21:32 commented on Ferret of Doom
 Thank you guys!   :D 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 21:31 commented on Hamster of Doom
 *g* I edited it!  ^^

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 18:54 commented on Escher's dorm room
 I tried doing this myself..  It was a pain in the ass.  Good work--I knew what it was immediately.  ^^ 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 18:37 commented on Ferret of Doom
 Sorry Happip, I assumed you meant that it was good but not uhm, not worth five hours.  Like it didn't look like it needed five hours worth of effort.  Apologies, it's been a bad day. 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 17:28 commented on Ferret of Doom
 It's no one's place to tell me what program to use.  Damn. 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 17:22 commented on Ferret of Doom
That's a little rude, isn't it?  "Awesome, but not worth five hours."  Paint is fucking awesome.  You can do anything you want on it.  I've used graphicsgale and I hate it.  Jesus H. Christ.  All you Paint haters.  I LOVE paint.  I'lll never change. 

Ughghfhpffftttangry.  I don't mean to get defensive but Jesus. 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 15:07 commented on Hamster of Doom
 Well, I was kinda hopin' for it to be more caricature like than realistic, ya know?  So his head is okay bein' a little funky.  With the foot, I was just lazy.  Hehe.  I like it though, so eh. 

And yay!  Someone likes the brown stuff XP  Thank you! 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 00:25 commented on Pappy's Table
 It looks really nice--especially the wood grain.  Very very good, although have you thought about maybe putting a design on the tablecloth to spice it up a bit?  Great job still! :D 

Chesheyre @ 6/23/2005 00:23 commented on Hamster of Doom
 It's not brown 'stuff' it's part of the shadow/highlight. It's kinda just sort of my 'style,' if you will.  I like how it looks, even if it doesn't make much sense. 

Chesheyre @ 6/22/2005 23:23 commented on Hamster of Doom
 Thank you!  I decided to go with the middle man since it's a good balance.  (and that's a good idea, actually!  Thank yas!  :))

Chesheyre @ 6/22/2005 16:44 commented on Puss in Boots
 I love your icons.  That is so freaking cute.  Aiii!

Chesheyre @ 6/22/2005 16:41 commented on Ferret
 That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

Chesheyre @ 6/22/2005 16:29 commented on Joint Barbecue :)
 I really like this piece!  It's so tiny and cute and I adore the bench/couch type thing!  Good work!