BruceJuice @ 11/14/2010 08:57 commented on Trophies, Awards & Ribbons

I find it odd that these should come up when i search for poop. Thought this should be pointed out to someone.

BruceJuice @ 10/28/2010 01:35 commented on Banano

Is it just me or does that remind anyone else of a penis?

BruceJuice @ 8/17/2010 01:32 commented on Consider The Lilies

In regards to the title...I can't help but think about the part in The Life of Brian where Brian tries to tell a parable, starting off with the phrase, "Consider the lillies..." "What, what do lillies have to do with anything?"
Ahh...good stuff, good stuff

The pixel art is very nice too.

BruceJuice @ 2/12/2010 03:31 commented on Seinfeld

...i want a seinfeld video game now, make me one!

BruceJuice @ 2/4/2010 02:15 commented on Ra-ta-ta-tat

hmm...Call of Duty: Dead or Alive? I'd buy this

BruceJuice @ 1/23/2010 23:18 commented on Dino

i did think about something naughty, but i refrained from commenting about it...

BruceJuice @ 1/20/2010 00:41 commented on Big Bird

um, you want a cookie?

BruceJuice @ 1/20/2010 00:16 commented on Dino

*starts pixeling a royal flush*
best hand I can think of...

BruceJuice @ 8/12/2009 22:55 commented on Halo 3

It reminds me of the Blaster Master sprite of the hero character's face down view. 

BruceJuice @ 6/18/2009 20:18 commented on Leon Croft

ew, nooooooooooooooooooo


BruceJuice @ 6/17/2009 07:04 commented on Egads, lol!

tehe :D you made me lol    Website for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


BruceJuice @ 6/15/2009 21:11 commented on Baby Lifeguard icon

Websters says Egads is similar to saying "Oh God". Just make a scene where the caption "OH MY GOD" would be appropriate.

BruceJuice @ 6/6/2009 15:00 commented on From Russia With Fun - My Dedication To A Classic

Only issue i got is the fact that the 4th row never completed, yet it is full. That shouldn't still be there once more blocks start droppin.

BruceJuice @ 5/29/2009 13:47 commented on Suit Girl HD

The outline on the legs are kind of jaggy on the inside. Could use a bit better AA.

BruceJuice @ 5/22/2009 19:18 commented on Zombie avatar

You really should avoid pillowshading on your art.

BruceJuice @ 5/22/2009 19:17 commented on OC Ref Sheet of Luria Vel for Yaneci DeNovi

That white background makes it very difficult to see.

BruceJuice @ 5/17/2009 01:57 commented on King Gob

You'll want to make the background Transparent. It'll get accepted for sure once you do. Free website if you don't have the software to make it transparent.

BruceJuice @ 5/15/2009 06:03 commented on Queen of Cleavage... er Clubs

I love how almost all of your pieces include boobies....these don't bounce though :(

BruceJuice @ 4/25/2009 01:18 commented on Big Bird

clearing out 10 pages of favorite pixels is a daunting task

BruceJuice @ 4/25/2009 01:12 commented on XRAY

Indeed creepy. You sir, are quite the weird one.

BruceJuice @ 4/17/2009 02:17 commented on testing klsdjflajs

This was a very good read with excellent art. The story was quite captivating....I have a new web-comic to add to my comic feed. :D

Some positives: Each page can stand alone and not require a lengthy explanation. That's a great quality for a comic that plans to aquire new readers over time. As for writing and story-telling ability, it's great. I do like the subtle puns and jokes, some of them caught me off guard and gave me a few laughs.

Some negitives: The text gets hard to read, it just needs more contrasts. Just make it darker on that white background. I can't think of anything specific, but be sure to stay away from anything that might appear to be too chliche'.

BruceJuice @ 3/23/2009 16:13 commented on Tetris Mario

shoud've made the whole gang :P the 2x2 block could be toad

BruceJuice @ 3/23/2009 16:10 commented on Way Mashed Up

I think this one simply because it truly incorporated the "Mash-up" theme the best.  It combined everything and made it look like an actual functioning character.

BruceJuice @ 3/23/2009 16:08 commented on Bowsendorf

The purple outlining for the ambient lighting effect just doesn't look right. It looks more like it's on him, rather than reflecting off of him.

BruceJuice @ 3/19/2009 12:44 commented on Jesus

The game was much better than the art :P