B-Rokal @ 7/9/2017 11:36 commented on A Volcano Made of Cardboard

Pallette Edited, also there is more detail on the crater, i'm gonna edit again depending on what are the impressions on the rock texture 

B-Rokal @ 7/9/2017 10:07 commented on Rusty Sciuromorpha

Cool! I don't own a rift myself but I know someone who has one :)

B-Rokal @ 7/8/2017 21:32 commented on Rusty Sciuromorpha

I think is accurate to call the game an alpha, it currently has 2 levels out of 12, we are still figuring out what could we do to differentiate ourselves from other run and gun games (it is currently almost identical to Metal Slug).

We are trying to make an art style shift from "everything made out of metal" to something more cartoonish, this is probably the only boss that is going to be a robot

Anyway, you are right with the chest, maybe we can color it gold and turn another part of the body to a different color to compensate... and yes, you are actually EXTREMELY helpful with these (I mean, only 3 guys have commented on my work so far ) your analysis are objective and accurate, you do an excellent job man .

B-Rokal @ 7/8/2017 21:11 commented on A Volcano Made of Cardboard

Thank you :) your help is incredibly helpful, what do you think about the "non angular" rocks? do these look ok or should I try to make whole rocky stuff angular?

B-Rokal @ 7/8/2017 18:07 commented on Rusty Sciuromorpha


I just noted something in your analysis, what do you mean exactly with the necklace (actually is supossed to be the chest) being "busy"?

Thanks a lot :)

B-Rokal @ 7/7/2017 08:40 commented on Rusty Sciuromorpha

Thank you :)

Is a run n' gun, this is one of the bosses

B-Rokal @ 7/6/2017 19:10 commented on Just a Random Tank

Thank you a lot :D parallax was already implemented in the game, but that reference is going to be helpful :D

B-Rokal @ 7/6/2017 17:36 commented on Just a Random Tank

thanks you too :)

In game the tank is not supossed to turn, but can spawn from both sides, so i'll take that into account

Any other weakness on this piece? i really don't want to mess up with this project, i need to know 

B-Rokal @ 7/5/2017 21:18 commented on Just a Random Tank

Omg, that was fast :O

I'm glad you liked the tank (no, like... i'm actually REALLY happy for that )

Somewhat I sensed the art style difference between components where kind of "unaccurate"... but something like "scale consistency" would never have gone throught my mind, that's some advanced knowledge you are giving me and i'm very thankful for that :D

Btw, your pixel-art is fantastic O.o