funcravers @ 2/17/2009 11:58 commented on some weapon
Looks like a color reduction on everything except for the hand gun.
Work on your dithering more, this piece really shouldn't need much or any.

funcravers @ 2/11/2009 16:34 commented on Raven Blackheart - A simple fighting game sprite
If iots for a video game I really don't think color count matters much. (Unless the players have like 206mb of RAM :P)

funcravers @ 10/19/2008 17:24 commented on Zombies don't understand the concept of windows
give it a blue window tint, cause is looks liek a painting in a museum. nice zombeh though. :)

funcravers @ 10/15/2008 19:45 commented on Selfish
the hand looks like a badly drawn wart and frown. But nice job otherwise.

funcravers @ 9/21/2008 17:35 commented on Random guy with a gun and a knife made for butchering people that are going to die idle animation
When people are standing still they don't bounce up and down like that. At the most they very slowly ease up and down while breathing.
good sprite though.

funcravers @ 9/21/2008 10:25 commented on CRABS!!!
I don't see any signs that he encountered a fisherman. But nice crab anyways.

funcravers @ 9/3/2008 17:32 commented on Mr. Black
Yeah, the black outline would be faded away a bit. and who's chara?

funcravers @ 9/1/2008 21:30 commented on "MIB" Intro
So, gradient fills are not allowed here, as they are not considerred pixel art.

funcravers @ 8/26/2008 23:33 commented on Waiter's Assistant
Thats a scary ass bitch. :P
I had a waiter just like her at a thia restaurant the other night.

funcravers @ 8/21/2008 15:59 commented on height fear
Yeah, i didn't realize it was a top-down perspective till i zoomed a few times. I see though now. good job.

funcravers @ 8/15/2008 15:36 commented on .357 Revolver
looks super real! :D good job

funcravers @ 8/12/2008 23:03 commented on traderoutes
haha. lovely, Ships full of slaves and drugs. :P

very nice.

funcravers @ 8/12/2008 23:01 commented on Marilyn Manson - Pinball
yeah, the hand is fat and has tiny fingers, otherwise, this is bomb!

funcravers @ 7/25/2008 21:06 commented on dance80's
nice use of colors. :)
I really liek teh neon grungy style stuff.

funcravers @ 7/25/2008 21:03 commented on Hard to ride
haha. very nice. I don't think i could stay on for 8.0 seconds. :P

funcravers @ 7/10/2008 21:32 commented on Popping Ballons
yeah, i'm not great with animations. So i guess thsi was a bit of practice.

funcravers @ 7/9/2008 22:10 commented on Popping Ballons
yeah i am.
My real name is Wes Ivey

funcravers @ 7/9/2008 17:23 commented on Yubaba
it looks like the old lady from howls moving castle. lol. good job

funcravers @ 7/6/2008 12:54 commented on Trev Looks Back (now with background)
:o this is like... touching. lol.
I'm not sure how to describe it, but its great!

funcravers @ 7/4/2008 11:43 commented on Favela in Rio
you made it much better than the actual picture.
You gave it a warm, beautiful feeling. Great job...

funcravers @ 7/4/2008 11:41 commented on Smoil
looks like... idk what. It looks familiar though. :P
Very nice job.

funcravers @ 7/4/2008 11:39 commented on Pixel-Graphy: Chalky
very nice job. I'd so use this font.

funcravers @ 6/17/2008 19:40 commented on Big Bird
damn... Thats really gay.
I can't see anything because PJ pixel player doesn't work on my computer...

funcravers @ 6/16/2008 20:05 commented on Black Label
Enjoi is pretty cool, Idk if i could pixel it though. I'll go ahead and try it.

funcravers @ 6/15/2008 21:14 commented on Sunset Bird
uh, your dithering is crazy, try using a pattern. evenly spaced pixels work best.