jcr13 @ 12/4/2007 10:39 commented on Cow Bug Boy
I'm the guy who made Passage.

You folks especially seem to be getting a kick out of the "pixel art music," so I thought I'd chime in here.  I was using mtPaint (awesome, awesome app) for the graphics.  Then I was stuck with the problem of making the music.... I thought about deving a custom music editing app, but that seemed like a lot of work.  Instead, I just used mtPaint and interpreted each unbroken line of pixels as a note.  The tones for each line of the music are hard-coded in the game software.

It works great (except that if you are editing the tail end of the song, you need to listen to the whole song from the start in the game engine to preview how your changes sound).  Mapping from images to sounds works really well, and everything makes sense (red=right speaker, green=left speaker, so yellow=dead center, and blue you can use for comments, bar marks, or whatever annotations that you don't want to make sound with).

Actually, this kind of mapping isn't my original idea.  There's an awesome music composition tool from about 10 years ago called MetaSynth...  sort of an "inverse spectrogram" tool that lets you draw on a spectrogram and hear how it sounds...  What happens when your blur a spectrogram?  What happens when you apply a twist or pinch filter?  How does it sound?

Alas, MetaSynth is for Mac only:

Here's a link