joethered @ 12/9/2007 20:31 commented on Cow Bug Boy
Well, I guess this actually is really for every who doesn't understand everyone who loved this game.

Here's why I liked it so much:
In a nutshell, every (or at least most) element in this game supports the dramatic purpose of the piece.  This is something I have rarely seen in a game to begin with, but in this game, the actual gameplay supports the dramatic purpose of the piece as well, and I have almost never seen that happen in a game.  In the rare cases I have seen the gameplay support the dramatic purpose, the gameplay is usually too abstract and/or frustrating for me to connect with gameworld, or the dramatic purpose is so bland and cliche that the gameplay is really more of a gimmick rather than a artistic device.  I have long hoped to see a game just like this one.  That is why I was so amazed by this piece. 

So for me at least, my opinion was not influenced by any hype or the fact that it was a news article here.  I was bored, so I played it, and was surprised to find that it was something I had been wishing for in games.

As an additional side note, many of you probably have heard, Hideo Kojima once mentioned that he didn't think of video games as art but rather like museums that contained art in them.  I have come to agree with his point of view, because I have rarely seen a game in which all aspect of it's gameplay supported the dramatic purpose of the game.  Ironically, Metal Gear Solid 2 is probably the only mainstream game that I felt came closest to achieving this.

joethered @ 12/6/2007 10:49 commented on Harry Sullivan - Revisited
Very nice low key, noir look.  Though the pants seem a bit too flat compared to the rest of the body.

joethered @ 12/5/2007 22:53 commented on A Tree from the College I used to go to
Thank you very much.

A.B.- the tree this was based on was actually on the side of a hill, so that's why the ground looks that way.  I never really gave it much thought till now.  My eye always saw it as if you were viewing the tree from a higher angle, but now that you've mentioned something, I can see what your talking about.

joethered @ 12/5/2007 06:09 commented on Cow Bug Boy
That was the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time.

Hello, I'm Joe, I've been looking at this site for probably over a year now, but never joined because I've been to busy to take up pixel art again.  But I had to say something about this, so here I am.

I played  ...errr.. "played" through this 7 or 8 times because I was so impressed with it.  The first time through, I thought you could only move left or right.  So i went on my way as far as I could to the right.  Honestly, if that really was all that you could do with the game, I would still have been quite impressed.  I especially like how in the beginning you can see far off to the right as if to see the potential future, but it's all distorted because it hasn't happened yet.  Then as time goes on, the past also gets distorted, and you see less of the future.  It really gave me a sense that the end was coming, but you could look back at the long life you had.  i too felt sad when your soul mate dies first.  The first time through I thought the game was about how you must keep moving forward in life.

The next few times I played, I did it to see what would happen (if anything) if you didn't get your soul mate or just met her later in life.  It was at that point that I really stared to wonder what the counter was for.  I still didn't know that you could move up and down, so I thought the only way to make the counter to go up was by moving to the right.  I interpreted the counter to represent your accomplishments in life.  And because I didn't know you could walk around your soul mate, I died with only about 6 or 7 accomplishments, and I gotta say that it really struck a chord with me.

Then I found out you could move up and down and find treasure chests.  I interpreted them to mean that sometimes you risk not continuing on forward in life for the chance to find something big, but often times, you don't find anything.  And I especially loved how if you choose to take your soul mate with you, the places you can go are limited, but at least you have companionship.

And finally, I loved the extra touch of how you don't move as fast after your soul mate dies.  I felt as though I wasn't complete anymore.

Most "art" games that I have played have failed to invoke anything but frustration in me.  Their concepts tend to be too abstract for me to truly accept that they are utilizing the interactive medium to add artistic value.  This is the first piece that I have seen that I felt accomplished what it was meant to do.  It was an amazing experience.