Kryppers @ 4/1/2008 12:03 commented on Train Tileset
I love the texture on the metal. it's beautifully rendered, but the way the boxes overlap the railing on the end carriage bugs me  

Kryppers @ 1/19/2008 13:59 commented on yugi(revised)
I wonder if it'd look better if the right leg (his left) was pixelled straight down instead of shifted towards the bottom like you've done. it looks a bit odd as it is. otherwise it's a good piece,  a good level of detail in quite a compact sprite.

Kryppers @ 1/4/2008 13:01 commented on House

it's a good piece, it shows talent and a basic understanding of iso pixel arts, but I think there are a few things that should be tidied up.

the horizon on an iso piece isn't usually seen as you're required to look down on the scene in order to get that perspective. but seeing as that sun is looking very happy.. you may want to keep the sky regardless. in that case.. the horizon wouldn't be constrained to the 30% angle of iso pieces, and would look a lot better horizontal, just make sure it lines up, your horizon isn't quite matching up on both sides.

some of the curves, like on the balcony could do with a bit more practice to get them true. if you need some reference try using the 'skew' option in MS paint to see how circles behave in iso.

other than that, a bit more consistency with the black-lining and fill in the area of wall under the desk and you'd have my thumbs up .

Kryppers @ 1/1/2008 04:25 commented on bouncer
it'd look better if you widened the base so that the spring fits in, nice motion to it though.

Kryppers @ 12/23/2007 10:45 commented on Joseph Gribble

I;ve been saying this for years

could have chosen a better colour for the text and background.. my eyes went a bit funny after reading that.

Kryppers @ 12/19/2007 11:45 commented on Crown of Despair (full version)
you know, it's never occurred to me to put different delays on the frames.  I'll keep that in mind for any new animations though, good call.

Kryppers @ 12/17/2007 01:16 commented on imagination O_o

hehe, I like it.. the box has subtle shadingyou don't notice when you first look at it..

although, you should darken the path as it gets further away.. like you've gone with the surrounding ground, it looks out of place otherwise.

Kryppers @ 12/13/2007 10:39 commented on Haunted.

It's not photoshopped, The method I use for these pieces starts off with loading the original picture into GIMP, I then make a transparent layer and use a single pixel pencil tool to trace over the original and make a black and white (transparent) version, just as you would had you traced a hand drawn picture.

That version is then pasted into MS paint, where I create my pallete (usually about 5 colours per transition) and start smoothing down the lines. All pixels are hand placed. All colours are chosen by myself. I've referenced the original art.

Kryppers @ 12/8/2007 12:08 commented on Bashful Girl

That's a great piece, the colours fit the idea wonderfully.. there're a few things I'd fix though:

The leg stretching back seems a bit out of shape, I get the impression the leg would be more hidden. Also to fit the presentation style.. I'd make the shadow of the pencil the same length of the pencil (shorten the pencil a bit if you don't want the piece any bigger) and give the paper a shadow too. maybe replace the blacklining and shadow colour with the darkest colour you've got there..  the blacklined curve where the paper curls looks like it needs fixing too.