zeroex @ 7/18/2020 12:26 commented on Drank a little too much...

Very nice use of colors. Its really hard to believe its just 3 colors, amazing...

Loved the animation too.

zeroex @ 5/19/2015 09:24 commented on blistering cockneys such as urself can not sate my huner bondoc

loved the animation

zeroex @ 3/11/2013 11:04 commented on Strider Hiryu

 Stop with these awesome animations!!

No! Jk... Don't stop!

zeroex @ 2/23/2013 08:03 commented on Some more from Aliens: Infestation

This stone comes to my mind when I see this jungle


Amazing work. It reminds me of Flashback, too!

zeroex @ 2/18/2013 17:10 commented on Little Beagle

Thanks, man!

I noticed that bad movement when I finished it haha

But I was so late (started drawing at 11pm of saturday) that I really didn't have time to fix everything. Maybe I'll fix his legs even in the stand position. But now I only have to sleep haha

zeroex @ 2/18/2013 17:04 commented on My Dog, "Whip"

It's really a shame you couldn't finish it earlier. Its so smooth... I lost my words haha

zeroex @ 2/18/2013 04:05 commented on Ooooh... YEAH!!!

 For me, this is the best entry to this challenge! haha

Awesome, dude. I really like the preview, and the the animation is amazing :]

zeroex @ 12/26/2012 10:36 commented on Monument to a Broken Sword

incredibly awesome.

Nice colors! Fav

And why didn't you make the dragon? It was so nice! haha

zeroex @ 10/23/2012 09:26 commented on A Daring Treasure-Hunter's Expedition!

Amazing work. But I agree with Muiriled about the flames.

And the bats, I don't think it's necessary to have 2 colors if they are not enemies. But if they are, maybe you should use more colors to them.

BTW... Awesome work!

zeroex @ 10/23/2012 09:12 commented on the crying warrior

 Great colors and animation! :)

zeroex @ 12/1/2009 04:42 commented on Mansionvania: Vacuum of Sorrow

I'd like Castlevania's games if they were like this haha

zeroex @ 11/26/2009 11:07 commented on Megaman Tribute

Nothing more than AWESOME!

zeroex @ 11/12/2009 14:34 commented on [Animation]How to make her turn

Too awesome! Incredible animation and colors... as always.

zeroex @ 6/14/2009 04:05 commented on PES_pixel

Oh man, very nice... but the portsmouth's player, it wouldn't Campbell? =P

BTW... very interesting peace...  I'd like to see the wip too

zeroex @ 6/9/2009 06:31 commented on MMX9 Concept mockup

Fantastic, man! I just think that the sprites could be a little bit better (but they're really nice), except for this, the scenery, enemies, even the lifebar... perfect!

This goes to my favorites without a doubt

oh, sorry for my bad english :P

zeroex @ 3/30/2009 06:55 commented on Guts Man

"IT'S GUTSMAN!" Tadaaaan! haha

Well, I like the style and the colors are very good...

good job man!

zeroex @ 3/12/2009 16:03 commented on Casshern (Movie)

Oh, about the double sized, I got lazy to re-save the image without it haha

And about the face:

Sorry, I forgot it. I'll add it to the details

zeroex @ 1/4/2009 07:29 commented on alan
Animação muito boa, você só esqueceu de colocar a dele se equilibrando =P
Curti o jogo também, é bom pra passar o tempo, haha
Pena que só encontrei 1 Easter Egg D=

zeroex @ 11/17/2008 17:20 commented on Doll3
Perfect AA and dithering
Great Job but... where is the other arm? XD

zeroex @ 9/13/2008 19:25 commented on Trioculi
The most awesome piece I see in a while! [3]

zeroex @ 8/21/2008 17:35 commented on Bite my shiny metal ass
Oh man! Awesome work, I love the colors!

zeroex @ 7/30/2008 07:34 commented on Springfield Boys
Muito bom cara, curtiu mesmo fazer esses sprites pequenos XD

zeroex @ 7/30/2008 07:13 commented on Chaves!
Chespirito is one of my favorite programs, he's really the best comedian of the television!

zeroex @ 1/4/2008 03:59 commented on Run Run RUN!
Como já disseram aqui e eu também já o disse, a animação ficou muito boa, tá fluindo muito bem... tu capricho nissae \o/
Aha, nem precisa agradecer, eu não fiz nada a não ser dar uns toques na luz =P
Parabéns o/

zeroex @ 12/18/2007 09:53 commented on self-portrait
thanks a lot bro ^^