Zanaril @ 5/21/2011 03:26 commented on Dan

What the hell, facebook?

Screw that.

Zanaril @ 5/13/2011 14:50 commented on Crypt Ghoul

My brain keeps trying to tell me these are photoshopped. :P

Zanaril @ 3/30/2010 12:51 commented on Wurmbot

Cute. ^_^

I cant help but think this would look better if there was a slight 'ripple' effect as it went down. The animation of the top few segments doesn't quite match the bottom.

Zanaril @ 3/13/2010 08:57 commented on Dungeon

The main issue I can see is that it's not obvious that the walls meet in the corner. I thought the block in the centre was separate until I saw the mouse hole.

I love how clean this looks. Maybe a few colours could do with more contrast, but otherwise it's great.

Zanaril @ 11/23/2009 10:25 commented on Shower Octopus

Awesome, but now you'll have that thing watching you whenever you take a shower. :P

Zanaril @ 11/19/2009 09:01 commented on imp

@Yair: Probably. I assume they have futuristic scent-exuding computers where you hail from? Can I send stink bombs by e-mail?


@Lemming: I like the design, but there's a few places that could be sharpened up. The right eye isn't very round, and would benefit from a little bit of AA on the outside. The dithering is a bit flat, maybe try removing some of the dithering on the right side?

Zanaril @ 10/3/2009 07:22 commented on Flying lesson for destined to crawl

Ehm... Frogs don't crawl... they leap or hop... so if it was destined to crawl, then it would be a snake or something..

No, but toads do crawl.


I love the detail on the flowers, especially at the bottom of her skirt.

Zanaril @ 9/4/2009 08:01 commented on Zombie Snail

I think the shell looks a bit odd the way it wobbles. It might look better if it moved an one solid shape.

However, I love the shading and the colours.

Zanaril @ 7/10/2009 02:46 commented on Walliam the Walrus - Ambassador from Walarus

Huh, if you squint it looks kinda like someone stuck tusks on a pha- oh.

The face is cute, but I think you really need to work on the shading and the shape of the body. At the moment the shading looks like it's just been put on without looking at the shape of what you're shading. Also try using different dithering patterns to smooth out those bands of colour and give it some texture.

Zanaril @ 6/30/2009 08:28 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)

Amazing, especially with the colour restriction.

Just a thought: it might look good with animation, with it scrolling across, since at the moment it's not very noticable how both sides join up.

Zanaril @ 5/24/2009 00:56 commented on Dark Knight

I think the animation would look better sped up a bit. Otherwise, it's great.

Zanaril @ 4/19/2009 16:02 commented on Delicious chocolate

Now I have drool on my keyboard, but it's ok!

Zanaril @ 3/30/2009 13:30 commented on Ship

Er... have a closer look? The background certainly looks like it's pixelled to me.

Zanaril @ 3/30/2009 09:59 commented on generic hero

I agree with Adarias, the sword would look better if it was over the opposite shoulder. I love the face.

Zanaril @ 3/29/2009 06:12 commented on wildness revmap

Looks great. Only thing I think looks a bit off is where the trees meet the ground, the shadow doesn't match the rest of the tree and it makes it look as though the trees aren't attached to the ground.

Zanaril @ 11/22/2008 14:26 commented on Weekly Challenge
Yep. I might try to make it more interesting though, maybe if he was flipping a coin or something?

Zanaril @ 6/30/2008 14:22 commented on Isometric Book

Wow, nice.

It would look brilliant if it were animated with a page turning though.