The B.O.B. @ 3/9/2017 17:00 commented on Tekken 5: 2d collectors edition

Ha! Sorry about that man, heh...

The B.O.B. @ 3/8/2017 03:55 commented on Ninja animation test!

  The constant sliding foot(his right) simply isn't working, in my opinion. It makes the sprite seem more jittery than it needs to be. I understand this style may have been the original intention with the sliding foot, but it seems impractical in reality, as a person's fighting stance tends to rely on steadiness and balance.

  In other words, it's the baseline and starting point of movement for a particular style. If a person's foot is constantly sliding during his basic stance and he's caught sliding when an opponent attacks quickly or by surprise, it makes it difficult for that person to evade with such an wreckless stance.

The B.O.B. @ 11/10/2016 03:51 commented on Big Bird

@Zizka: no, I don't believe this site nor pixelation 'require' any type of donation. However, any help towards the pixel community is appreciated.

The B.O.B. @ 11/10/2016 03:48 commented on Big Bug's Jump

No problem at all.

  As far as the piece goes, I like the motion blur, but it looks as though you used a rotation tool of some sort for the main body when it's going up and down, as there are random pixels in different places. Though it can be monotonous, sometimes clean-up after using any sort of auto-rotation/tool can help polish the piece to look much smoother and better.

The B.O.B. @ 11/9/2016 13:14 commented on Big Bird

@Larwick: Oh man, that sucks. :(...He was one of the original members here. Sorry to hear he's gone and I wish those close to him well. My condolences...

The B.O.B. @ 11/9/2016 13:10 commented on Big Bird

@Cure: I hear you. I didn't like either candidate, as both don't represent most of my interests. DNC and RNC(or GOP, whatever silly acronym people want to go with these days) are both a blatant problem in my eyes and create uneeded schisms that benefit a select few in the end. This may seem counterproductive, but I have a feeling the best way to combat this in the end is to not vote at all, as contraversial as that sounds. It seems drastic, but in my opinion, the message it sends is powerful enough.

  To put it bluntly, the popular vote is all for show. The electoral collegiates are the one who voted in dum-dum in the end. It was preset by allegiances/pledges to certain parties prior(though they aren't always obligatory). The popular vote largely doesn't affect presidencies and vice-presidency positions. Other positions on the ticket, maybe, but not what most people are led to think. At most, the popular vote mainly serves as a statistic for the two parties to gauge where they need to rally for more support the next elections in the coming years.

  That is why I feel voting in a presidency is worthless to people. It's statistical/real-time data gathering for us. If anyone argues otherwise, than ask yourself why there are 'swing-states' and why candidates tend to throw rallies there, rather than other states that historically vote a particular way? Ask yourself why the goal is to hit '270' votes, rather than meet voter registration max/quanties? For as much power as electoral college members have, ask yourself if you've ever known one name of the electoral college who made that vote for you in your state, without looking it up on the internet. Just one....chances are you don't know(maybe you or some do, but I think it can be argued the average American has no clue). This is the problem and voting red or blue, dnc or rnc; it simply serves different means to the same ends.

The B.O.B. @ 11/9/2016 11:37 commented on Big Bird

Being a U.S. citizen, this all kinda' sucks right now. I didn't think people would be this crazy to do it, but they did. Oh well, hopefully it'll be a quick 4 years, before the guy is evicted from the whitehouse. The positive of this, in my opinion, is this finally shines a light on the frailty of two party politics and how both can eventually lead us to a terrible position. I just wish people would stop thinking in the red vs blue mentality, or the other candidate is way worse than ours, so I'll stick with the lesser of two evils(in their mind, that is). My suggestion is how about you don't vote for either 'evil'?

  Either way, what's done is done. I'm just one guy, man. I'll just keep focusing on making pixel art animations, try to remain positive in life, and repeat the mantra of a classic line from from a classic cartoon: "But did you notice something, Charlie Brown? The world didn't come to an end."

The B.O.B. @ 11/9/2016 11:26 commented on Rocks

Looks great. Hope to see the finished piece someday.

The B.O.B. @ 11/9/2016 11:25 commented on Big Bug's Jump

I think you put the preview file in the detail file as well when you submitted this, by mistake...

The B.O.B. @ 6/2/2016 20:35 commented on The Cap socks Hitler!

*drops to knees*

No! It can't be! It isn't true!!!

The B.O.B. @ 12/3/2015 20:04 commented on KICK! the heck are his arms bending that way when he leans to the ground?

The B.O.B. @ 10/22/2015 14:14 commented on Egomonkey - Run

Back view run seems to bounce less than the other angles/animations.

The B.O.B. @ 10/18/2015 21:54 commented on A History of Violence

I was thinking more of a confederate flag as a rag or bandanna hanging out his/your pocket or something. However, this is subtle enough to work just as well.

The B.O.B. @ 10/15/2015 11:22 commented on A History of Violence

I'm curious, was this re-done in response to the whole confederate flag fiasco? I like the background here, but artistically speaking, I feel the original had a bit more to add to the conversation artistically speaking.

  Otherwise, technique and pixeling is as good, if not better, than ever. Love seeing your stuff  as always, Logan.

The B.O.B. @ 9/15/2015 06:50 commented on Pretty in Pink

Pretty neat. Kinda' wish when I pressed 'up' or 'down' arrow key, that there would be an up or down walking animation associated with it, instead of reusing the existing left/right walking cycles. Of course, if time was a factor, than I understand.

The B.O.B. @ 9/14/2015 11:45 commented on Fly accelerator :)

I feel like the vg-chip sound effects are a bit over the top and distracting for a show.  I understand it's meant to be told through a game and all, but it's too overbearing for me to keep watching. I do love the animation and art, though.

The B.O.B. @ 9/3/2015 22:43 commented on "Dad!" Charles Barkley cried out in the midst of the night, prematurely awaking from his bed drenche

Ooh! Flash kick, Charlie style. Nice...

The B.O.B. @ 8/25/2015 21:58 commented on one day

I'm no longer an admin, so I couldn't tell you. In my personal opinion, though, I think it's ok to resize anything of yours from your original version if it doesn't add additional colors or anything, as long as you clean it up a bit thereafter. The name of the game with pixel-art is control. If you're using tools to make things easier to perform a job function, that's fine, just don't let it take over whatever control you have or COULD have over a piece.

But for technicalities, I'd confirm it with a current admin to make certain.

The B.O.B. @ 8/24/2015 09:48 commented on one day

This was a comment made several years ago when I was an admin. This piece's preview was resized by whatever program they were using, which caused some strange artifacts(not sure if he/she saved as a different file type or what), but there were extra colors in it and evidence of loss of control. Obviously he/she has changed it since then, so it's hard to tell what I was actually commenting over at the time.

The B.O.B. @ 7/28/2015 09:55 commented on PJ Logo fun

@Tomic: "damn, i had the same idea when pj v3 was announced :/"

No need to stop on my account. By all means, have at it! : )

As for the critique, I updated the diagonal line in the 'N' and made it fatter and less jaggy. Hopefully that helped it.

The B.O.B. @ 6/3/2015 20:30 commented on Pigeon That Flew Down Into Subway Going To Need All His Wits To Get Out Of This One

I think it's moreso based on Akuma/Gouki's special move from SFIII, "Kongou Kokuretsuzan"

The B.O.B. @ 5/25/2015 09:20 commented on baseblall legend!

I think that's because the actual article on the site it links to is called, " Budgeting the Art Costs of an RPG Part1/2", whereas the poster here at left out the word 'art' from the headline. ie, they didn't mean it as cost in money, but a figurative cost in art style from begininning and end to the game project.

The B.O.B. @ 12/16/2014 01:43 commented on The Pixelz of Oz

@BathMaster_2000: Way too many.(the program Pro Motion counts 75)

The B.O.B. @ 7/9/2014 15:02 commented on Moai

Kinda' neat. Would benefit from some interactive flash fused with it, that way the web page isn't changing every click, and makes the transition to each frame/panel much more smoother.

The B.O.B. @ 1/7/2014 14:46 commented on No Holds Barred

Logged in just to fav' this. Love it.