ROM @ 8/16/2018 04:28 commented on city

A ce tarif-là, est-ce que grand mère sait faire un bon café ?

ROM @ 8/15/2018 06:02 commented on city


ROM @ 8/13/2018 12:55 commented on city


Un paradigme autoproclamé pour le pixel art, ..., que nenni !

Eternel débat qui avec le temps devient encore plus abscons qu'il ne l'était aux vues des solutions pléthoriques qu'offrent les derniers algorithmes à la mode rendant certe les oeuvres proprettes respectant les "règles" mais qui dénaturent au passage l'authenticité, la patte de l'artiste, sans parler des problèmes de sincérité et d'uniformisation ad nauseam qui en découlent.

De plus le divorce n'a jamais été prononcé entre la subjectivité et la science, même moderne, ce n'est certainement pas l'art qui va déroger à ce constat philosophique implacable.

ROM @ 8/12/2018 16:44 commented on city

... "cleaning up", ... "the jaggies and stray pixels", ... "you should finish your work", ..., mais on s'en tamponne le coquillard, c'est parfait en l'état, au moins on ressent l'authenticité du pixel art transpirer, sans tricherie, ce qui est loin d'être légion en ces lieux.

Bravo à son auteur qui doit assumer son art sans ce dictat consanguin ne reflétant finalement qu'une simple subjectivité parmis tant d'autres.

ROM @ 7/6/2018 01:13 commented on Burning Sword

Yes, beautiful pixelated effect ...

ROM @ 6/6/2018 03:20 commented on Big Bird

And now, the mutation is already well underway, here is the era Pixel Effect Joint 2.0, a page turns.

ROM @ 3/16/2018 17:08 commented on Raccoon City - Pixel Dailies

This scene would be perfect in an animated version, flashing lights, flies, fog in the distance etc ... in any case, well done, the atmosphere is well transcribed.

ROM @ 3/15/2018 06:42 commented on Big Bird

"It's possible to guess accurately, but the range of ways you could get to a given result is enormous"

All roads lead to Rom"e" ^^

Interesting comment Neota, thank you all for your answers.

ROM @ 3/14/2018 14:36 commented on Vader

Thank you for the answer.

ROM @ 3/12/2018 18:26 commented on Big Bird


No, definitely I will not be able to make me understand it's certain :(
I will not insist it does not matter, I understand your explanations, but it is not reciprocal and we finally fall into a deaf language.
Of course I did not apply myself to drawing over the last stage, but I did this editing in 20 minutes to demonstrate my thesis.
many think like me but do not dare say it in public, and seeing the reaction of some I understand them.

I will not bother you any longer, sorry if I made you waste time, know that I will not keep resentment on my side.


I never said that it was not done by hand, my god I feel lonely ...
I'm talking about help ... process steps ... as in phase drawing over a layer, it's an example among others ... fiuuuuu, hard drive.

Even children know this technique, sic ...

ROM @ 3/12/2018 17:34 commented on Big Bird

So in the end not enough to whip a cat, but, and I repeat myself, it is just damaging to have no element of transparency in the process.
I do not target this artist specifically, he looks talented and friendly, but to listen to you, no one uses these tools ... since no one notifies them ...
and I am Prince Charles!

Basically I asked a question and Theoden answered me perfectly.
In conclusion, and to make an analogism, what will differentiate in the near future PixelJoint DeviantArt will be limited only to the calibration of the image on one side to meet the technical restriction requested.
Image processing is day after day more and more successful.
It is an observation, point, deny equals to ostrich.
But it's cute anyway ostriches;)

ROM @ 3/12/2018 17:33 commented on Big Bird

The example of my Darth Vader did not convince Hapiel so unfortunately I will have to be even more explicit by showing the process stages of this work "which in passing is very successful, well done to its author".
* Attention, it must be taken into consideration that all scripts, algorithms, fitres etc ... are parametrizable to infinity so obviously that the result will remain as different as it involves fingerprints in the population.


ROM @ 3/12/2018 17:33 commented on Big Bird

... and forgive my grumpy side, I'm french haha.

To return to the subject, I noted the lack of transparency as a whole on the totality of the works posted.
It is not dramatic I can see it but I find it damageable all the same.
I'm not talking about fraudulent rip, but rather as Theoden points out, use in the process whether it's at the beginning, in progress or at the stage of finalization, algorithms, softwares, filters, scripts, shaders, clustering, ref, illustrations " even personal "etc ...

Then there is only the result that counts, but for the rest, it is impossible to differentiate an old-fashioned work pixel by pixel of a work mixing processes.
And as emphasized by some, we can only trust the good faith of the author so ...
impossible to categorize works pixel by pixel in the PixelJoint image bank.
It's an observation after this is not so serious, I just wanted to have confirmation of my thesis.
My goal is not to focus on tensions.

ROM @ 3/12/2018 15:25 commented on Big Bird

Houlala, I do not think many people understand my words except for Theoden and MrHai.
Your grandiloquent tone is ridiculous, who is talking about witch hunt?
This subject is as I thought, taboo, very well I take note, my goal was not to look for problems but rather to find answers.
Obviously not happy to have no humor, Mr. Hapiel is quite limited in his answers.
You want to have evidence, very well, I will provide tonight, but it will be evidence that demonstrates a process of mixed processes in the creation of the work.
I do not mean "cheating" or "fraud", because often as Theoden pointed out, at most it's a help, the artist finishing the work of his own talent.

ROM @ 3/12/2018 05:23 commented on Big Bird

I'll answer you tonight, I'm going to work, but I want to answer you because comrade, you raise a misunderstanding in my remarks and I want to explain concretely with examples to clarify the subject.
Thank you for your attentio

Theoden understood very well the substance of my thought.

ROM @ 3/12/2018 04:42 commented on Big Bird

Aaaaah, thank you, a clear, technical, realistic, concise and impartial answer !

ROM @ 3/12/2018 03:22 commented on Firsstlaszt Passage

WTF, but what an outrageous talent !

Perfect !!!

ROM @ 3/12/2018 03:06 commented on Artorias, The wolf knight

, c'est magnifique camarade !

C'est du vin de Bordeaux les giclées non ? ^^

ROM @ 3/12/2018 02:56 commented on Kingshypp Szpite

Forever Mona Lisa, impossible to put a note, timeless, the ultimate masterpiece that's all.

ROM @ 3/12/2018 02:09 commented on Forest Environment (ZX Spectrum)

ROM @ 3/11/2018 16:35 commented on Vader

Hello, first I must say that I find your work very classy 4/5, this Darth Vader imposes, but, yes there is a but ... please, can you indicate whether or not you used for this piece these different types of tools or processes?
-This sample image:
-delaunay triangulation algorithm kind DMesh or the same type
-effect of reflections

Thank you, see no attack please, I am not against the use of these tools.


ROM @ 3/11/2018 15:19 commented on Big Bird

Thank you MrHai to be conciliatory, for starters there can be misunderstandings because I use Google trad, sorry.
After it is certain that my explanatory method is very clumsy, which can be interpreted as an accusation, I apologize right away.
On the other hand, my straight talk forces me to look under the carpet at certain practices which, in my opinion, demotivate artists who want to create a piece of pixel art all by hand from A to Z.

As already explained I do not condemn the use of these aids but I think it is important to indicate the use or not of these software, scripts, algorithms etc ...
yet to listen to you, no one to the great god uses these tools, which makes me tick all the more because there is an exponential increase in supply on the market which totally contradicts your hypothesis.

Hiding behind his little finger, never for my part, so the words of Hapiel call me and are candid on the subject I think.
Talk to me about the old methods "pallet reduction, downscaling, etc ..." has nothing to do with my comments.

Peace and love, I do not want to fight with anyone, just find explanations and the reaction of some like the non-answers make me say that the fight is already lost for the authenticity of pixel art, modernism helping of course, you have to live with your time.

Never does anyone use these tools ...
... I'll answer with a quote from Napoleon III, "never say never".

"For example the first Darth Vader you showed is very different from the source image, thus obviously done by hand. "
Hapiel you owe me a beer hehe, ^^

In addition I found the triangulation algorithm that is combined.

ROM @ 3/11/2018 08:03 commented on Big Bird

So if I understand correctly, if we draw by hand or CAD, then we can use an algorithm to pixelize his illustration?

ROM @ 3/11/2018 06:22 commented on Big Bird

The relation is however simple, like many works posted on PixelJoint, they can technically have been just pixelated automatically, either from a source photo, illustration etc ...

For example, the Darth Vader:

In practice, I used this sample photo:

and here is the result with a 98% automation in 5min chrono: "vectorization + pix"

Sorry but it's a reality, even a WIP could not prove the opposite.
After an informed eye can sort but it remains subjective so ultimately impossible to implement.

ROM @ 3/10/2018 15:59 commented on Big Bird

Thank you MrHai, I know it is a sensitive subject but it is legitimate to ask the question.

After I'm not against the use of these tools "Pixelmash, PixaTool, Pix, c64 Yourself, MSX Viewer 5 etc ..." not to mention the Photoshop scripts, Bresenham algorithm, dithering Bayer matrix ... but it's ostrich if you only had to rely on the good faith of the author.