m00 @ 2/15/2008 09:16 commented on Ash pj Avatar
En effet :) Absolutely. At least that's what I though...But it's no more a discussable matter now. Unfortunately. And no, I didn't take the pictutres off *shrugs* thank you for support^^

m00 @ 12/31/2007 04:40 commented on Polar Animals
Oh noooes this is far to cute! Just aww.Great work with proportions! The penguin scares me though...ah, the linux syndrom %)

m00 @ 12/31/2007 04:35 commented on Lisa
Besides the matter of resemblance with the reference, there's some awesome dithering work and nice colors+composition! Eyes look great, very expressive, and I'm much of a fan of this hair too. And the pixel piece does match the model's cuteness^^

m00 @ 12/31/2007 04:32 commented on Father Frost & Santa Claus

Здорово! Awesome=)

Love the cuteness ans style of it, and such a nice shading too. And yay for russian traditions!

m00 @ 12/31/2007 04:09 commented on Ash Sprite

Khris, well do believe it please. There's nothing unimaginable in working with many colors, when you're used to do so.Like there's nothing unbelievable in working with some intricate dithering, it's just not the same. I guess I could do some sort of "tutoraial" rfor my shading technique, though I have already posted a step-by-step walkthrough for the fist piece I have submited, in one of my comments on it, and it seemed to help a little.

Jalonso, I guess this is just a dead end and no good will get of it for anyone. But before you go for clearing the galery of  "crap" be sure to state all the rules, that you keep in mind to dinsinguish what suits PJ and what doesn't in the sublission rules section, it may help all the users and the community in many ways. And moreovre, it's simply user-friendly.

eckered, it is pixel art I am afraied, but the technique used on this pictures is not the point of it all, I am afraied.

greenraven, thank you for the piece of advice and understanding=)

m00 @ 12/30/2007 16:23 commented on Ash Sprite
@greenraven, but ...everything I do can be done in MS paint. I sometimes work with it, when I'm not on my laptop and t's all fine - it takes a little longer, but still fine >.> I don't have a clue. It's not as If I used tools, layer tricks, whatever... I just pick random palettes that grow wide beause I like it whet it's smooth... somtimes less  sometimes more and what I would like to see is where's the limit?=( May be a hundred - hundred and a half colors should be fine??

m00 @ 12/30/2007 16:12 commented on Ash Sprite

greenraven, you're right indeed!  What I did not understad is how to choose what should be posted here and what shouldn't, if it all seems to fit the rules and people say it doesn't,  - while the rules state no exra restrctions? So I'm lost, I do not understad how it works, and I try to discus and to argue... It's great to get constructive critique, but I don't fell like I deserved the offence that I got with it really.

leel, sarcastic yes I was, obviously - for I felt that I have got some pretty harsh feed-back and m reaction was appropriate. I fel like no one would listen if I went on nicely. Sorry if it wasn't, you can't always measure well. Yet it wasn't baseless nor reasonless! And censorship is a sort of an ugly way to answer a discussion that has gone bad but was totally correct after all. But well.

m00 @ 12/30/2007 16:06 commented on Ash Sprite
Jalonso, all right. Now if you have really something deep against myself personally, should we probaly discuss it elsewhere and in a calmer way? Obvisouly I don't have the same rights as you (not in terms of the administration, but simply as members part of the community) and I should have kept silent. Yo make the rules we obey. But I have done nothing but ask what are the rules I should obey. I have asked for constructiveness and dialogue, communication. This really deserves pure and simple censorship? Because I try to discuss the images I post?

m00 @ 12/30/2007 15:50 commented on Ash Sprite

Vertigo-Zero, why, well, thank you=)

leel, I am guitly of liking button-noses! *weeps* I an't help it=( But I noticed that people in general either love i to pieces or hate it completely. But you're right about the's too visible. I have noticed it but was fa too lazy to modify the base. Thanx for critiqe!

greenraven, thanx!

jalonso, well, let me explain myself then, an artist can judge that her(his) own work isn't quite good enough for some reasons and therefore put it textually as crap, ay. Is it offending anyone? I don' t hink that the pj community will take it badly, I am indeed sorry if I am mistaken. On the other hand I personally do feel offended by the way I am treated and, ay, it isn't quite fairplay, is it? I have done but explained my reasons for submiting this piece in particular in very simple and straight-forward terms. ShouldI have been more hypocrite - woul hypocraty be profitable for the community? But, ay, of course it will be revised indeed.

m00 @ 12/30/2007 15:21 commented on ClockWise

@Jalonso, hmm may be I shold give you a list of pictures I would like to work on and then you tell me the number of colors I am allowed to use? Or may be even give me the palettes? r - oh, even better! - do the pictures instead of me. Yeah, that would b the right thing to do of course, a  picture deserves apprciation only if it has the right color count according to you. *bows*

I totally respect your work and many pixel art techniques of shading used by people. Therefore I would demand a tiny little bunch of respect for what I do. A tiiiiny one.

m00 @ 12/30/2007 15:09 commented on Ash Bust - New Design

@Jalonso. Lazy? Me? For sure. If you cosider how much time this AA takes you wouldn't dare caling me lazy, sweeties. Otherwise, if you feel like doing an image using a 30-40 color palette - GO for it! Why teling me to? I feel different. And as long as you put RULES into this gallery, please feel free to respect them too, huh? Because I have seen no statement saying: "we don't want art with 40colors+" I saw 256 is fine.

 @leel, I se, but what is wrong about piel art lookin like CG if it IS pixel art? I found it pretty challenging! And not that easy btw. It's just another technique, like dithering, or bubble-shading or cell-shading or whatso-ever. It's different. And though it's not what pixel art was supposed to be made for you CAN do it with pixel art, and that's the fun of it, and it doesn't cotradict he seence of pixel art as long as you kep it reasonable. Which I'd humbly reckon, I although do.

m00 @ 12/30/2007 15:00 commented on m00!

@ Jalonso. Right. Let's go for it!

"This image cropped as it it CAN be made using under 30 colors with NO (zero) visual difference at all whatsoever." I see the difference.  I see the freaking difference. that is why I made it look like this - not because I'm some anti-pixel art freak. And that is not the point. Why should you decide how many colors I use for my image? wth? Hybrids?  Because I have done every little bit of this AA making my hand hurt and no one is gonna tell me that it's not pixel art. Limited palettes, yes! Well they are limited to a ccertain numbe of colors taht you judge exessiv. So what?  ***Maaaaaay be it's just your personnal and humble opinion not to be taken for the univesal true? Who decided how many colors I am allowed to use? You do? Okay. Then state a constant and valid limit to consider for all the images. And I will respct this. The PJ rules do require a PNG8, and 0-256 colors, okay. But that's it!

@grave, I am sorry to interrupt your discussion, but your judgement is simply rude. If you mind reading the commets previsouly made on the picture you would see me stting that the colors were each manually chosen and placed. Means no filters/tools/etc. Thank you.

@Vertigo-Zero, it' perfectly fine to have a color limit, I do admit. Yet I would aks of it to be expressed explicitely and respected. If the limit IS 256, let me  post a 200-colors pieces. Or change the limit.

m00 @ 12/27/2007 04:19 commented on wonderfully wobbleness~
Wonderfully cute, stylized and soothly animated! Congrats on the award btw.

m00 @ 12/26/2007 15:57 commented on m00!

What is wrong with your reading of my comments? Did I asked for acceptance of the PNG24 format - NO. I stated I was surprised by the standarts and taht I will now have them on my mind. Going further on, this is just becoming offinsive, ay so it is.

Thus, I have spent time and effort to make a pixel art piece,  and I did submit a diferent version of this picture fitting the requirements. NOW what is wrong?

m00 @ 12/26/2007 15:48 commented on PixelDragon
Nicely done! My favourite part is the head(c), looks really good. The tail is sort of less natural... oups. Well, I could only speak of the light source: it's clearly upwards for the hed and when you look st the body the highlight isn't placed on the very upper part... the dithering looks great to me. Hope it helps! Palettes are very nice-looking. That's a neat one=)

m00 @ 12/26/2007 15:19 commented on m00!

@jalonso, really? well, this is the first time I hear such a strict definition of pixel art. Really. I'm not saying it's wrong though - yet it's just a total surprise for me. Demoscene doesn't tell me anything either, sorry, I'm no proffessionnal in pixelling. I should google it sometime, but for the moment I'd ask you to accept this piece as pixel art, because I can't and will not modify it to throw the half of the colors away because it is pointless - this picture wans't made for it. SO thank you for observation and suggestions and such, but I think this is quite enough now, so could you leave the color count be for a while?

@grave, this is what I thought as well, heym that's the only reason I am submittign this picture here=)

@Arosah, many thanks!^^

m00 @ 12/26/2007 07:43 commented on ClockWise

Well I do not ned that many of them, of course. On the other side I had no need to limit myself in colors for this piece. So why picking at me for this matter?

Hmm. I thought pixel art was more about making AA manualy and working with a minimalistic software/hardware to draw things... and color count depends on what you aim. IF you want to be able to code your graphics with only one byte available, like for old video games,  you should surely limit the colors a lot. But that has nothing to do with what I want 0__o

m00 @ 12/26/2007 07:33 commented on ClockWise

I use phtoshop color picker to choose colors, and it is amaizingly weird that someone should be surprised that there'a a wide range of colors that match, I mean, what's weird with that? You know how to pick colors when you know how to draw, nay?

There's a about 50 colors in this piece yes -  about 25 for the blue-green thingie, and 7-10 for gold, and about three or four more for some highlights. I don't use any predefinite palette I just pick them randomly as I go on. Doh many colros are similar - it's to make the shading smooth. Whats up with that?

m00 @ 12/25/2007 15:08 commented on m00!

leel, oh this griefs me a lot - I never use tools when I do pixel art, it would be such a waste of time! 0_o nice to see ya too!

Mirre, ay, I have een trying to cell-shade with very little AA, but every time m eyes urge for more blending >.> And I end up adding a dozen of color for each base color XD I'm so helpless.

Jalonso, okay I do understand your point. But It is basically unair for you to tell me how many colors I should use. As far as I know the notion of pixel art do NOT suppose any color/size limit. But oh, for general convinience, pixel art is mostly rather small, and for usage purpose, like color-limited display devices, pixel art also goes through color number limitations. So what? Means if you use 258 colors it ain't pixel art anymore? Certainly not.

Right, I'm not a pixel artist for a start, and and I probably should have been thinking about not using too many colors (for whatever unknown reason) and I could get myself to using limited palettes. I didn't. Fine! But I don't deserve people yelling at me I do wrong.

I got the point and will - if I ever do more pixel art in future - try to work with fewer colors.IF PJ has a color limit in it's rule, I'll obey it. I respect this. But please respect my work as well. Thank you.

Thanx everyone for comments and suggestions, and the piece of advice!

m00 @ 12/25/2007 09:59 commented on Weedy
You definetly have another fan here!

m00 @ 12/25/2007 09:57 commented on Tree
Hey there! Totally faving this tree, here as well=) It's definetly one of my favourite works of yours, and a brilliant example of what pixel art should be like.

m00 @ 12/25/2007 07:43 commented on m00!

Well I am using Lasso and fill tools in photoshop,but I usually check carefully that I have diabled the AA for those. NO smuggle/dodge/burn/blur tools EVER, I don't even use those for non-pixel art, they stink. The pinkish areas do have a whooole lot of colors, indeed! But they have all been added manually=) I mean I just keep ading more colors until I don't have enough place for them to fit, is it so wrong?? I still find the gradient of her cheeck too rough btw. Check the step-by-step progress: 

Thank you for the welcome and comments ^^

Saving as PNG8 is fine, but  what if I use more then 255 colors? Like 300 or so? It won't be saved in the png8...the color range will just be cropped? 

m00 @ 12/25/2007 06:39 commented on m00!
I have no idea why the color count have been screwed, yet it is pixel art, and you can realise it is if you zoom in and look closely at the shading. On the othe hand there must be something wrong with the saving mode I use... if the color count is really over thena thousand its kinda strange.