DimDim @ 5/8/2022 10:36 commented on Platformer Mockups

Logged in just to like this and say it's AMAZING

DimDim @ 3/3/2022 16:49 commented on Rance Attack!


DimDim @ 2/17/2022 15:33 commented on Hollow Knight

Go for it (ty btw)

DimDim @ 2/11/2022 16:06 commented on Hollow Knight

Thanks! yeah, this pallete is really good, might make something else with it, something that lives up to it's name

DimDim @ 2/11/2022 16:03 commented on Hollow Knight

Thanks! Making a metroidvania like HW sounds like an herculean feat, heard is massive

DimDim @ 2/9/2022 18:27 commented on Helmfried - The GodBuster

@Taks Thanks! That was the last one made so I was pretty comfortable with the style by then.

@Trigonomicon Ty! I used the ctrl + C ctrl + V technique, very effective

DimDim @ 11/21/2021 18:33 commented on Dithery Night

Thanks! Trying something diferent was the main reason to join this week's challenge

DimDim @ 9/17/2021 19:32 commented on "Perils N Dragons" GBA RPG

Love it!

DimDim @ 9/17/2021 19:31 commented on Live A Live cast

Thanks! I think I've finally nailed a style I'm happy with

DimDim @ 5/10/2021 16:42 commented on Ergo

thank you!

DimDim @ 4/12/2021 16:54 commented on Honey Muffin

good job 👀

DimDim @ 4/8/2021 15:34 commented on fc11

I always wanted to be a Godzilla ever since I was a little kid, thanks Pixeljoint for giving me this chance

DimDim @ 4/5/2021 16:22 commented on Get off the computer, It's my turn now

Thanks CELS!

DimDim @ 4/1/2021 16:02 commented on Titan chained in Tartarus

I love this so much, can't put it in words

DimDim @ 3/14/2021 16:49 commented on BUDD: Graveyard Hijinx

It should be fixed now, thanks again

DimDim @ 3/14/2021 06:47 commented on BUDD: Graveyard Hijinx

Thanks, i'll take a look

DimDim @ 3/6/2021 10:05 commented on Big Bird

I think I downloaded it a while ago when they first showed it, but never got to play it, which happens often. If you say it's not really a card game I'll take a look, maybe I can learn something from those pixels.

DimDim @ 3/5/2021 16:27 commented on Big Bird

That gritty art is mesmerizing

But is a card based game so I sleep

DimDim @ 3/1/2021 15:28 commented on Minimal Linko

Thanks! Had fun fitting link in this little package

DimDim @ 2/27/2021 06:56 commented on Orc Lonk

sexy, this better win

DimDim @ 1/13/2021 16:15 commented on Pokemon - Route 39

Thanks gang

DimDim @ 10/21/2020 16:46 commented on Puppy Eyes Amelyn

Thanks! Haven't done a lot of "scenes" like this one so I understand that it can be better, that's something i wanna improve, thanks again.

DimDim @ 9/29/2020 07:22 commented on Pit Fighter Dimon

Thanks! put a lot effort into it haha

DimDim @ 9/28/2020 16:29 commented on Heather Swanson

Nice, I'd wish you luck, but that's for dudes

DimDim @ 9/23/2020 06:18 commented on Party

so Cuuuute