Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/20/2017 03:00 commented on Tarmadillo

As theoden already said; it's very giger-like, and that's definitly a big plus! Im amazed by this piece of art! :D

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/20/2017 02:56 commented on Portrait of Lynn

Extremely well-made.

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/19/2017 12:08 commented on Oil rig

Amazing! The lighting is really moody, and the waves + reflections are outstanding!

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/18/2017 06:57 commented on His Holyness Hieronymus Karpfkop, the Archfishop

Amazing work!

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/14/2017 09:19 commented on Toilet Paper Roll Arrest

I really like this one, good job!

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/5/2017 09:13 commented on Heavy Duty Truck
Really cool !
You have a good eye for shadows, congratulations

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/3/2017 14:57 commented on Classic GameBoy Palette

Perfect, thanks!

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/2/2017 11:12 commented on Classic GameBoy Palette

That's good know, thanks for the information, will gimp do the job?  Im not sure if this laptop will survive gimp booting up.

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/2/2017 11:00 commented on Classic GameBoy Palette

Thank you!

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/2/2017 10:59 commented on Classic GameBoy Palette

Dammit you're right, need to correct that, thanks!

It was ment for my brothers game, but he wants colored sprites and im very bad with colors

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/2/2017 09:40 commented on Classic GameBoy Palette

I just found out that MS Poop is not able to make png's transparent, so i made the background grey, however i cant replace the file, when i do it still shows the red background on Pixeljoint, very weird..

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/2/2017 09:31 commented on Classic GameBoy Palette

That's true, is it possible to do that with MS Paint?

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/2/2017 08:34 commented on JellySYS
Normally im not a big fan of soft looking pixels, but you really nailed the AA ! 
Very impressive !

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 19:24 commented on Lone Matthews


Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 19:13 commented on Onion Bro

mmmh mmm...,that was quiet a performance!  Now for a final toast! 

Awesome work 

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 18:38 commented on Grey!

I love the mood of this piece, really good work

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 18:28 commented on A gift from the Gods

The reflection on the water and the towel are superb! Another well crafted and very atmospheric work, i would love to see some Dark Souls or Bloodborne pixels from you! 

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 18:24 commented on Old Stuff #1 completely in love with this work! 

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 18:20 commented on Pyramid Mockup

The part of the wall behind the spinx could use a little bit more structure, it looks a bit empty in its current state.

Now the positive: Really nice shading and detail on those spinx statues, a very nice and realistic lighting, and those hieroglyphs and the crack in the wall are just

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 06:13 commented on The Warriors
 Finally  i see the face behind the famous james bond movies
Well done, especially the colors!

Rumpumpelblitz @ 9/1/2017 03:35 commented on new one

I really like the angle, good work !

Rumpumpelblitz @ 8/30/2017 11:41 commented on Oui Oui
 Haha what a cool guy!
I really like this !

Rumpumpelblitz @ 8/30/2017 11:38 commented on An Unprecedented Find
 I really like this piece!
The colour palette reminds on the colors of some of the old Pokemon sprites, really cool! 
And since i made a lot of retro pokemon sprites i know how hard it can be to work with them, especially on such little details like this work has

Rumpumpelblitz @ 8/30/2017 11:33 commented on Alfonso Peperoni and his chubby husband

I could arrange a date if you are willing to burn your fingertips! 

Rumpumpelblitz @ 8/30/2017 11:31 commented on Miscellaneous #1
 This deserves so much more attention!
Very humorous, extremely well pixeled and as all of your other works; very creative !