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love this style!, amazing work

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pretty cool

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love this toriyama style!

SethSpace @ 6/6/2018 10:24 commented on Necrosaro

Oh boy! amazing!

SethSpace @ 5/24/2018 08:39 commented on Raffy Taffy

Love this style 

SethSpace @ 5/21/2018 16:15 commented on She Loves Me, She Loves Me Naut

Wow It would be a great avatar, amazing work

SethSpace @ 5/11/2018 18:08 commented on Original 151 Pokemon 8x8

Sick!! amazing work

SethSpace @ 5/5/2018 17:07 commented on LIVE! on TV! HOT NEWS! (+18)

hahaha loved

SethSpace @ 5/4/2018 16:00 commented on vaporwaves

Nice use of colors, good work!

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Amazing, to favorites 

SethSpace @ 2/17/2018 15:52 commented on Pocketsaur

Wow. thanks 

SethSpace @ 2/16/2018 15:00 commented on Rodney

Really epic pocket orangutan, amazing job.

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To favorites, nice job 

SethSpace @ 1/4/2018 19:27 commented on portrait #7

To favorites

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Its snowy time

SethSpace @ 11/23/2017 13:05 commented on Bond, James Bond

Done. ;D

SethSpace @ 11/16/2017 22:50 commented on Tower 57 - Launch Illustration

Wow amazing concept, love it

SethSpace @ 11/13/2017 17:10 commented on Elk's Morrigan Aensland (DB16)

Amazing colors, good work

SethSpace @ 11/11/2017 21:43 commented on bunny man

Really Nice!

SethSpace @ 10/31/2017 12:12 commented on Cuphead & Mugman

Hi, thanks for your coment as soon as your recommendations I wanted to respect the original colors because it makes good contrast and the AA at the beginning was not going to have since I wanted to show it as if it were an 8-bit game (although I guess it is more oriented towards the 16), I do not know a lot about the colors but try to limit the use to give that effect of 8 or 16 bits

SethSpace @ 10/31/2017 11:44 commented on Cuphead & Mugman

Thanks you

SethSpace @ 10/23/2017 09:30 commented on Little Logray

Best description ever! xd

SethSpace @ 10/14/2017 14:16 commented on Rabbeat LeChunk AHOY!

Great, thank you very much for the effort this is a page and great community.

SethSpace @ 9/18/2017 18:49 commented on Perfect Chaos

Hello, I do not handle English very well (my mother tongue is Spanish), according to my understanding, it could be added, I'm not completely sure. I hope not to confuse anyone else.