Skoby @ 7/25/2014 12:35 commented on Make it STOP!!!

I'm convinced the repetitive motion is hypnotising me to rate and favourite this... 

Really nice simple idea but perfectly executed

Skoby @ 7/25/2014 12:31 commented on Big Bird

Must've messed up somehow, edited it again and worked instantly this time.

Skoby @ 7/25/2014 11:46 commented on Big Bird

I updated my entry for this weeks contest and the main image is showing correctly but the preview image is still the old one, is there any way to fix this or will it take a while to update and I just need to be patient?

Skoby @ 7/24/2014 23:46 commented on System of a Down - Toxicity

Thanks for the comments, the blue lines were originally more flame like but after seeing comments on other pieces I thought they would be rejected. I have a new idea for them and will try to get this updated tonight

Skoby @ 7/24/2014 12:30 commented on Morning High

This definitely gets my vote, I loved it when I first saw it, now I've heard the song I like it even more!

Skoby @ 7/23/2014 05:54 commented on Daddy's little girl: Ivy and Cervantes

@Agent00X the same could be said about sprites, mockups and cartoony/stylised pieces, they don't conform to standard physics and make up a large proportion of the work on here. Personally I'm finding this challenge harder than normal because I have no references or anything to refer to.

Skoby @ 7/21/2014 04:26 commented on Go with the flow

@zizka this is my entry to last week's German flag contest, just saying ;)

@felch I can't believe I didn't fix the wheels :( I completely forgot about them

Skoby @ 7/21/2014 00:55 commented on Daddy's little girl: Ivy and Cervantes

Ah that makes sense now, it's too early for me to think about ratios

Skoby @ 7/21/2014 00:49 commented on Daddy's little girl: Ivy and Cervantes

I would love to do an animation but I doubt I'd have time to finish it and get it synced. What is going on with the canvas size? Seems totally arbitrary to me, or am I missing something? 

Skoby @ 7/18/2014 03:11 commented on Agony and Ecstasy

I love the background and the style, but her stomach and face just don't work for me. I hate to say it but her facial expression reminds me of a creeper on mine craft. That being said I still love the piece.

As for the controversy, my mum walked past me looking at this and asked me why I don't do pieces more like this... 

Skoby @ 7/9/2014 00:24 commented on A1 Troublemaker

I love all 3 entries you've done so far but this is my fave, you've made the pallete work perfectly

Skoby @ 6/23/2014 15:32 commented on Big Bird

I see reds and greens in bands, with a flicker of blue around the reds

Skoby @ 6/23/2014 00:24 commented on Septhiroth + Sword

I have absolutely no idea what to do with those templates... I suppose a challenge isn't meant to be easy lol

Skoby @ 6/22/2014 11:19 commented on Big Bird

52360, a handy calculator for this sort of problem is on 

Basically you are looking at a combination rather than permutation (combination is where we're not interested in the order ABCD = ACBD etc) and we want repetition (so can have AABB where each is repeated, rather than for example in a poker hand, you cant have 2 ace of spades) pretty much the hardest one to calculate, but luckily the internet can do it for you :)

edit: Finally my maths degree pays off!!

Skoby @ 6/22/2014 04:24 commented on Time Jumpers

Really nice work, @Felchqueen is right, there's a definite Eddie vibe coming from the boss. 

One criticism, the bottom cable on the right is jagged and needs some AA, all the others look great so it stands out even more, should be an easy fix.

Skoby @ 6/22/2014 04:14 commented on History in Pixels - Tank Man
Really great piece, looks almost real. Seeing your making of gif blows my mind, when I pixel nothing is set in stone until I decide it's done and I'm always changing things whereas yours is so deliberate.

Skoby @ 6/21/2014 15:27 commented on james of htrones

Brilliant, the pallete choice makes it especially bleak and haunting

Skoby @ 6/16/2014 04:46 commented on Giffi

Yeah pretty clear winner, got to fight it out for 2nd and 3rd lol. Shame weren't more entries, I thought it was another interesting challenge. 

Skoby @ 6/16/2014 00:31 commented on The Hiphopopotamus & The Rhymenocerous

Congrats on the challenge win!

Skoby @ 6/16/2014 00:30 commented on Fisherman

Ooh shame I can't use my band entry lol, I've got an idea floating around my head already. 

Skoby @ 6/16/2014 00:27 commented on Glass Life

Your ice cubes turned out well in the end, personally I think I'm going to have a breakdown next time I'm asked if I want ice in a drink! I would suggest the black line on the label could use stronger AA, but otherwise I love it.

Skoby @ 6/15/2014 13:29 commented on Whiskey and Guinness

@Whisper Heart, Whiskey, I wanted to choose something translucent, and I thought two of my favourite drinks together would be interesting to draw.

(I'm not an alchoholic lol I don't normally drink the two together ;) )

Skoby @ 6/13/2014 06:47 commented on Live life like a Kamehameha

Fantastic, I'm not a big dragonball fan but other than that it's brilliant

Skoby @ 6/9/2014 04:45 commented on Sword of Justice

Yeah a real shame about the Gorillaz entry, the tool one looked good too. Hope they do get finished and put on the gallery anyway.

Skoby @ 6/9/2014 04:31 commented on Me

This will definitely be a challenge for me lol need to find a good reference somewhere