gumol @ 10/16/2011 03:41 commented on Halo

360 in looters, love smacking those fatties with ma club :P

but yeah, the game is fun mostly in the last few seconds :] 

gumol @ 6/14/2011 15:28 commented on Self Portrait Icon

very cool :) I like the contrast in the lighting

gumol @ 1/14/2011 01:53 commented on Predator

great! You've made the palette work as if the colors were carefully picked  :)

gumol @ 10/28/2010 15:49 commented on Big Bird

works fine for me (using Opera), maybe it's because the html5 thing... dunno. it's quite a few beautiful pixel landscapes so hopefully it will work for someone besides me :P

gumol @ 10/28/2010 12:32 commented on Big Bird found while searching for a Javascript framework for game development, thought it may interest someone :)

gumol @ 8/30/2010 05:57 commented on Owls and Crocodiles and Bears-Oh My!

great expressions :) but what's with owls butt? :D 

gumol @ 7/22/2010 03:57 commented on Monkey Island Virtualboy Edition - Weekly Challenge

was hoping for "Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!" scene ;) but yeah, love it none the less :)

gumol @ 5/31/2010 23:59 commented on Pixel dump - March thru May 2010

I like each and every one of them :] even the little fat crow :P 

gumol @ 5/18/2010 00:38 commented on Tomassassin~UpdatewithAnimation

Show those teeth :D
It's great as it is, but I image how cool it would look, if You could make him grin insanely after o few cycles of animation ;D 

gumol @ 1/2/2010 18:52 commented on Dead Mazai & rabbits

A+ :)

your rabbits reminded me a bit of a game called Captain Claw, but when I looked at the actual screenshots, your characters just beat the shit out of them :D no comparision

they would have been saweeet in a game... :(

I would even write a platformer engine in C++/SDL just to see them animated xD


gumol @ 11/16/2009 02:59 commented on Yonisaurus

I don't understand you guys, why can't Fool upload smaller images without being criticized by a bunch of people about not doing big enough pieces xD it's not huge but it's definitly not small too, and in terms of quality it's a fu%!@# beast... imho :P

one might think that uploading big, quality pieces is not good because with every other you'd have to make double the size to please everyone ;) btw it's for the challenge, it couldn't be bigger... now my post seems pointless xD


gumol @ 11/13/2009 17:15 commented on Big Bird

hmm, just wondering did the author of this flash game ask for the use of graphics by iLKke (werewolf characters) and DE (background art), because if not, it's a bit rude ... yet still a fun game :P


gumol @ 11/9/2009 03:50 commented on game

reminds me of Beyond Oasis, very niceeey :) 

gumol @ 11/7/2009 14:59 commented on !!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome combination of colors :]

his mouth reminds me of "Sky Roads" :D

gumol @ 11/4/2009 04:32 commented on Self-portrait

it's obviously glued to his back ;) 

gumol @ 11/3/2009 16:32 commented on Time Traveler

old one, but still funny :D 

gumol @ 10/15/2009 07:42 commented on BlackEye

is Myster, one of the Residents? :P

cool looking, can't wait to see them move!
...I mean, I hope they'll be moving in your project ;) 

gumol @ 10/5/2009 12:06 commented on Nintendo consoles

youe've got snes but no nes ? 

  good work  

gumol @ 8/28/2009 07:39 commented on Ashtree

well I for example like the good old C++ with Allegro, SDL or OpenGL/GLUT, never made anything in Flash/Actionscript or Javascript... (but probably learning them on a mediocre level wouldn't take too much time, I think ;)) but I don't have free time in September so I couldn't enter this compo anyway :P

sry for my english, I'm too lazy too check for mistakes ;P

PS oh, and I think I can understand Wolverine, plaing games in browsers has a bit different vibe to it. For me the annoying part is that You usually can't make them fullscreen and fully enjoy the climax (? I dunno if this is the right word :P) of the game :]

gumol @ 6/20/2009 08:00 commented on Egad, sirrah!

it's just a 5min edit to show, what I was talking about :] 
I might  have made it too short now xD

gumol @ 6/20/2009 03:56 commented on Egad, sirrah!

don't You think that his left arm is a little bit too long? or maybe it's just the size of the hand, I can't really tell what's wrong :P sorry for my nitpicking ;) - it's very cool nonetheless :]

gumol @ 6/20/2009 03:51 commented on It's simple... - Weekly Challenge

Peach: I think it's there because the scene is kind of an old adventure game mockup :] You can tell it by the font :P 

gumol @ 4/23/2009 11:02 commented on Lincoln Memorial

The whole piece is really nice :] but the preview is not really convincing at this zoom rate  

gumol @ 4/23/2009 10:57 commented on Toxic Sonic: Manning?!

Nerd Team FTW! :D
They are much more badass than the band, especially Manning :]
And I think You should harden the hard mode :P
BTW How can I throw these little molotov cocktails?

gumol @ 4/16/2009 15:09 commented on ghost pirate

I think it's great :) ...but You could try to make his face expression change (just an idea)

Whenever I see an undead pirate, Le Chuck comes to mind :)