ArmyFrog @ 7/26/2018 14:19 commented on Aftirkisun

That reflection is so appealing.

ArmyFrog @ 7/26/2018 14:05 commented on Creepy girl

Very well done! Great clusters!

ArmyFrog @ 7/19/2018 08:39 commented on Bob Ross

Not enough Afro. Jk, great job on this piece!

ArmyFrog @ 7/11/2018 13:31 commented on viking

*Accidental Double Post*

ArmyFrog @ 7/11/2018 13:26 commented on viking

I'm not sure what this has to do with the current weekly challenge.

ArmyFrog @ 7/10/2018 07:16 commented on dmc4 for pd

I love the color palette on this piece! Excellent work!

ArmyFrog @ 7/9/2018 18:54 commented on Stone Brick House

Shh! Don't say that! Or else everyone will know that I am working on a 800x708 piece right now!

ArmyFrog @ 6/11/2018 15:26 commented on Petrified Peridot

Hopefully I am not too late, but I reccomend as a starting program. If you would like to spend a small amount of money on a program made for Pixel Art, you can buy Aseprite. You can learn the basics with this amazing tutorial:

ArmyFrog @ 3/10/2018 15:52 commented on The AAP-64 Color Palette

Phenomenal. You have some fantastic art on you.

ArmyFrog @ 3/10/2018 15:50 commented on La Brea Woman Awakening - The AAP-64 Final Version

This is all very interesting, and I'm glad you took my critique well! I love being able to help. I am currently having a fantastic weekend too, btw. I do look forward to seeing more from you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck!

ArmyFrog @ 3/9/2018 05:04 commented on La Brea Woman Awakening - The AAP-64 Final Version

I love the retro colors and style, but watch out for jaggies, especially in the mountains and trees. The rest of the piece is real smooth, so those areas are distracting.

ArmyFrog @ 3/8/2018 14:09 commented on Funghi Practice

Great work!

ArmyFrog @ 3/5/2018 04:48 commented on Roses are red.

I tried my best, but it's kinda hard.

ArmyFrog @ 2/19/2018 07:48 commented on A Bear

Gourami...what is this?

ArmyFrog @ 2/18/2018 09:23 commented on Somebody

Good lord Fleja. Congrats!

ArmyFrog @ 2/8/2018 05:11 commented on Mew Think This is Funny?

This looks great, but watch out for the banding. Especially between the black border and blue cloud thing.

ArmyFrog @ 2/8/2018 05:09 commented on Gus Portrait

This is some very clean pixel work. Great piece!

ArmyFrog @ 2/8/2018 05:08 commented on Rainbow Chicken

This is so mesmerizing...I can't stop looking at it! Nice work!

ArmyFrog @ 2/8/2018 05:05 commented on Cleo

She reminds me of Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul. Great work!

ArmyFrog @ 2/6/2018 15:35 commented on Bitter bombing

Do all the colors need to be the same hue?

ArmyFrog @ 2/5/2018 15:29 commented on Bitter bombing

This is very interesting...

ArmyFrog @ 2/4/2018 20:47 commented on City For.Rest

For starters, I reccomend dropping the color count to three. The idea is interesting, and I like the style but play with the animation a bit to make it smoother. With this type of art, smooth animation is defining factor between good and bad. Keep it up!

P.S. Should you decide to update this, DO NOT make a new submission, rather, edit this one. You can do this by clicking the pen icon below the image.

ArmyFrog @ 2/4/2018 13:46 commented on DB32 Mushroom

Hey Blitz! Glad you could make it on here!

ArmyFrog @ 2/4/2018 13:11 commented on Warlocks 2 God Slayers first world enemies

Very nice! Great designs!

ArmyFrog @ 2/4/2018 05:34 commented on Earthshake Punch

It's an earthshake he's punching the earth.