LegacyCrono @ 4/30/2008 11:51 commented on Fake Radiant Chronicles

Can't... take it...! funny... too much...
The monster's face in Abuela version is GOLD!

GREAT piece of work! Awesome portrait, awesome sprites, awesome idea. :P
That's a game I would play... ^^

LegacyCrono @ 4/6/2008 12:22 commented on Coyote and Road Runner


I'm impressed how they made such original barcodes :P
And they are actually PAID for doing those? FREAKING COOL!!
Awesome work... Very creative!

EDIT: Ooops, clicked "post it" button for mistake... :P

LegacyCrono @ 3/17/2008 09:37 commented on Dunnotar

I was just thinking the same thing. :P

Nice job, for some reason I like how it looks... xD

LegacyCrono @ 2/28/2008 08:45 commented on In Admiration of the Monument

Awesome! When I first saw the preview, I was thinking that it was actually rendered 3D... xD

There's not much to be said but what has already been noticed. Great work! ^^

LegacyCrono @ 2/28/2008 08:42 commented on Super Car

Nice work! Still, I agree to lil. sapphire, the colors are bright too much... and there's light issues. :P

Keep on it!! :D

LegacyCrono @ 2/14/2008 03:48 commented on Att Bortom Se

Reminds me of National Treasure. xD

That's simply beautiful. I like it a lot!! Almost couldn't see the dithering, the work is near perfect!
But I think that tree is... weird. Well, ignore that, it's just a personal though. xD Good work! (Fav'ed btw)

LegacyCrono @ 2/13/2008 15:44 commented on Tank vol.3


LegacyCrono @ 2/13/2008 07:24 commented on Weekly challenge: WIP stages

lol, very creative! xD  I had barely seen anything on the template... :P

Nice job, but I think you could improve the shading on the body & wing. ^^
Good luck for you!

LegacyCrono @ 2/13/2008 07:17 commented on Cubic-"DInO"

@PresidentLeever: agreed. :P

Anyway, great job! A lovely entry, BTW. ^^ Just weird you changed the light source suddenly like that. :P
I hope I can finish my entry in enough time... xD

Good luck!!

LegacyCrono @ 2/11/2008 06:44 commented on Ratchet Sprite 4

Hmmm... That's a tough one, but maybe I'll try it.

Can we add new parts to the template (I mean, the final art), like a horn or an (extra) arm?

LegacyCrono @ 2/9/2008 09:57 commented on SSBB 2D Mock Up Test

On Mode 7, the picture fades on horizon. The bottom lines are bigger than the upper lines, that are squashed down.

Something like that: think in a plane, or a picture. The camera is on a certain position. If the maximum distance is 100, then pixels at distance 100 of the camera will be at the center of the screen, and are almost invisible (height close to 0). Pixels gets bigger when they're close to the camera. I could make a picture explaining that...

LegacyCrono @ 2/9/2008 09:43 commented on Clockwork Rian - intro image 2

I'm speechless...


LegacyCrono @ 2/9/2008 09:37 commented on SSBB 2D Mock Up Test

Whooooa, that's lovely!

Good work, Smithy, it's beautiful! But it's not Mode 7, you know...

LegacyCrono @ 2/8/2008 11:23 commented on RAWR

Ehm... The boy looks nice, but... It requires some shade. :P

The high contrast between the monster's head and body bothers me... a lot. But his expression is actually funny! xD

LegacyCrono @ 2/8/2008 08:25 commented on Shoesnail idle animation

Whoa, that's awesome!! For some reason, it reminds me that old SHMUP game, Parodius...

Great work, and fav'ed!

LegacyCrono @ 2/6/2008 11:01 commented on Remake Alex kidd

OMG, I remember playing Alex Kidd when I was younger... Never could play it all to the end. :P

That mockup is simply amazing! Makes me want to play it. :D An animated version would simply rock!

LegacyCrono @ 2/6/2008 10:43 commented on Colossal Katamari

God bless you, you're such a skilled artist!

It's like... classical music, ice cream and double orgasm all together in one. Just amazing and... unexplainable.
I'm myself a Katamari fan, and you made an excelent job, specially if you haven't played Katamari.

LegacyCrono @ 2/6/2008 10:27 commented on Micro/Macro_Tuning

That's cool, preety weirdo, but I like it...

Hey, I finally figured out what it is!
It's... it's... no, forget it. I have no idea.  

LegacyCrono @ 2/6/2008 08:27 commented on Blue guy

OMG, that looks just awesome!

Man, I wonder if someday I'll be good as you guys... xD
BTW, thanks for the comment you left to me! :D