stickjohn @ 7/23/2009 20:11 commented on Say no to booze

Words cannot describe how much i dig this piece. I espically love the contrast between the colorful robots, and the near photorealistic elements such as the cobblestone street.

I have always been a huge fan of your pixel art and how its always polished to a sheen, your attention to detail is unreal.

stickjohn @ 9/15/2008 23:06 commented on Trioculi
un-freaking-real. Most of the piece doesn't even look remotely like a pixel art. The only complaint i would have it that the people and boat look out of place. Not because they are done poorly though, just because the rest of the piece is done so fantastically well.

stickjohn @ 2/6/2008 13:09 commented on Tentacles
Hooray for malbros .

Its great, there really isnt anything i can say to critique it.