Pik @ 4/29/2017 15:37 commented on Josuke Higashikata

Thanks, C2B!! I found that defining certain contours over outhers was an interesting challenge.

Pik @ 1/2/2012 09:06 commented on silence

 Top row, Dex! Top row!

Pik @ 3/13/2010 09:52 commented on Dump

Seeing your pixel-mural style applied to normal screenshots is really amazing, it actually makes me want more games styled like this. ;~;

Pik @ 11/23/2009 09:24 commented on Luneth

Love it.

Pik @ 10/28/2009 12:54 commented on Bannière

The style looks like a combination of Dex/Fool, I like it

Pik @ 9/1/2009 10:24 commented on the simpsons

Very nice atmosphere, but it made my eyes bleed after a while.


Great game.

Pik @ 8/27/2009 21:05 commented on Coffee

Nice to see you here, phones.


anyway, original interpretation :)

Pik @ 8/23/2009 11:48 commented on Mario RPG Project 1-20

There's tons of empty space, could you try to do it in horizontal rows? Other than that, these are excellent.

Pik @ 8/15/2009 16:03 commented on Onward, Gustav!

it's all great, but best part of this has to be the background


it's honestly your smoothest work.


Pik @ 8/15/2009 15:50 commented on Explorer Mockups

I Love these, Dex. Awesome colors.

Pik @ 6/18/2009 12:46 commented on Stand by Me

and darling, darling; stand


by me

Pik @ 6/2/2009 10:03 commented on Houses

About the fence in the street;

the whole street was supposed to be lined with fencing, so it wasn't really a tileing mistake or anything.


Thanks for all the comments.

Pik @ 4/18/2009 13:20 commented on Hide and Seek

I love this, it's actually what got me back into Pixel Art.

Pik @ 3/12/2009 16:27 commented on mini portrait

colors are really creative.

Pik @ 3/8/2009 14:08 commented on yellow

This is probably my favorate piece on PJ, great work.

Pik @ 2/17/2009 02:25 commented on SkullgirlS - Filia (Single Frame)
Needs more AA, although those are some pretty kickass colors.

Pik @ 2/9/2009 13:26 commented on Raven Blackheart - A simple fighting game sprite
Reminds me of Tyvon's style, just smoother.

Pik @ 2/8/2009 02:40 commented on Thwomp
Not liking the mirroring, but the animation is pretty smooth.

Pik @ 1/23/2009 15:26 commented on Bars And Lines
Pretty cool design, I like it.

Pik @ 1/12/2009 13:11 commented on An EarthBound Remake Project- trippy
I know things are generally supposed to be transparent on PJ, but I felt that I needed a more neutral color so the white-ish background PJ has doesn't blend in with the status boxes.

Pik @ 1/11/2009 14:52 commented on just to be my avatar
Toa Dwan from BZP, huh? Hey.

Pik @ 1/4/2009 03:43 commented on Ho,ho,HIC !!! (Did someone call Santa?)

Reminds me a lot of Fool, except not as crisp.

Pik @ 12/28/2008 17:40 commented on Tales from heaven
I don't like the colors or the texture, but good job anyway

Pik @ 12/23/2008 16:42 commented on Warring States General
I love the colors.

Pik @ 12/23/2008 03:36 commented on Snowy House Thing

Pretty nice.


Though, it reminds me of MOTHER 3 more than EB. :P