EyeCraft @ 6/12/2011 07:47 commented on Atomica - 'Title'

Oh man, I love this. Such a great 16-bit feeling to it.

EyeCraft @ 6/7/2011 01:07 commented on Team Fortress 2D: Summer

Brilliant! Pretty much how most servers I join play out The spy is a cracker.

Kind of bothers me that the payload is grey instead of blue, though.

EyeCraft @ 6/4/2011 17:46 commented on Castle

Wonderful composition, though the figure could be placed in a more centralised position.

I wish, wish wish wish wish wish you had tinted the shadows teal-green. Still, an enjoyable piece

EyeCraft @ 6/4/2011 17:41 commented on Greenery

Thank you all.

Yes, I made this piece quite some time ago, but I was hesitant to upload it because elements of it still bothered me.

@Photocopier: I partly agree with your thoughts on the heavy shadow, but at the same time I feel like it amplifies all the bright areas in the rest of the piece. It could probably be reworked to be less distracting, but I remain happy with how it is :)

EyeCraft @ 8/21/2010 05:25 commented on He of the Black Flame

I really love the space you've given this piece. It has a good mix of busy and calm sections; awesome!

EyeCraft @ 7/30/2010 22:17 commented on Room for one last project

Awe inspiring. Thank you.

EyeCraft @ 7/25/2010 19:34 commented on Nature

Awesome! As soon as I saw the preview image I got excited. I'm glad that lineart has finally come to use.

Interesting roles you found for the colours. Lovely blue ambient shadows. Almost has the quality of a watercolour.

Concept reminds me a little of Willowater, which I LOVE.

Also: The colours for my avatar are largely based on Arne's 16 colour palette. So credit and admiration Arne's way goes!

EyeCraft @ 7/7/2010 05:26 commented on Feierabend


Reminds me of Bitmap Bros.

EyeCraft @ 7/7/2010 05:24 commented on gbc rpg mockup


Yeah the pixels are a little dirty, but still:


EyeCraft @ 6/15/2010 07:20 commented on The Truth... --Weekly Challenge--



Text hugging the edges of the boxes bugs me a little. Some blocks are extremely low contrast against the background.

EyeCraft @ 5/25/2010 07:52 commented on highlanders

You're the opposite of my play style: fav is Pyro, Spy is my worst. :)

Some excellent poses here. They all tend to blend in to each other, though.

Heavy is epic, reminds me of the "Come on, boy!" dude from Metal Slug.

EyeCraft @ 12/28/2009 16:36 commented on V City

Thanks everyone!

@Nothingbutzack: That's quite an honor, considering all the fantastic gifts that people made this year :)

EyeCraft @ 10/6/2009 23:21 commented on Summer Leaves, or Autumn Falls

This turned out really well, nice work.

EyeCraft @ 3/23/2009 03:00 commented on TCG-Me

Cheers for the comments.

@Mathias: TCG = Trading Card Game. I could say there's no shirt because it's been hot as hell here for far too long ;), but also I think it adds more visual interest and pushes the eye up to the *ting!* coming out of the forehead. But honestly, I just did it without thinking too much about it.

@crab2selout.png: cheers, hmm interesting you note AA; I was actually thinking I was coming close to over-AAing that area :). Oh and malls are the Enemy.

EyeCraft @ 3/8/2008 02:18 commented on Pixel Pepper
@Breton: I don't believe so, no. The appeal of pixel art is its precision, I would say, not harsh jagged edges where it doesn't make sense for them to be.

@7even: If I look at the piece in the way of using jaggedness as a style, I like some parts of it. It looks sort of sketchy (in the good way). But the yellow glow just kills me, it's broken up and confuses the form's readability. You've swayed me 50%.

EyeCraft @ 3/7/2008 19:48 commented on Pixel Pepper
Most glaring point I see is you need to make AA your bestest of friends.

Otherwise I'm really digging it.

EyeCraft @ 3/6/2008 08:02 commented on Grandparentar
Pretty sweet! But I think you could play with the saturations and such a little bit in the palette to make it work together better. The purple on the beard in particular looks alien.

EyeCraft @ 3/5/2008 06:54 commented on china rpg
I think the uniform speculars on the head are making its form harder to read. I mean, where's the light source?

EyeCraft @ 2/29/2008 07:30 commented on 9-bit Spelunking
It's got potential for sure. I agree on the love of the right character. Background is kind of distracting/high contrast. Also the dithering on the characters is distracting/noisy.

EyeCraft @ 1/29/2008 17:56 commented on In a middle of nowhere
Fool, that is easily the best isometric piece I have ever seen. It's amazingly inspirational, thank you.

EyeCraft @ 12/8/2007 18:39 commented on Jumpy Dance
Haha, I recognised him immediately. I definitely prefer this newer version of him. His crazy stomp-dancing works well with the Daft Punk I've got playing.

A good landing frame could add a little more groove to it.

Good to see you about, Indigo.

EyeCraft @ 12/8/2007 18:34 commented on living in emptiness
I can dig it. Additive shadows seems strange though.

EyeCraft @ 12/8/2007 18:32 commented on That night, a firefly fell into my ear
Splendid. It is indeed inspiring.

EyeCraft @ 9/18/2007 15:46 commented on 9-bit Nebula
Very cool stuff. I find it impressive you get that magenta to blend into the blue so convincingly. My only qualm with it would probably be that it is very high contrast and brightness for a backdrop, and may be a little distracting in the game. But really, as a piece on its own its excellent.

EyeCraft @ 9/3/2007 23:19 commented on South square
Awesome style you went for on this. Really has that blobby, nebulous oil painting feel to the colours, mixed with a canvas/brushstroke texture. It has a couple of ambiguous areas, like that yellow part behind the trunk of the tree, and the shading on the trunk is kind of weird but for the most part this is great stuff!