Christoballs @ 1/20/2021 10:12 commented on Electrodynamic

you tried and succeeded

Christoballs @ 1/17/2021 03:07 commented on 50 portraits

Lovely portraits

Christoballs @ 1/16/2021 11:35 commented on SimTown

A new piece by CELS? For this week's challenge? Love it

Christoballs @ 1/15/2021 17:15 commented on Wailing Caverns

Really love the mockups you've been making. I'd watch out though - you have a few stray pixels you could probably get rid of to lower your colour count (163). I recommend checking your piece out in the Image Specs Tool:

Christoballs @ 1/14/2021 01:37 commented on Fans of Katamari

man this is trippy as balls

Christoballs @ 1/14/2021 01:33 commented on Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke

Really captures the feel the nightwalker had in the film, good piece!
Watch out though - you've got 331 colours in the piece, which is due to gradients and transparent colours.

Christoballs @ 1/13/2021 01:45 commented on Pokemon - Route 39

Good piece! I recognised it from the Johto Remake server!

Christoballs @ 1/13/2021 01:42 commented on floofers


I would watch out - this was JPG'd at some point and I can see compression artifacts. Colour count is 1337, too.
Do you by any chance have a non-compressed version of this?

Christoballs @ 1/13/2021 01:40 commented on Tiles

If I recall correctly, you made this before the Weekly Challenge started, which unfortunately means this wouldn't qualify for the Weekly... but absolutely fine for the gallery!

Christoballs @ 1/10/2021 13:44 commented on Contest submission: lamp

I like this! Could you resubmit at non-upscaled size, please? PJ has a zoom function, which is we encourage posts at 100%; you can recommend a zoomed size if necessary.

Welcome, glad to have you

Christoballs @ 1/10/2021 13:42 commented on Another saddle

Make sure you resubmit so that you can tick the "Weekly Challenge" box, or your piece will not be included in the voting process. You have about 10 hours to do this before the end of the challenge :0

Christoballs @ 1/6/2021 13:25 commented on Isometric dungeon

I like your take on this!
However your piece has 394 colours, which seems like a lot for a gallery piece - I can see this easily have half as many colours, or even a quarter, without a significant loss in fidelity.

Christoballs @ 1/6/2021 13:19 commented on It's me Heart of Pixels

Very cute welcome!

Christoballs @ 1/4/2021 05:28 commented on Surprise?

I got a laugh out of this.
Love the idea!

Christoballs @ 1/3/2021 17:00 commented on A visit from the neighbour

I love this entry!

Christoballs @ 1/3/2021 05:17 commented on Dark summoning

Using the PICO-8 palette but not the full palette is fine for the challenge :)

Cool piece!

Christoballs @ 12/28/2020 10:05 commented on The Arctic Level

Love the way the monster is silhouetted underneath the boat!

Christoballs @ 12/25/2020 22:53 commented on adv

Nice One, Fufu!

Christoballs @ 12/24/2020 02:44 commented on Spaghettification

Great piece!
Imagine your brain unravelling

Christoballs @ 12/23/2020 09:38 commented on Ammonite

Love this one

Christoballs @ 12/22/2020 05:44 commented on Super Villain

I like the idea and the character's design!

Christoballs @ 12/19/2020 04:28 commented on Pripyat Boyz

I like it!
Could you resubmit detail file with no upscaling? You can recommend a zoom size in the description, as you can use the zoom feature on Pixeljoint.

Christoballs @ 12/19/2020 04:24 commented on Teutonic Knight

Cool animation! I like the small details in it, like the step forward, the feathers moving, etc.

Could you resubmit the detail file with no upscaling? The site has a zoom functionality.

Christoballs @ 12/17/2020 15:47 commented on slime roll

Is the gif supposed to be animated? This is a cute slime!

Christoballs @ 12/17/2020 10:50 commented on Bad boy

I like this piece!

There are 48 colours in this piece, due to the gradient you have in the background for the glow effect - I think you could reduce the colour to about half (24).