Roel.Senile @ 10/8/2017 05:54 commented on Intrepid Izzy

Yaaay! Thanks Rikfuzz!

Roel.Senile @ 9/13/2017 22:45 commented on Portrait of Lynn

Definitely one of the best pixel portraits I've seen!

Roel.Senile @ 7/4/2017 23:08 commented on Tiny Izzy

@afroskeleton: Could be. There are a few other details that could be improved as well, but then again, there always are.

@Tejonte: The graphics in the game are NPA = Non Pixel Art. I did apply certain principles I learned from pixel art though, to retain something of a retro vibe.

Roel.Senile @ 10/14/2013 07:31 commented on Black Hole Sun

Haha, genius! 

Roel.Senile @ 7/26/2013 13:32 commented on Shake it

Thanks for the comments, all! And especially to Mathias for being so supportive.

Tiny detail though: I'm actually a "him", not a "her". I did fear the avatar would cause confusion, but I still thought it was better than having no avatar at all. I guess I'll have to upload a manly piece next and set that as my avatar to avoid further mix-ups. ;)

Roel.Senile @ 11/10/2012 22:49 commented on Science Patrol 2

@r1k: Yes. Upload it to the server, and on the next page click the download button (the arrow pointing down). The server can convert your animation to various file types (gif, png, apng).

Roel.Senile @ 11/4/2012 23:03 commented on Science Patrol 2

@surt: The problem with the space bar in Chrome is now fixed.

Right-clicking bringing up the context menu is not a bug. There are more important things to do first.

The selection problem is now solved.


@A.B. Lazer: Not yet, but there will be in a future update.

Roel.Senile @ 11/4/2012 commented on Science Patrol 2

@surt: The program should only toggle animation if you didn't drag the canvas before releasing the space bar. If that didn't work for you, could you please tell me which browser and OS you're on?

If alt is not working for you, you can also hold the ~ button to sample colours.

Chaning the canvas size will probably be supported in a future version.

Saving locally is possible in theory, but it's challenging. Most browser's security policies will try to prevent this. It would be easy enough to save the animation in the program's native format (*.aki), but that's probably not much use to you and animated gif/png would be a very different story.

Mousewheel zooming is now supported!

Roel.Senile @ 11/3/2012 14:00 commented on Science Patrol 2

It does support alt+click to sample colours. Unfortunately pressing alt will often select the browser's menu, which can be a bit annoying at times. The [ and ] keys work to change the brush size, which is also similar to Photoshop. :)

Roel.Senile @ 5/3/2012 00:18 commented on Idle guy.

Very smooth and lively. Excellent work!

Roel.Senile @ 1/15/2012 02:32 commented on Flying dragon

It's an animated PNG. It works fine in Opera and Firefox.

Roel.Senile @ 10/14/2011 23:30 commented on Grub

You're missing an even more advanced one! Go to this site and choose "Animaki", it not only lets you draw pixel art, but also animate it.

It also supports Ctrl+Z. ;)

Roel.Senile @ 8/5/2008 07:18 commented on GIANT
Excuse me, I may be overlooking something but where is the part where you give credit to Ben Henry for his work? ->

Roel.Senile @ 2/28/2008 10:58 commented on Bunchies!
Updated with transparency. Sorry about the white background in the previous version. The forum this animation was originally intended for had several different colour schemes, and at the time it made sense to use a fixed background colour.

Flarfy, Emanu: I've only just joined Pixeljoint, and this seemed like a good way to introduce myself.

Roel.Senile @ 2/28/2008 04:01 commented on Bunchies!
Blueberry Pie: Thanks for sticking up for me. ^_^

Larwick: thanks for the critique. You make good points!