Pandora @ 9/20/2008 20:32 commented on Landscape Pixel art
It is an estuary; meaning it could be a little bit of a waterfall, along with a transition from fresh water to salt water.

If I'm correct above, they are also backwards, haha.

Anyway, it is nice. Good job!

Pandora @ 9/10/2008 19:25 commented on belz
I'm assuming this is Beelzebub; if so, then his name is Beelz, not Belz. :D

Anyway, looks nice. His mouth could be a little more detailed, though.

Pandora @ 9/8/2008 21:46 commented on Embargo
Lmao, true - didn't even think of the white itself. I figured just selecting transparent would let me exclude it as a color.

I would color this, but it was intended to be a black and white (and of course, some AA) piece. I will fix the mouth though.

Pandora @ 9/8/2008 21:44 commented on Teapot Ghost Avatar
I suggest you work on the lineart a little bit; the teapot and the ghost thing both look incredibly irregular.

Try some anti-aliasing, and some editing of the lines here and there. Post your results in the forum so myself and others can help you.

Other than the lines, it looks good. Very interesting idea. :)

Pandora @ 8/26/2008 20:24 commented on ;Triton
I was going to tell Dog that what he said was completely uncalled for, but then I looked at the palette.

You really need to cut down on colors, a LOT. That's what he means I think. :P

Pandora @ 5/31/2008 01:39 commented on Snow Man
I love it! Excellent job.

Pandora @ 5/20/2008 20:12 commented on Diablo
Excellent piece to see right before I retire for the night. Nice job!

Pandora @ 5/12/2008 14:05 commented on Space Moonrise
This piece is misnamed, lol. If it were a moonrise, it would also technically be a sunset. Sunsets in space are much more colorful.

Either way, nice job.

Pandora @ 5/12/2008 14:02 commented on Fracture
Love it - nice job!

This style really gets me.

Pandora @ 5/12/2008 13:58 commented on MobMotherScitah
Very nice job - I love her clothing.

Pandora @ 5/12/2008 13:56 commented on Dry Bones Lineart
I've said no to this because you already went ahead and submitted the colored version. If you plan on finishing a piece, wait until it is finished. If not, post the lineart in the forums.

Pandora @ 4/23/2008 20:19 commented on LOLder puppet
I knew this was yours when I saw the preview in the weekly featured! ^_^ It looks really nice - excellent job!

Pandora @ 4/17/2008 20:01 commented on recycling
lol, Interesting description.

Pandora @ 4/4/2008 15:23 commented on bald monkey
lol - Reminds me of Mojojojo from the Powerpuff Girls.

Pandora @ 4/3/2008 20:53 commented on Zage the Mage: Mockup
This is awesome! My only complaint is that the character doesn't seem to match the style of the setting.

Pandora @ 4/1/2008 13:48 commented on Mech Heart
Interesting. I wouldn't want that thing inside me, though.

Pandora @ 4/1/2008 13:47 commented on Smily Set
lol, they do look good though! :D

Pandora @ 4/1/2008 13:37 commented on Blink City
Honestly, the post seemed way too far-fetched to even be considered the truth. Soz, but epic phale.

Pandora @ 3/31/2008 13:11 commented on Kipper the Frog
So, when it comes to AA, should I just do the inside? I'm on my iPhone, so I'll edit when I get home.

Pandora @ 3/30/2008 10:26 commented on A Pixelated Photograph
This turned out wonderful, man. Nice job.

Pandora @ 3/27/2008 11:57 commented on The belated Page
I love the preview. The entry is good, but you're just a tad late, haha. Shame :(

Pandora @ 3/26/2008 18:38 commented on Advance Piggy Bank!
Make it in real life and you'll make some $$$. Nice pixel. ^_^

Pandora @ 3/26/2008 13:42 commented on Secret Santa - Pirate map
I'm in love with the wooden background. The map itself is really cool too.

Pandora @ 3/26/2008 13:41 commented on Medusa's new make-up
The angle she is looking into the mirror at would not cause her to turn herself into stone. Perhaps she should be holding the mirror? The background is a bit confusing as well - more details will help people tell what exactly she is doing. It is an interesting idea, though!

Pandora @ 3/25/2008 20:49 commented on Dragon Ball
I, on the other hand, LOVE the style you used on the Nimbus. I don't even watch the show, but I fav'd this piece. Excellent work - hope to see more of it!