roiofthesuisse @ 5/23/2019 10:30 commented on Troll King

So funny and so beautiful! Love it!

roiofthesuisse @ 3/4/2019 12:51 commented on Tree

The global shape is good, but I think it could be improved with some hue shifting on the leaves! (light tones more yellow, dark tones more blue)

There are also some isolated light pixels on the trunk, it's generally considered better to gather them in "clusters"... But these may just be rumors.

Good continuation!

roiofthesuisse @ 1/17/2019 15:05 commented on Ducks

Beware, there is a wrong watertile in the top-right corner of the screenshot!

Nice style.

roiofthesuisse @ 1/13/2019 04:20 commented on Knight and fat bird

Here is the making of:

roiofthesuisse @ 1/12/2019 09:31 commented on Knight and fat bird

I've seen your youtube video showing how you made it!

It was cool to see you working on it!

Hoping there will be more videos like this

roiofthesuisse @ 10/16/2018 14:13 commented on Tree

Colors are not very well chosen, it spoils the drawing. As tecnologgamer advised, a hue shifting would fix that! Light green will be more yellowish, and dark green will be more blue. Same for the brown colors of the trunk ;)

roiofthesuisse @ 6/26/2018 14:39 commented on Woods tiles

Whow you're that guy from the little white flowers in the wind! I love your tiles! I really hope to see more soon!

roiofthesuisse @ 4/24/2018 10:38 commented on Perfect Chaos

Are all these precolumbian-stylish monsters enemies in a game? Would be great!

roiofthesuisse @ 2/4/2018 13:03 commented on Reimu

Pretty good, however the antialiasing contains a lot of "big squares". I'm not an expert, but I know that it's generally not considered a good thing, because it can make some weird effects on the curves.

An example of this advice found in Pedro Medeiros tutorials:

Good continuation! I love your avatar.

roiofthesuisse @ 1/14/2018 10:42 commented on Fake Zelda Game

Some details I like, for example the little rocks, the mailbox, the stairs...

As Adarias said, unrefined pen tool gestures can be seen on cliff and on rooftop. Also I'm not a big fan of purplish colors on rooftop and woodbridge.

Good continuation !