kartonnnyi @ 4/10/2018 03:09 commented on Careful Descent

Thank you, everyone.

Really glad you like it

kartonnnyi @ 4/3/2018 00:52 commented on Refresh

Back when the websites didn't refresh automatically one had to do it manually.

And in some interesting (realtime, like chatrooms) discussions you could wait for reply way too long if you didn't refresh frequently.

Frequent mashing has cracked this button

kartonnnyi @ 4/3/2018 00:23 commented on Refresh

Maybe I'll draw the whole keyboard someday

kartonnnyi @ 4/1/2018 12:36 commented on Careful Descent


Indeed it is.

Everyone else 

Thank you 

kartonnnyi @ 1/22/2018 16:20 commented on Secret santa 2017

Thanks everyone, your feedback means so much for me!

Blaming myself atm, for not having an account here before.